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Monday, March 27, 2023

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News at a glance from the IBOAI® — your advocacy organization. All year long, the IBOAI Board of Directors works alongside Amway™ North America on your behalf to make this Business the best. This Newsletter is one way we will strive to keep in touch and inform you. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact the IBOAI Board or staff.


Joe Markiewicz, IBOAI Chairman of the BoardGreetings to all my IBO friends across North America!

2022 is going to be a big year for all of us, and our IBOAI® Board started the year with the induction of our newly elected members. Congratulations to Ty Crandell, Tracey Eaton, and Paul Kopecky as first-time IBOAI Board Members. We also welcomed back Doyle Yager and David Dussault as they have served previous terms. Your IBOAI represents the entire Field of IBOs in Amway™ North America and the talent, experience and diversity seen in the members should give you comfort that we are your voice in all matters that fundamentally affect the IBO experience. While in Grand Rapids in January, we all had the opportunity to hear the Amway story from Jody Victor as the Board Historian. For me, even though I have heard the history many times, the story of how the Founding Families came together with a business idea that would give hope to all people from all walks of life still inspires me. The opportunity to start a business of your own is as attractive today as it was over 60 years ago. Your IBOAI is driven to keep this Business special and appealing for entrepreneurs for generations to come. We are committed to helping people live better lives.

By the end of the first quarter of 2022, we had already experienced our Diamond Club in Maui, Hawaii and made a quick turn-around to come to Grand Rapids for our March IBOAI Board meetings. It was so good to be back together in person again at Diamond Club. After two years, we missed being with our Diamond friends. The business meetings were effective. It was impressive how ANA Managing Director Andrew Schmidt incorporated IBO Leaders in the presentations. I was honored to share the stage with Andrew to talk about the healthy relationship we have with Amway. If we have not had the cooperation and collaboration between the Field Leaders and the corporation over the last couple years, we would not be in as good of place as we are today. This business is better now than just a few years ago. Our VCS across North America has consistently been over 80% and IBO leaders are building healthy, sustainable, and profitable businesses. Despite challenging times over the last couple years, the IBO Leaders have adapted superbly to changing market conditions, the pandemic, and business policy updates.

How is all this possible? One word — LEADERSHIP!

There is no other way to describe it. Without your Platinum, Emerald and Diamond Leadership we would not be in the position we are today. Sure, there are always challenges. But it is in those times where Leaders step up and MAKE IT HAPPEN. It’s in the DNA of an Amway IBO. We got this and the future for this Business is bright. Finally, I cannot finish without mentioning the quality of the ANA IBO Leadership. At Diamond Club, the company had a special recognition for Legacy Diamonds. They are Diamonds who have qualified for and attended 30 or more Diamond Clubs. This is so impressive — and we stand on their shoulders! However, there is now a group we recognize as Vested Diamonds. That's a Diamond who has qualified for and attended at least 40 Diamond Clubs. Think about that! They were selling products and showing the plan before many of us were even born. Let’s recognize these heroes of the Business:

  • Gordon Ross
  • Chuck and Jean Strehli
  • Pete and Barb Matz
  • Paul and Leslie Miller
  • Angelo and Claudia Nardone
  • Jody and Kathy Victor
  • Nancy Dornan and John Bernfield
  • Bob and Terry Andrews
  • Bill and Sandy Hawkins

Three have qualified for and attended at least 50 Diamond Clubs! They were with us in Maui this year: Gordon Ross, Chuck and Jean Strehli, Pete and Barb Matz. It was unfortunate Jim and Sharon Janz had to cancel their trip to Diamond Club. They are also Diamonds who have qualified for and attended at least 50 Diamond Clubs. We salute and honor these heroes! Our respect for you is immeasurable. We appreciate how you have lived your lives and we will continue your passion for this Business. We missed the Vested Diamonds who were unable to travel to Hawaii this year. I pray you can join us at Diamond Club 2023.

Proud to be in business with you!

Joe Markiewicz

Joe Markiewicz, Chairman of the IBOAI

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2022 March Board Meeting Notes by Committee

Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

  • Diamond Club 2022 was extremely well received. Everyone agreed that this was a welcome, exhilarating experience at the Grand Wailea. There were limitations at the resort due to renovation, and the company did a great job with alternate arrangements.
  • The Diamond Club format with one business meeting allowed more time to meet with individual staff members and to enjoy the experience — and was greatly appreciated.
  • Succession Planning breakout sessions hosted by the IBOAI® were held at Diamond Club and were well attended, enlightening, and very well received.
  • Maintaining continuity with treatment of Legacy and Vested Diamonds as transitions occur (new staff members, new IBOAI Board members) is a vital part of our agenda to honor the achievements of those who paved the way for the rest of us.
  • Working on possibly repurposing the Amway™ Sales pins to align with VCS and upcoming Bronze Program.
  • Amway will explore possibilities to allow NPC qualifiers a trip to Amway World Headquarters who missed it due to Covid restrictions.

