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Monday, March 27, 2023

Board Member Bios

IBOAI® Committees: Executive Committee Governance & Oversight, Hearing & Disputes Committee Chairman

Jody Victor

When Crown Jody Victor looks back on his 45 years as an IBO, he recalls his most memorable moment as being Double Diamond Day at Amway. Jody brought his parents, IBOAI founders Joe and Helyne Victor, to share the day of special recognition with them. Several years prior, Joe and Helyne had brought Jody to their own Double Diamond Day. Both days were "unforgettable" according to Jody, filled with love, admiration and respect for their shared passion and commitment for the Business.

Jody often imparts wisdom to fellow IBOs, especially those just starting out in the Business. He is respected by the IBOAI, the Field and the Corporation for his candor and insight. Some advice he credits to the Amway Founders while some of it is based on his firsthand experiences as an IBO. Either way, it's all valuable. For instance, he frequently advises new IBOs, "Your long cuts turn out to be short cuts and your short cuts turn out to be long cuts."

Being a well-respected leader and hard worker, Jody has served in numerous roles on the IBOAI Board, including Chairman and Vice Chair of the Board and several committees. Currently, Jody is Chairman of the IBOAI Governance & Oversight, Hearing & Disputes, and serves as the organization's Historian.

Philanthropy is a high priority for the Victors. Jody is a founding U.S. Dream Academy Board member and currently the Chairman of the Board. He serves on the Stark County Board of Directors for the American Heart Association. The Victors financially support the Jody Victor Family Scholarship at the Ohio State University, the XStreme Baseball Academy, and sponsor a Victory Go Kart Racing team.