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Friday, February 22, 2019

IBO Community Events

Johanna is the returning World Champion from 2008.

Remember the All American Soap Box Derby? The classic American kids' downhill race is alive and well in Akron, Ohio, and other parts of the U.S., and IBO Daniel Marville and his sister Johanna Barnowski are active players.

Johanna was the 2008 World Stock Champion and in the 2009 World Championship placed among the top in the world. Daniel, a Soap Box racer in his youth, helps Johanna with her car at events. Daniel is also in charge of a product booth set up at four local Soap Box Derby events and the World Championship July 25, sponsored by his upline Platinums, Jere and Rochelle Dutt. Daniel and the Dutts manned the booth with other IBOs from their team, including Mike Brooks, Marisa Matas, and Katie Shaffer, offering the various flavors of XS Energy Drinks and Perfect Empowered Water.

"It's a fun day and really creates some fun team unity," says Jere. "The word is spreading that XS is a healthy alternative for the kids to drink while at races and every day. Doing both sampling and selling at the booth, we've moved in the neighborhood of 20 cases of XS drinks and 6 cases of Perfect Water and have had good results with customer follow-up for repeat purchases of whole cases."

Daniel is pleased that being an IBO has allowed him to turn a passion for the Soap Box Derby into a passion for business and helping Johanna race for her dreams.

Johanna Barnowski's car, in the middle, wins a heat, cheered on by a sea of yellow shirts worn by IBOs and family. Running the XS Energy Drink booth are, from left, Daniel Marville, Katie Shaffer, Marissa Matas, Rochelle Dutt, Jere Dutt, and, behind the sign, Mike Brooks.