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Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Board Member Bios

IBOAI® Committees: IBOAI Vice-Chairman, Executive Committee, Legal & Ethics Committee, Hearing Panel

Howie Danzik

Respected and admired for his strong leadership, excellent product knowledge, and outstanding communication skills, Howie Danzik is wholeheartedly dedicated to the success of this Business. If elected to the IBOAI Board, “I believe I would contribute a clear, long-term perspective to protect the integrity of the Business now and in the future for all IBOs regardless of LOS or LOA.”

With over 30 years of experience as an IBO and four terms previously served on the IBOAI Board, Howie is well-practiced in the art of collaboration. During his years serving on the IBOAI Board, he has been Chairman of the Board and a valuable member of the Executive, Business Operations, and Legal & Ethics Committees, and looks forward to serving again. “I know how to communicate difficult issues in a non-threatening way, especially to corporate staff. This is essential when you are acting in the best interest of all IBOs and the future of this Business.”

Howie is most grateful in life for his wife and business partner, Theresa, and his three beautiful children. He is also appreciative of the countless friendships and prosperity earned by setting goals, working hard and thinking long term. He often reminds new IBOs to do the same to achieve success.