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Saturday, February 24, 2024

If your spouse is your business partner and actually works with you in the business, then you should advise your tax return preparer of this fact. This is important because the tax laws prohibit business trip deductions for spouses whose purpose for going on the trip is not businessrelated. But if your spouse is a partner in the business and has business reasons for traveling with you, then you should be allowed their travel and meal expenses as well.

You will want to indicate on your tax return that both you and your spouse are partners in the Business. Technically, then, each of you should file a separate Schedule C, reflecting your share of the total income and expenses based upon your respective interest in the partnership’s business.

Be sure both spouses’ names are on your Amway registration agreement and annual renewal agreements.
Your Amway registration fee is deductible.
The cost of your Amway Sales Kit is deductible if you use it for building your business and do not consume the product personally.
Your Amway annual renewal fee is tax deductible.