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Saturday, February 24, 2024

The Voice eNewsletter Summer 2023

The Voice eNewsletter Summer 2023
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28 August 2023




Joe MarkiewiczHere we are deep into the summer season and kids are off school and families are on the road enjoying vacations, getting some quality time together, and making memories. When I think about making memories, it is typically with family and your closest friends. When I think about my Amway business, one of the joys I have is making memories with IBOs that have become close friends - in a way, family. Without a doubt, there are so many qualities that make owning your own Amway business very appealing to people who desire more options and choices in life. We all have our own objectives and outcomes that we want out of building a successful business. That is very personal. Financial goals and achievements are just one of the outcomes I seek. My definition of success is probably different from yours, and when I show the Amway business to prospects I make sure that I listen to what they are really looking for. Having clear expectations about what can be achieved and the effort associated with that outcome is really important. We never want to exaggerate or mislead prospects in any way. The opportunity will speak for itself. I stand behind one of my favorite expressions, and that is that this business is a good business, not perfect. Your financial needs are going to be different than mine early on. What is great is that they are your goals, not someone else's. We can't promise outcomes, but we can promise a legitimate opportunity. What is also very evident in an IBO's journey is that they don't work their business by themselves. A thriving business environment and community can be a great place to learn skills, follow successful habits, and receive enormous encouragement and support. We have that support with Amway resources and training as well as your upline and in many cases an Approved Provider of Business Support Materials. I personally love to call this community my "Famway". It is a "family" that cheers us on, encourages us, and teaches us the basics of building a successful Amway business. The real variables are our work ethic and a desire to learn how to be as productive as possible in our efforts to achieve our personal business goals.

On another note, our recent June IBOAI Board meetings were held in Grand Rapids. I am so proud of the current Board members as they are all contributing greatly towards the objective of collaborating with the Amway leadership to help make this business better than ever. The pandemic challenges are now in our rearview mirror and supply chain issues are subsiding. The final pieces of CORE Plus will be implemented September 1, 2023 and we expect PY 2023-24 to show the continued positive trends regarding profitability, sponsoring and new IBO onboarding. Collectively, VCS in North America is still over 80% and there is no reason to believe that we will see any change in that healthy level of IBOs selling our great products to customers.


Another great opportunity for the IBOAI happened right before we kicked off our June Board meetings. Andrew Schmidt, ANA Managing Director, invited us to Amway World Headquarters to participate in IBOAI Day 2023. After an enthusiastic greeting by Amway staff when we arrived at the Center of Free Enterprise in Ada, we joined Amway North America team members in a forum setting. The team members were able to submit questions to IBOAI Board members and officers to learn about what we do at the IBOAI and share our own thoughts about our great appreciation for the partnership we have with Amway Team members and their commitment to improving products, processes, and incentives for IBOs. Immediately following, an Expo featured individual departments where team members described their specialized expertise and the role they play in supporting IBOs across North America. I was so impressed by their passion, skill, commitment, and professionalism focused on making better products and a better business model for IBOs to utilize in building their own businesses.

Finally, be watching at Achievers this year for the roll-out of digital content featuring IBO leaders in North America who are involved in wonderful philanthropic projects they are passionate about. Also, mark your calendars: 2024 IBOAI Board Election will be held September 18-29, 2023. Platinums and above will again have a voice in who will be representing them on the IBOAI Board next year by voting. Last Fall's election had the greatest participation in the history of the Board and I expect to see the same engagement and interest in this Fall's IBOAI Board election.

Enjoy your summer and look for one more letter from me this Fall before my term expires at year-end.

Proud to be in business with you!

Joe Markiewicz, Chairman of the IBOAI

2023 June Board Meeting Notes by Committee

Awards & Recognition CommitteeAwards & Recognition

  • Achievers: While Orlando and Las Vegas are good Achiever destinations based on the numbers, company will pursue other locations based on availability and capacity
  • Amway is reviewing all awards based on Awards & Recognition Committee feedback to develop options for higher crystal awards
  • New Digital Recognition initiative was well received by the company and Committee is helping promote and highlight these assets in the Field

Business Operations

  • New Nutrilite™ Menopause Supplement launching in August
  • Business Operations CommitteeNutrilite™ Kids’ Meal Replacement and Drops coming in September
  • Herbal Launch: Turmeric and two Tea’s release coming Q4 2023
  • Artistry™ Labs coming in October/November
  • New formulated pre-workout and post-workout recovery with very clean ingredients and solid science claims
  • Discussion of product videos and enhancement of short educational/shareable videos for top products to enhance the customers’ experience
  • Continued to work with mindset and development progression of XS fitness program
  • Discussion on 30-day reset and breakfast challenge
  • Discussion on global app timeframe and rollout for North America
  • Continuing to work with Amway on CRM (new IBO, abandoned cart, and renewal) –received a progress update
  • Legal & Ethics CommitteeFinalized DITTO™ forward date/new feature: educational tools
  • Finalized release/progress of shareable lists

Legal & Ethics

  • DSA Update from Joe DePetris
  • Discussion of QAS Content Standards
  • Update on Exporting and Unauthorized Sales
  • Discussed music usage


Grow for More virtual event

On Sept. 14 at 9 p.m. ET, join the Amway team and a very special guest as we kick off Performance Year 2024!

