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Saturday, April 20, 2024

The Independent Business Owners Association International, Inc.® (IBOAI) puts the Independent Business Owners' (IBOs') interests first. It was designed that way in 1959 and continues to operate that way today. Every IBOAI Board Member takes an oath to represent all IBOs.

Amway Co-founders Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel made it clear that the IBO was their first priority when they, along with founding Field Leaders, formed the American Way Association (AWA), which many years later became what is now commonly known as the IBOAI.

Through the years, the IBOAI has been extremely effective at representing the interests of all IBOs. You can learn more about the role the IBOAI has played by reading IBOAI Founders or take a look at the IBOAI's Milestones through the eyes of one of its longstanding members, Jody Victor, in Together, We Represent the Best.

More Than 60 Years Representing IBOs

Vision, Values, Mission Statement, Guiding Principles

IBOAI Founders - A Vision for the Future
A detailed look at why the IBOA International was formed and what it has accomplished so far.

IBOAI Milestones
A timeline of our growth.

Together, We Represent the Best
Jody Victor gives you an intimate glimpse of the early years and explains how the IBOAI continues to fulfill its objectives today. Jody is a longstanding member of the IBOAI, and the son of one of the founding members.