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Friday, February 22, 2019

IBO Community Events

Chris Bryant, IBO and car jumping phenomenon, wows the crowd with a leap and a bottle of Perfect Water.

Jody and Kathy Victor aren't new to doing good works for their community, but they wanted to do even more. When they saw a local university was holding a Heart Walk for the American Heart Association in September, it seemed like a great opportunity to contribute. Jody also knew someone who had suffered a debilitating stroke, and this was an opportunity to provide some extra support. Thus was born a very successful first Heart Walk for MarkerMan Productions, team MMP, and 48 IBOs and family.

The event was one of many Health Walks held across the country on September 20. More than 3,000 walkers gathered at Kent State University Stark Campus near Canton at the track and field center for a 2 mile trek to raise money for research on heart disease and strokes. Walkers invited friends and family to join them or donate to the cause. MarkerMan Productions went even further, sponsoring the water station and donating 50 cases of Perfect Empowered Water, providing T-shirts for their team, and bringing in Internet celebrity Chris Bryant who performed his incredible car jump that is sweeping the Web thanks to his Nike commercial on YouTube. Bryant, who is also an IBO, walked in the event and jumped over an automobile an amazing 37 times, while holding a bottle of Perfect Water. All told, the Victors' group brought in more than $7,300 for the American Heart Association.

"I dedicated my walk to Dave K, who used to work in Business Conduct and Rules," says Jody, who had worked with Dave through Amway Global. He took it personally and wanted to do something in Dave's name to support research on strokes and their life-changing effects. In the end, he did much more than that, inspiring a team, an organization, and a community.

(From left) Steve & Marcia Victor and Kelli & Joe Victor quench a walker's thirst with refreshing Perfect Water. MarkerMan Productions fields a team of 48 Heart Walkers, including leader Jody Victor and his grandchildren, Kayla, 9, and Cody, 6.