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Friday, February 22, 2019

IBO Community Events

Whenever there are people in need, there is an opportunity to offer kindness and assistance - and make a difference in people's lives. A recent example spotlights the amazing generosity and kindness of the Covino IBO organization backed by the support of Amway North America.

Local Amway Independent Business Owners, Bob and Sue Covino, and their dedicated team distributed more than $150,000 in free cleaning supplies to Monmouth and Ocean County Shore area residents in New Jersey affected by Hurricane Sandy. The cleaning supplies were donated and shipped from Amway so that selected IBO volunteers could spend Sunday, January 13, 2013, pulling products and packing product bundles, while other volunteer IBOs met one-on-one with the area residents to explain the cleaning products and their benefits. Thanks to the efforts of the Covino's daughters, local and state media provided widespread promotion of the well-organized event. The Amway US page on Facebook (www.facebook.com/AmwayUS) came alive with supportive comments on this amazing event. Over 125 IBOs responded to the Covino's request for assistance and over 3,000 families and non-profit organizations in New Jersey were grateful to receive encouragement and much-needed cleaning supplies.

In a letter of appreciation to Amway following the event, Bob and Sue Covino remarked, "we are humbled to have done this outreach." They continue with, "After 22 years in the Amway business, we have never been prouder to say ... 'Yes, we are independent business owners proudly associated with the Amway Corporation!'"

Covino Organization Partners with Amway US to Assist Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy