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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Speaker Guidelines

IBOs try hard to do the right thing - in business as in life. To help guide IBOs in the way they speak about their independent business powered by Amway in North America, the IBOAI Board and Amway put together these Speaker Guidelines for Independent Business Owners. They are a good reference for all of us.

Focus on Business. Follow the Golden Rule. Be Clear. Be Accurate.

Our mission, as Independent Business Owners, is to offer people an opportunity and guide them in the development of this fantastic Opportunity.

It is important to stay business-focused and not use the stage as a platform to excessively promote your personal religious, political, and/or moral stands.

The guidelines that follow are intended to further clarify subjects that would be considered appropriate and those that would be considered inappropriate.

Business Environment


  • Equal opportunity business
  • An inclusive business for everyone
  • Respect for individuals, their individuality, and their individual beliefs


  • Certain religious beliefs are critical to business success
  • Disparaging remarks about any religious beliefs
  • Inflammatory labels or personal attacks on government officials
  • Demeaning statements regarding personal lifestyle, ethnicity, and gender roles

Amway Opportunity


  • When describing the IBO Compensation Plan powered by Amway, the roles of a balanced business (retail sales, personal use, and sponsoring) must be accurately explained
  • Provide realistic income potentials and lifestyle expectations
  • Amway supplies the Opportunity; Approved Provider offers training and education materials as well as community support


  • Terms: Tax shelter, wholesale buying club, virtual mall, franchise, private franchise
  • Minimizing time and effort
  • Guarantee of success
  • Setting timeframes on income/success
  • Residual, passive income
  • Royalties, endorsements, rebates
  • Money saved in personal use represented as income

Participation with the Approved Provider/Purchase of BSMs


  • System participation and the purchase of Business Support Materials (BSMs) is presented as optional
  • Approved Provider/Line of Affiliation (LOA) offers an environment that can help you learn about and grow your independent business
  • Many IBOs find it helpful to purchase and use BSMs
  • Sharing personal experience
  • Support Team
  • Coaching/Mentorship


  • Positioning participation as a required component of building an independent business
  • Sharing stories of financially irresponsible decisions as a means to purchasing BSMs
  • Characterizing money spent on BSMs as an investment opportunity
  • Stating/implying a guarantee of success
  • Grouping the cost of BSMs into the initial registration fee