Business Operations

Business Operations

  • Reviewed New IBO Starter Stacks with customizable bundle.
  • Looked in depth at the Hyperwallet program for payments from Amway.
  • Previewed Artistry Studio™ Skin Care Phase 3.
  • Discussed new Artistry™ Go Vibrant Lip Colors launching in July.
  • Digital updates on the Amway website. Will start sending these out to Field Leaders.
  • Reviewed Ditto promotion near launch.
  • Working on September 2022 full-size product catalogs.

Legal & Ethics

Legal & Ethics

  • Viewed a presentation from Joe DePetris, Accountant, on current tax issues that IBOs will be impacted by under current and proposed tax laws.
  • Amway Business Conduct and Rules (BCR) presented an update on the progress and trends with Amway products being sold illegitimately through online/brick and mortar stores as well as by exporting those products outside North America.
  • Engaged in dialogue with Amway BCR about Quality Assurance Standards (QAS) compliance, Opportunity Messaging, and development of QAS Content and Program Standards.
  • Offered suggestions for assisting BCR with future AP Calibration meetings, AP Summit meetings, and messaging QAS guidelines to the Field.
  • Participated in presentation and discussion with Amway's Government Affairs team on the topic of legislation and advocacy for policy that strengthens opportunity for Amway IBOs for generations to come.
  • Offered suggestions to Amway on effective methods to process the sale of an IB.
  • Reviewed the impact of Criteria Based Reclassification on Platinums and above.
  • Suggested methods to Amway on informing IBOs on accessibility of proper income disclosures to be used by all IBOs when presenting the Amway Sales and Marketing plan to prospects.
  • With cooperation from Amway, the IBOAI will help inform the IBO population on the benefits of Succession Planning to all IBOs intending to build a long-term generational business.

IBOAI® Succession Planning Workshop at 2022 Diamond Club

To keep IBO Diamond Leaders informed and prepared for the future, your IBOAI held two Succession Planning Workshops during Diamond Club. The sessions were well-attended and well-received.

Bob Andrews, IBOAI Mentoring Chairman Emeritus, opened the workshop with a thoughtful presentation of the Family Heritage Program, highlighting the recognition of generational excellence for Diamond successor, Legacy Diamond appreciation, and Vested Diamond departure.

Jody Victor, IBOAI Governance & Oversight and Rick Abraham, IBOAI Legal Counsel, led the discussion as well as Q&A on Succession Planning. As a continuation of the Succession Planning project launched over ten years ago, this informative workshop provided IBOs with ideas and possibilities for Amway™ business transition plans to children, heirs, or others. Succession planning is important. Why? Because our 60-year Amway Business history indicates that while some traditional notions of estate and succession planning may be appropriate, there are specific and unique factors in this Business that should be considered in making long-term decisions relative to a business transition. Workshop attendees received a folder of reference materials on the Family Heritage Program and Succession Planning.

Succession Planning Succession Planning

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DID YOU KNOW it's quick and easy for your Registered and Preferred Customers to become new IBOs? They can register under their current Sponsor in just three simple steps:

  • First, they login to the Amway™ website.
  • Second, they select the “Register as an IBO” option from the main drop-down menu.
  • Third, they follow the steps to complete registration. Their Sponsor’s information will auto-populate making the process even easier! Even better, the IBO’s login credentials will remain the same.

And, that’s it!

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IBOAI® Business Operations Committee works closely with Amway™ staff on product development, packaging, and special promotions to deliver what you want and need to be successful. You told us more product samples could help enhance sales — and Amway delivered this year!

Product samples are an excellent way to introduce customers to new products and also existing products they have not tried. Samples are professional, convenient, and affordable. Don’t delay! Check these sample packs out!

n* by Nutrilite™ Effervescent Tablets Samples Mixed Pack (#125174)

Two samples of each, 6 total.

n* by Nutrilite Fizzy & Fabulous Effervescent Tablets — Refreshing strawberry hibiscus-flavored drink is made with biotin, goji berry and a blend of vitamins to help promote beautiful hair, strong nails and healthy skin from within.

n* by Nutrilite Go Shield Effervescent Tablets — Crisp, cherry pomegranate-flavored drink made with a blend of echinacea, vitamin C and zinc to help support your immune system.

n* by Nutrilite Hit Reset Effervescent Tablets — A refreshing lime ginger-flavored drink made with electrolytes to help keep you hydrated and ginger to calm your stomach and aid in smooth digestion.