Together we’ll celebrate achievements all Business Owners can be proud of, and we’ll talk about how to keep growing strong in PY24. Our featured guest will share an inspiring, personal story about how they imagined something different for their life and made that vision a reality.

Start the performance year right! Get ready to set your goals and reimagine all that’s possible – together.

Watch your email for event information and log in details before Sept. 14. We’ll see you there!


New Platinums Tour IBOAI Offices on Conference Arrival Day, July 11, 2023

New Platinums

Arrival at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan on July 11, 2023 was incredibly exciting for New Platinums attending their first official Amway-sponsored IBO event. Having achieved their first major milestone in the Business, New Platinums are eager to learn more about building a successful, sustainable Business as well as visit the Amway Corporation. Following registration, many of the IBOs toured the IBOAI offices.

New PlatinumThroughout the afternoon, Platinums were warmly greeted by IBOAI staff who walked them through the IBOAI office, explaining the origin, purpose, and structure of the Association – and how they work for the benefit of all IBOs. New Platinums were thrilled to meet Howie Danzik, the current IBOAI Vice Chairman, who flew in especially to meet and chat with the emerging Leaders. Sandy Chapman, IBOAI Executive Director, and several key Amway executives who work directly with the IBOAI Board were also present to elaborate on how the Corporation and Board collaborate on everything from rules and recognition to products and programs. Scott Eiklenborg of Ohio said, “I had a good idea from other IBOs who have previously visited here as to what the place looked like, but walking into the IBOAI offices in person is an awesome feeling. It was great to interact with the IBOAI and Corporate staff.”

Akash Animesh and Suprita Singh of Pennsylvania described touring the IBOAI Boardrooms as “mind-blowing”. Akash said, “We love the products, love the Business. Don’t think there’s another business founded on such strong principles.” Suprita added, “After learning about the IBOAI committees here and what they do, we realize a lot of work goes into creating the products, packaging, and programs. We are so blessed to be in this Business.”

Bursting with enthusiasm, Odney Georges and Esther Zamos from Haiti both commented during the tour, “Everyone – the IBOAI and the Corporation – are doing so much to help us be successful.” Odney said, “This is something I can do for the rest of my life and it’s helping others.” According to Esther, “Everyone in Haiti loves Glister™ toothpaste, including me.” Odney also reported his favorites are Glister™, XS™ Energy Drinks and Double X™ Multivitamin.

Platinums’ Rupal and Bhavin Gandecha of New Jersey came fully equipped to take photos and videos while touring the IBOAI offices. After a few minutes of conversation, they revealed they had been asked to present on their NPC experience at their upline’s event later this year. The Gandecha’s expressed how proud they were to be at NPC and to present on it at their upline’s event.

Jevon and Tara Gandwe from Pennsylvania agreed the IBOAI offices were grander than they imagined. “When you’re in the boardroom, you can sense that it’s a special place where big decisions are made,” said Jevon. “This Business has positively impacted every aspect of our lives.”

Former vintage Amway products and packaging are displayed in the halls and meeting rooms of the Association offices – L.O.C. ™, SA8™, Mint Condition™, and many, many more. Every visitor was quick to comment and take photos. Some shared personal stories of family and friends who had used and loved the products, “way back when.”

Something To Celebrate!

We love to celebrate a good milestone! This year, the Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF) turns 50!

What is DSEF?

The DSEF works with college and university professors – in fields like entrepreneurship, marketing, business ethics, sales, business and economics – to do academic research and develop teaching content that supports building knowledge of our industry across the United States.

It’s an amazing organization! The academics who are part of DSEF incorporate direct selling-related curriculum into their classroom plans. And they also help us educate media and other influencers on direct selling’s impact to people, families, communities and our country.

Did you know?

Amway has a longstanding relationship with DSEF. The Amway team shares our passion to educate future generations on the merits of our industry, based on the 60+ years of data and insights we have to share. DSEF helps us spread the message that Amway and IBOs have empowered generations of American entrepreneurs as a trusted, ethical leader in the direct selling industry.

We know that great partnerships are built on strong relationships, and Amway’s executive relationships with the DSA and DSEF are no different. Amway Chief Sales Officer and Regional President, John Parker, has been involved with the DSEF for 20+ years. His mentorship of so many in the industry and his leadership in the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and DSEF are recognized and respected across the country and the world.

