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Monday, September 25, 2023


Foster business growth for the good of all IBOs.


  • We believe in free enterprise
  • We believe integrity can never be compromised
  • We choose to see the good in people and focus on the bright side of tomorrow
  • We value experience and honest hard work
  • We respect diversity and promote unity


The mission of the IBOAI, through the elected Board members, is to:

  • Promote the best interests of all IBOs and act as an advocate in IBO issues
  • Promote and protect the integrity of the Independent Business Ownership Compensation Plan
  • Ensure that the Amway Opportunity today is as good or better for future generations
  • Act as an advisory group to Amway North America


  • Success is achieved through the sale of products to retail customers and sponsoring others to do the same
  • Success is achieved through people helping people
  • Leadership is earned through service to others
  • Everyone has the potential for success, leadership, and the fulfillment of goals