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Saturday, February 24, 2024

As an IBO, you have taken on greater responsibilities as a business owner engaged in a commercial activity. While there are certain activities in which you can engage that are ordinarily unrelated to your IB, the right to engage in those same activities in your Independent Business may be more limited. Your interaction and communication with other IBOs will likely be viewed as intended to enhance and further your Independent Business. The information below is designed to provide you with helpful tips about what is permissible and what may be prohibited under applicable Copyright laws in the U.S. and Canada.

  • The IBOAI's license agreements with ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC permit you to play music at meetings and functions and have live bands play cover music. Music covered by the IBOAI's license agreements with ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC may not be recorded by anyone.
  • By way of example only, do not record music on a CD, DVD, as an MP3 download, smart phone, tablets, or any other social media that is intended for sale or distribution to anyone (IBO, Prospect, Customer, etc.).
  • The use of introductory music is permitted, provided it is not recorded.
  • Do not begin recording any presentation at a meeting or function until music that is playing has stopped.
  • Music cannot be played during a speaker's presentation.
  • A speaker cannot sing or perform another artist's song in a presentation in any manner unless the speaker provides the necessary licenses in advance of the meeting or function.
  • Music may not be synchronized in any way at any time on any video of any type.
  • No audio or video recording is permitted during the showing of any video or audio presentation at any time.
  • Do not send or forward recorded music to IBOs, Prospects or Customers via social media including, but not limited to, email, text or post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, Websites.
  • Do not use any YouTube or Tiktok video(s) unless you have acquired all copyright licensing associated with the video. Depending on the nature and content of the video, you may be required to obtain copyright licensing from multiple sources to legally permit you to play the video. Obtaining permission from YouTube only is insufficient and provides no protection from a claim of copyright infringement by the various copyright license holders in each YouTube video.
  • Do not send or forward YouTube or Tiktok videos via email, text, or in any other manner to IBOs, Prospects or Customers.
  • Do not post YouTube or Tiktok videos on social media, including, but not limited to, Instragram, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs or Websites.
  • No audience member at any meeting including, but not limited to, Info Session/Open Business Meeting, Monthly Seminar/Impact Session/BDS, Product Education meeting or major conference may audio or video record any part of those functions on any recording device, including smart phones. This prohibition should always be printed on all tickets and flyers for events.

Please visit (Music/Video Copyrights Guides) for instruction on how to purchase and use music/video.

Remember, anytime it's used by an IBO with other IBOs, Prospects or Customers, it will be characterized as intended for commercial purposes in the IBO's Amway Business.

Statutory damages can result in as much as $150,000 per incident, plus attorneys’ fees.


This document/information is provided for general educational purposes only. It should not be construed or relied upon as legal advice provided by the Independent Business Owners Association International, Inc.® (IBOAI®). You may wish to consult a copyright attorney in the U.S. or Canada to ensure that you are not infringing the copyright rights of others.