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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Board Member Bios

IBOAI® Committee: Awards & Recognition Committee

Tracey Eaton

“Keep moving, don’t quit” is what Tracey Eaton has learned in life, as a professional football player for six years and as an IBO for 27. He, and his wife, Kimberly, have grown their Business together and they’re committed to making the opportunity the best it can be. Tracey and Kimberly are passionate about making it available to their children and for generations to come.

Tracey says, “Serving on the IBOAI Board allows me to work with others to build on the Amway brand and inspire a culture of excellence.”  Tracey is a patient listener and problem-solver. His wife Kimberly explains, “Tracey is not reactive. He listens and learns before responding. He is also a finisher. He doesn’t leave things hanging; he closes loops and completes tasks. You can count on him to get things done!”