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Monday, March 27, 2023

Board Member Bios

IBOAI® Committees: CEO, Executive Committee

Kathy Victor

At Crown level with forty-plus fabulous years in the Business, three adult children with two sons and wives at Sapphire level, and six beautiful grandchildren, Kathy Victor and her husband, Jody, firmly believe personal freedom, financial independence, and a strong family foundation are worth the time and effort it takes to build.

Kathy's unwavering commitment to the Business and to all IBOs is evident in her service to the IBOAI. She has served three terms on the Board, three terms on MAC and is currently operating as the IBOAI CEO.  Previously, Kathy held the positions of MAC Chairman, Chairman and Vice Chairman of Business Operations, and also the IBOAI Board Vice Chairman and Chairman. Kathy says, "I am proud to have the opportunity to serve all IBOs and to see first-hand that we (IBOAI) are, indeed, making a difference. We are dedicated to keep this Business the best Business out there!"

An avid reader, frequent walker, and fan of spending time with family, Kathy credits these activities with helping her become a better person. According to Kathy, reading books of all kinds, especially those on business and leadership, have helped her become a reliable, responsible leader.

The Victors are ardent supporters of the U.S. Dream Academy, their local American Heart Association® and the Go Red® for Women initiative within AHA, and the Humane Society and local facilities for homeless pets with donations of pet food. If a child knocks on their door raising dollars for a worthy cause, the Victors always enjoy helping out.