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Monday, March 27, 2023

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News at a glance from the IBOAI® - your advocacy organization.
All year long, the IBOAI Board of Directors works alongside Amway North America on your behalf to make this Business the best.
This Newsletter is one way we will strive to keep in touch and inform you.
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Vinny Pappalardo, IBOAI Chairman of the BoardHello Everyone!

As we come to the close of 2021, IBOs continue to persist and produce as they did during the pandemic. You are unstoppable! Congratulations to everyone for an outstanding performance! You navigated your way through working from home, online meetings rather than in person, and social media to communicate with your teams and your customers. And you did it well. Amway paid out more bonuses this past fiscal year than ever before. The IBOAI is proud to represent such diligent, dedicated business owners. You are an inspiration!

In October, your IBOAI Board was privileged to meet with so many IBOs at Achievers in Orlando. Biggest sessions in recent history – over 8,000 IBOs and family members attended. That’s impressive! Also, earlier in October, we held Board meetings at the IBOAI Offices in Michigan. There were excellent discussions with Amway staff during committee meetings. Annual awards were presented to deserving Leaders at the closing session. Several Board members also participated in videos for Diamond and Platinum webinars.

When you combine the collective support of IBOs in the Field with the IBOAI Board’s enduring relationship with Amway and IBO Leaders, it adds up to success for generations to come. Together, we are a positive force, fueled by our energy, our dreams and our faith. I am confident the Business will continue to prosper and grow because we’re “all in.” Working together – the Field, the Board and Amway – it is both our promise and our power.

May your holiday season be bright!

Best regards,

Vinny Pappalardo

Vinny Pappalardo,
Chairman of the IBOAI

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2021 October IBOAI® Board Meeting Notes by Committee

Awards & Recognition Committee

  • Awards & Recognition CommitteeAchievers 2021 extremely well received. Company considering hybrid format post-Covid
  • The “Family Heritage Strategy” program has been established.
    It consists of three parts:
    • Diamond Successor program: addresses Generational Transfer (grooming the next generation)
    • Legacy Diamond Program: addresses Generational Appreciation (30 years of Diamond Club attendance)
    • Vested Diamond Program: addresses Generational Departure (retirement with respect and dignity - 40 years of Diamond Club attendance)
  • IBOAI is considering a Succession Planning session for Diamonds
  • Peter Island will not open until late 2023. Currently company is allowing qualifiers to bank one trip and ability to cash out the rest
  • Parts of Grand Wailea for Diamond Club 2022 are under construction (this includes the Spa and Napua Tower). Amway has evaluated the situation and is satisfied with alternate arrangements

IBOAI Business OperationBusiness Operations / Marketing Advisory Committee

  • Working to add the ability to redeem Amperks™/Preferred Customer thru Ditto™ orders
  • Verifying “potential” Preferred Customer candidates to upline Platinums
  • Extensive communication program for renewal this year to give IBOs the Preferred Customer option
  • Reviewed Resource Center updates for November 2021
  • Discussed future revision of Amway Product Kit for new IBOs
  • Reviewed Nutrilite™ Wellness Guide – updated Recommender
  • Discussed Nutrilite line revamp
  • Marketing AdvisoryReviewed/discussed new Stress Relief Probiotic (for stress/mental focus/immunity support) Nutrilite’s first probiotic offered in a capsule form
  • Reviewed and discussed the Holiday Gifting launches:
    • Artistry Studio™ Skin Lip Duo for the Holiday gifting
    • Artistry Studio Lash Duo for the Holiday gifting
    • Artistry Studio Skin Nutrition Mini Set with Gua Sha Stone
    • Artistry Studio Holiday Mini Sets (all systems)
  • Discussed claims for the Pursue™ Wipes launching on December 15, 2021

Legal & EthicsLegal & Ethics Committee

  • Discussed the application of a revised late renewal process for IBOs
  • Collaborated with Amway on the language for potential rule changes
  • Discussed different ideas to move the Business forward in a positive manner
  • Talked about new language for unauthorized online selling/exporting in the weekly Diamond updates
  • Discussed Approved Provider (AP) meeting content with Business Conduct & Rules
  • The IBOAI Leadership created videos for webinars

Leaders Honored for their Commitment and Service at October Board Meetings

After hosting several IBOAI Board meetings virtually during the pandemic, the IBOAI warmly welcomed Board members and Amway staff to their Grand Rapids offices in October. Following tradition, Founding Family and Service awards were presented by the Board at the close of the meetings.

Outgoing Board Member Awards
Alberto Aguilera
Brad Duncan
David Dussault (completed term, re-elected for upcoming term)
Doug Weir
Steve Yager

IBOAI Founding Family Awards

  • Fred Hansen Spirit Award – Tim Durkin, Amway Manager, LGS Systems & Content
  • Joe Victor Leadership Award – Larry Winters, Double Diamond Founder and leader of LTD with wife, Pam.
  • Jere Dutt Lifetime Achievement Award – John Crowe, Crown Ambassador
    John and Jennie Belle Crowe joined the meeting via Zoom from Virginia and were delightfully surprised when their children and grandchildren joined the gathering virtually.

