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Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Board Member Bios

IBOAI® Committees: Executive Committee, Awards & Recognition Committee Chairman

Shivaram Kumar

Proactive, positive, and purposeful describes Shivaram Kumar’s style perfectly. Having previously served on the Board for four five terms, Kumar is well prepared and enthusiastic to serve again, as he understands and respects the mission of the IBOAI to fairly represent all IBOs. Kumar knows many of the present Board members and key Amway executives and would welcome the opportunity to work with them to make this Business stronger and better for all IBOs now and in the future. Also, as part of the IBOAI Executive Committee and the BWW Management Operating Committee, Kumar has gained valuable experience in negotiating with Amway North America.

On a daily basis, Kumar practices the advice he gives to other IBOs. He encourages them, “to strive for bigger and better from a perspective of gratitude, not greed.”

Grateful for the wonderful relationships, financial freedom flexibility and fulfilled goals this Business has brought him and his family over the last 26 years, Kumar measures success by the number of people who are better off because of his actions. Kumar would like to make a difference for all IBOs by serving on the IBOAI Board.