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Friday, September 17, 2021

IBO Best Practices

This month’s Best Practice is about supporting your marketing efforts and helping you with the promotion of Artistry™ products. 

Some IBOs focus on the Artistry™ brand because they have a passion for all things beauty. Other IBOs focus on it because skincare is a growing industry and they want to capitalize on that market need. Regardless, the use and marketing of high-quality Artistry™ products can help you and your customers live better lives.

Learning more about Artistry™ products and how they can meet customers’ beauty needs is a great way to build your business. Specifically, Artistry™ skincare helps you meet customers’ needs through offering a wide range of products personalized for you. These solutions range from basic collections to advanced anti-aging skincare, along with targeted treatments. And, Artistry™ skincare nourishes your skin through blending the best of nature and science.

Artistry™ makeup offers color solutions to leave your skin looking flawless. It inspires your perfect personal look with skin-perfecting foundation, concealer, and powders.  Color options for your eyes, cheeks, and lips add definition and fun. One of the most effective ways to promote Artistry™ products to customers is letting them try for themselves. Perhaps demonstrate or share samples of customer favorites, like Artistry Signature Color™ Light Up Lip Gloss or Artistry Studio Cosmetics and Skin Care. You might also try ‘Tab It!’ where you tab pages in the mini catalog to make personalized recommendations. As always, follow-up with customers is also a best practice to maintaining a great business relationship. Be sure to call attention to the directions for use and cautions shown on the label when discussing the products. In addition, remind your customers that products should only be used as directed. Labels are critical. You must never repackage products offered by Amway to give as samples. If you’d like to provide samples, only use Amway-packaged samples or encourage customers to purchase the full-size items backed by the 180- day Satisfaction Guarantee*.

Literature used to promote products must be Amway-generated materials or Amway-authorized materials and specific to the affiliate market in which they are being used. We can only make claims for products that have substantiation and support. Amway has over 900 scientists, engineers, and technical professionals on staff worldwide who continue to identify and substantiate claims for Artistry™ products. The Amway website, product catalogs and product guides are excellent resources for the claims that can be made.

In a short Best Practice message like this one, we cannot cover everything there is for you to know about Artistry™ product promotion and sales or about any of the exclusive products offered by Amway. Please be sure to review your Business Reference Guide and all associated product and training materials for further information.

When you understand the variety of Artistry™ products, you can talk with customers about how the Artistry™ brand provides personalized beauty solutions just for them that are only available from you!