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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Board Member Bios

IBOAI® Committee: Business Operations Committee

Candice Winston

A shining example of positivity, passion and faith, Candice Winston pledges she will “give her all and put her best foot forward.” Candice is continually rewarded by serving and supporting others in building their Business. It’s what inspires her to be a better person, IBO, and leader.

Nine years ago, Candice became an IBO at 21 years old. Having held several leadership roles from grade school to college, Candice has learned, “It's not about being the most boisterous person in the room but rather, it’s acting as a listening ear and helping solve the problems of your team. Being on the Board allows me to take that listening ear I've had for years and help develop proper solutions, so this Business stays the best opportunity for direct selling.”

Candice states, “The word “can’t” is not in her vocabulary; it’s all about “can-do.”

As a creative thinker, Candice has made it her mission to stay current and continually come up with unique and fun ideas that appeal to all IBOs, especially younger individuals – information she thinks could be helpful for the Board. She also says her passion and love for this Business is beneficial as a Board member. Candice’s husband Manny and her come from humble beginnings and this Business has changed their lives for the better. Candice wants the same for all IBOs.

Candice says, “It is an honor to serve on the Board as the Board has the best interest at heart for the future of the Amway Business.”