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Friday, February 22, 2019

IBO Community Events

Bonnie Stamper, Ricky Winters, and Pam Winters the day  after a marathon-well-done

Congratulations to former MAC Member Pam Winters of LTD, who was among 45,000 participants in the ING New York City Marathon on November 7, 2010. "Last year, I did it for Mercy Ministries," says Pam, "but this year I did it as a personal challenge, to prove when you set your mind to it you can achieve anything." She came with her own entourage of 16 supporters, including her husband, Larry, who captured her achievement in photos.

Pam also encouraged her son Ricky and her sister Bonnie Stamper to make their first marathons in New York City. "The toll on your body and the long time of preparation is well worth it when you achieve your goal," she says, "but helping others do it, too, was very rewarding." Achieving personal goals and helping others do the same is one of the hallmarks of the Amway business, which often extends into an IBO's personal life and interests, like taking on a marathon.

Bonnie and Pam fire up as they hear the crowd cheer them on with 'Only one mile to go!'

The course stretches for 26.2 miles, which Pam and her sister walked in a little over 7 hours. Ricky ran his in just over 4 hours. They joined the likes of world class runners and more than a few celebrities, such as trapped Chilean miner Edison Pena, for one of the world's best known and most attended events. It also attracted more than two million spectators. "What impressed me," says Pam, "was the people cheering us along the way. They were still standing there after seven hours, yelling, 'Only one mile to go!' It energized us so much."

Pam followed a 20-week training course, building up the miles and keeping physically fit. She also rides dressage two or three times a week at home. That accompanied by taking nutritional supplements like Nutrilite Double X, Glucosamine, and Endurance Cubes helped her stay fit for the marathon.

New York City Marathon participation is by lottery and Pam has put her name in for next year. She would also like to take part in the Paris, France, and Honolulu Marathons, if they suit her busy schedule.

Ricky (center) sets a good pace for his first marathon. Pam and her sister Bonnie accept their medals at the finish line.