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Friday, February 22, 2019

IBO Community Events

IBOs Steve Zeller, Rob Vickers, and Howie Danzik  share the accomplishment of completing the Denver  Marathon.

IBOAI Board Member Howie Danzik has another accomplishment under his belt: He finished the Denver Rock 'n' Roll Marathon on October 17, 2010, crossing the finish line at 4:59:10. Howie is mainly a runner and weight trainer but, says Howie, "I did it for a sense of accomplishment." Howie has also run the Honolulu Marathon while wintering in Hawaii.

"I didn't really train for this," Howie admits, but says he regularly works out five or six days a week and maintains sound nutrition. "I took Nutrilite before and during the race," he says, including Nutrilite Rhodiola, Fruits and Vegetables, and Endurance Cubes, "and I drank Perfect Water." Nutrilite is one of the official sponsors of the event.

Howie says about 20 IBOs also joined him in the event, either in the full marathon, the half-marathon, or the walk. "It's a motivator," he says, "and when you get done you feel healthy, considering what you put your body through." The Denver Marathon is 26.2 miles long, and being held in the "mile-high city" the atmosphere is thinner than at most places, putting additional stress on the body.

It was such a good experience, Howie says he will do the event again next year and he will probably run the Honolulu Marathon again over the winter.