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Monday, December 05, 2022

The IBOAI By-Laws delegate the day-to-day operation of the Board to the IBOAI Executive Committee. The Executive Committee exercises the power and authority of the IBOAI Board of Directors during the intervals between regular or special meetings of the Directors. As part of its duties and responsibilities, the Executive Committee:

  • Appoints all IBOAI committees and makes committee assignments.
  • Sets Executive Committee and Board of Directors meeting dates, locations, and agendas.
  • Creates the positions of officers and defines their duties.
  • Reviews recommendations from individual Independent Business Owners (IBOs).

2022 Executive Committee Members

Joe Markiewicz, Chairman
Howie Danzik, Vice Chairman
David Dussault
Shivaram Kumar
Vinny Pappalardo, Past Chairman
Doyle Yager
Kathy Victor, CEO
Jody Victor, Governance & Oversight
Bill Hawkins, Governance & Oversight
Bob Andrews, Mentoring Chairman Emeritus