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Friday, February 22, 2019

IBO Community Events

Through Network TwentyOne's non-profit organization, Network of Caring, IBOs throughout the Network TwentyOne world are acting to relieve the suffering in Haiti.

Network of Caring has established a partnership with Global Outreach International, an indigenous Haitian Christian mission heavily engaged in helping Haiti recover from this crisis. Originally connected to John Maxwell's EQUIP ministry to aid in leadership development, GO is now also operating a field hospital as well as distributing medicine, food, and water.

IBOs at Network TwentyOne's recent Winter Conference donated $6,500 and Jim Dornan personally matched that amount to equal $13,000 for GO's work in the field.  And to meet the long term needs a catastrophic earthquake creates, Network TwentyOne IBOs have also pledged or given another $31,000 to provide hundreds of wheelchairs to the newly disabled in Haiti through Network of Caring's partnership with Free Wheelchair Mission. This shipment is set to arrive in Haiti in late April.

The Free Wheelchair Mission brings wheelchairs to the neediest of disabled people in third world countries, shipping in parts, building the wheelchairs on-site, and pairing a wheelchair with a needy individual at very low cost. There will be a huge need for these in Haiti considering both the lack of resources in that country and the nature of injuries that many of the poorest suffered and the meager medical care available after the disaster.

So far a total of $44,000 has been given and committed to Haiti from the North American Amway Global IBOs affiliated with Network TwentyOne.