New news

We are excited to announce that Andrew Schmidt, Managing Director of Amway North America, is the newest DSEF Board Vice Chair! He represents Amway in helping DSEF study and educate others on Direct Selling across the United States, while providing strategic guidance to the organization.

Andrew is a featured speaker at DSEF events like the upcoming “Building Trust in the Marketplace” conference this October where dozens of policymakers, state officials, and educators will convene to discuss ethics, consumer protection and data related to ours and other industries.

Amway and the DSEF share the common goal of educating others; building awareness for the industry, the company, and IBOs; and to build trusting relationships with those who can help bring credibility and trust to the work you do every day to help people live better, healthier lives.

Congratulations to Andrew on his elevated role with DSEF; and on the work he is doing on our behalf to strengthen and continue Amway’s legacy of protecting and promoting the industry we love!


New products you won’t want to miss – and bundles boasting the best of the best products to bring out the best in you!

Pamper your skin with new G&H™ body care products.

(retail prices listed below)

g&h™ Protect Hand Soap

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Nutrilite™ Reset 30 Product Bundle

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A 30-day program devoted to building holistic health habits for a better you. This bundle contains the Nutrilite™ products featured in the Nutrition pillar of the Reset 30 program:

Nutrilite™ Liver Support with plant-based support for your body’s natural detox system†
Nutrilite™ Balance Within™ Probiotic to support a healthy balance of gut bacteria†
Nutrilite™ Organics Plant Protein Powder for 21 grams of protein (2 bags)
Nutrilite™ Fiber Powder containing a good-for-the-gut combo of three natural prebiotic fibers†

†This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


IBOAI Election for 2024 in September: Make your voice heard!

Mark your calendars: Voting for new Board members will take place September 18 through September 29, 2023. IBOs currently qualified at the Platinum level and above are eligible to vote annually for new members of the IBOAI Board of Directors.

Keep in mind, the IBOAI Board represents all IBOs, and it is important to help select Board Members who will act in the best interest of all IBOs. We are the ONLY Business in our industry with a trade association that affords its IBOs the right to participate in the election of a Board of Directors comprised exclusively of IBOs. Be sure to vote and encourage others to participate!

IBOAI October Board Meeting

October 9–12, 2023 Grand Rapids, MI

New Platinum Conference

September 25-27, 2023: IBOAI Office Tour on Arrival Day, September 25

Achievers Invitational: Resort World, Las Vegas, NV

Session 1: November 5-9, 2023
Session 2: November 9-13, 2023

Diamond Club: Grand Wailea, Maui, Hawaii

Diamond Select: February 21-23, 2024
Diamond Club: February 23-28, 2024
IBOAI Board Meeting at Grand Wailea: February 28, 2024


Tracey Eaton“At my first meeting as a Board member with Bob Andrews personally introducing the IBOAI values and principles to Jody Victor giving thoughtful insight from a historic perspective to Kathy Victor setting the standard of first-class professionalism – and all of us on the Board working as teammates, I felt like I was in the NFL huddle again with great men and women. These are the best of the best representing all IBOs in the Field.


I am currently serving year two of my three-year term. To say I have an even larger respect for the Amway Business is an understatement. I am learning, growing, and now have a fuller understanding of the care and thought that goes into all the decisions for the betterment of the Business.


Based on my understanding, Amway is the only direct selling company that has a trade association with a Board of Directors like the IBOAI. The confidence I have in this Board with the partnership of Amway reveals to me how valuable a Board like this is. Knowing that contract or other material changes cannot be made until the IBOAI and Amway discuss and collaborate is unique in the industry.


I am proud to be in the huddle and on the field with this distinctive team – and I am excited for current IBOs, as well as the newest person to be afforded a first-class experience with Amway and the IBOAI.”


Tracey Eaton, IBOAI Awards & Recognition Committee

ADDING VALUE–Resources to help you do business faster, easier, better!

Music and Video Copyright Guidance

As an IBO, you have taken on greater responsibilities as a business owner engaged in a commercial activity. While there are certain activities in which you can engage that are ordinarily unrelated to your business, the right to engage in those same activities in your Independent Business may be more limited. Your interaction and communication with other IBOs will likely be viewed as intended to enhance and further your Independent Business. The information provided on the IBOAI website is designed to offer helpful tips about what is permissible and what may be prohibited under applicable copyright laws in the U.S. and Canada. You can even download a PDF of the Music/Video Copyright Do’s and Don’ts.

History of the IBOAI

Interested in learning more about the history of the IBOAI? Amway Co-founders Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel consistently made IBOs their first priority when they, along with Founding IBO Leaders, formed the American Way Association (AWA), which later became known as Independent Business Owners Association International (IBOAI). Through the years, the IBOAI has effectively represented the interests of all IBOs and continues to do so by working closely with Amway Corporation.

Learn more about the role the IBOAI has played since 1959. Also, be sure to review the IBOAI's accomplishments through the eyes of Jody Victor, in Together, We Represent the Best.