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Monday, September 25, 2023

Board Member Bios

IBOAI® Committee: Business Operations Committee

Ty Crandell

Ty Steven Crandell credits his positive attitude and ability to see the big picture as key to his 12-year success as an IBO. He also acknowledges his wife Venessa’s incredible contribution to their thriving business.

Ty says, “I’m good at considering others’ viewpoints, resolving disagreements, and working through change. I connect with other people easily and it has been beneficial in building my business. I believe this will also be an asset if I am elected to serve on the IBOAI Board.”

In 2011, Ty was inspired by Doug DeVos’s optimism and dedication to the Business as conveyed in his speech and one-on-one conversations with IBOs. “I realized then, I could create a positive future for myself and others through a positive mental attitude. With this realization came the decision to never give up on any commitment I make to myself, my upline, and my team. If given the honor, I will keep my commitment to be fair and honest – and to work hard for the IBOAI and for every IBO in North America.”

When asked who serves as his role model, Ty is quick to respond, “Brad Duncan. He is fair and consistent, possesses a great attitude, and phenomenal work ethic. He genuinely cares about everyone and wants the best for them.” Ty’s choice is understandable; he shares many of qualities with Brad – especially the positive attitude.

Ty’s words to live by: Life will push you, but you choose the direction.