(Please note: Sample 6-packs of a single variety are also available!)

Nutrilite™ Kids Multivitamin Gummy Sample Packs (#125935)

Five samples (4 gummies each)

Gummies are a delicious way to support growing and developing kids with Nutrilite Kids Multivitamins — and sample packs are a wonderful way to “test” them out with customers’ kids. They not only fill a child’s nutrition gaps, they also support immunity, bone health and vision with 12 vitamins and minerals. Made with plant nutrients from five colorful food groups.

XS™ Protein Pods Sample Pack (#302298)

Two pods (1 x 2-pod pack)

Drop. Shake. Fuel. Amazing new protein pods are pre-measured servings: no mess, no fuss. Just drop a pod in a shaker cup with 6 to 8 oz. of water or milk. The 100% food-grade film dissolves right away, releasing a premium protein powder, packed with the nutrients your muscles need post workout and adventure. Sample pack features one Chocolate and one Vanilla-flavored pod.

Artistry Skin Nutrition™ Balancing and Hydrating Foil Sample Packs (#305055)

20 single-use sample packs

Powered by Nutrilite™ White Chia Seed, these products work like supplements for your skin. Sample pack includes foils from the Artistry Skin Nutrition Balancing and Hydrating routines, a perfect way to introduce your customers to healthy beauty! This sample pack lets you share one eye cream, one gel cream, and one matte gel lotion to a customer so they can experience a range of skin-enhancing formulas and benefits.

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IBOAI® Board Meetings: IBOAI Offices, Grand Rapids, MI

June 6–9, 2022

October 17–20, 2022

North American Growth Council: June 20–25, 2022

New Platinum Conference is a hybrid event in 2022! —August 11–13, 2022 or October 13–15, 2022

Event attendees will have access to the virtual training and business meeting and will travel to Amway World Headquarters for an in-person tour and recognition. Eligible IBOs can select one of two dates to travel to Amway World Headquarters.

Each date is subject to event capacity.
Note: In June 2022, qualified IBOs will receive an email invitation to New Platinum Conference, which will include a weblink to access the NPC training courses.

Achievers Invitational: New Orleans, LA Marriott

For those who qualify for Achievers in 2022, get ready to experience the French Quarter of New Orleans, a steamboat river cruise, Cajun & Creole cuisines, and much, much more!
Session One: November 29–December 3, 2022
Session Two: December 4–8, 2022

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WELL SAID!Bill Hawkins

“For over 60 years the IBOAI® has served IBOs across North America. I have been privileged to watch the Board in action for almost 20 years. Our relationship with Amway™ is unparalleled in the direct selling industry and our mission since the beginning has been, ‘Preserve the Past, Protect the Present, and Inspire Hope for the Future!’ I know I speak for all Board members (past, present, and future) when I say, ‘It is an honor to serve on your Board of Directors!’”

Bill Hawkins, Governance & Oversight

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ADDING VALUE–Resources to help you do business faster, easier, better!

Amway Resource Center

A wealth of helpful information and useful assets to help IBOs grow their Business! You’ll find pdfs, videos, music, publications, and much more. If this center is new to you, begin by watching this tutorial video.

Amway Weekly Update

Every Friday, Amway sends valuable and timely information via email to all IBOs. It’s a great way to stay up to date! Packed with useful information to help you stay productive and grow your business, it features everything from new programs to new products. If you are not receiving this weekly email, let your Upline or LGS Advisor know. This is an email you don’t want to miss!

IBO Best Practices from IBOAI®

Did you know IBO Best Practices Messages are posted monthly at IBOAI.com? The topics are important, interesting, and varied. Delve into social media guidelines, intellectual and music/video copyrights, selling to customers, presenting The Plan to prospects and more. Check out this useful resource today!

IBO Speaker Guidelines

The IBOAI offers IBOAI Speaker Guidelines on its website! It is important to remember that when you are speaking on stage, you are not just representing yourself or your part of the LOS, but you represent all of Amway™. Focus on Business. Follow the Golden Rule. Be Clear. Be Accurate.

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