Meritorious Award – Marybeth Markiewicz – 10 years

Hearing & Disputes Award – Jody Victor – 30 years

Jody Victor Guardian Award – Kathy Victor

Outgoing Board Members
Outgoing Board Members
Fred Hansen Spirit Award
Fred Hansen Spirit Award
Joe Victor Leadership Award
Joe Victor Leadership Award
Meritorious Award
Meritorious Award
Hearing & Disputes Award
Hearing & Disputes Award
Jody Victor Guardian Award
Jody Victor Guardian Award

The 2022 IBOAI Election Results

The IBOAI is proud to announce the 2022 IBOAI Board Election results and welcome five newly elected Board members. The following IBO Leaders will join the Board officially in January 2022 to begin their three-year term:

  • Ty Crandell
  • David Dussault
  • Tracey Eaton
  • Paul Kopecky
  • Doyle Yager

Introducing Your 2022 IBOAI Board

With respect and gratitude, we announce the members of the 2022 IBOAI Board and Marketing Advisory Committee. Their unwavering commitment to the success of IBOs and this Business is remarkable. These IBO Leaders are willing to hear your ideas and answer questions about the IBOAI (past and present) – and what’s new or coming soon to support your Business. If you have an opportunity to introduce yourself and express your gratitude in person, we encourage you to do so. The Board members, including the newly elected leaders, will be at Diamond Club in 2022.

For those who voted in this election, thank you for making your voice heard! 2022 promises to be an amazing year for North America!

Joe Markiewicz, Chairman

Howie Danzik, Vice Chairman

Governance & Oversight Committee
Jody Victor, Chairman
Bill Hawkins, Vice Chairman

Chief Executive Officer
Kathy Victor

Current Past Chairman
Vinny Pappalardo

Mentoring Chairman Emeritus
Bob Andrews

Board Members
Sugeet Ajmani
Ty Crandell
David Dussault
Tracey Eaton
Maribel Galan
Paul Kopecky
Shivaram Kumar
Juanita Maldonado
Steve Victor
Ken Woods
Doyle Yager
Dan Yuen

Marketing Advisory Committee
Dayna Pappalardo, Chairman
Terry Andrews
Theresa Danzik
Sandy Hawkins
Marybeth Markiewicz

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Nutrilite™ Stress Relief Probiotic

#125514-30 capsules

Manage occasional stress, plus support gut health and immunity naturally with this once-a-day probiotic capsule. It uses a double defense formula: two strains of 18 Billion CFUs, along with 10 mg of unique, non-GMO Extramel® melon concentrate, a powerful antioxidant defense system.

Artistry™ Skin Nutrition

From creams and lotions to cleansers and toners, the new Artistry Skin Nutrition product line lets you and your customers “Put Your Prettiest Face Forward.” Check out the Holiday Gift Sets and Pampered Perfection Set.

Preferred Customers

Now you can help inactive IBOs on your team transition into Preferred Customers. Watch this video as IBOAI Board member, David Dussault, explains the benefits that come with being a Preferred Customer.

MyShop Digital Storefront

MyShop is a customizable digital storefront designed to support IBOs with servicing their customers 24/7 – with a personal touch. Simply add your own photos, messages and favorite products to communicate with your customers digitally, almost as if you’re speaking with them in person. Customers can feel good about purchasing products from someone they know – and if they order products, you will get credit (and VCS) for the sale. Check it out!

New Partner Stores Program

A new Partner Store Benefits program is coming on January 1, 2022! The updated program will feature an expansive offering of savings and discounts on travel and retail services for IBOs. While Partner Stores that earn PV/BV will be going away, PV/BV will continue to be offered exclusively through Amway Credit Card Programs. Watch this video for additional details.

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Upcoming IBOAI® Board Meetings

January 11-12, 2022 – IBOAI History and Oath of Office for New Board Members, IBOAI offices, Grand Rapids, Michigan

March 4, 2022 – IBOAI Board Meeting following Diamond Club, Grand Wailea, Maui, Hawaii

March 13-17, 2022, IBOAI offices, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Diamond Select/Diamond Club 2022

Qualifying Diamonds, get ready to gather at the fabulous Grand Wailea in Maui, Hawaii in February 2022!

Diamond Select (Formerly Executive Diamond Club/EDC) will meet February 25-27 and will be joined by Diamonds, February 27-March 4, 2022.

The Grand Wailea, A Waldorf Astoria Resort features plush rooms (many oceanfront!) with spectacular views, a beautiful beach, epic pools, incredible restaurants, excellent fitness center and luxurious spa.

American Growth Council: June 20-25, 2022.

More details to come soon!

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Jody Victor of the IBOAI“I have been honored and proud to serve all IBOs on the IBOAI Board beginning in 1982. Prior to that, I watched my dad serve since the beginning of the ADA Board in 1959. That is what sets the Amway Business apart from any other business out there.

We have a Board of Directors who have a direct voice in the policies and procedures of the Amway Business. We work with Amway to make and keep this Business the best possible opportunity that it can be. In 2019, our son, Steve, was elected to the Board. That meant three generations of Victors have and are serving the Field on the IBOAI Board. This generational transfer is what protects this Business and makes it an even better opportunity heading into the future.”

Jody Victor, Governance & Oversight, Hearing & Disputes, Executive Committee


The Voice eNewsletter

ADDING VALUE–Resources to help you do business faster, easier, better!

IBO Bookkeeping 101

IBO Bookkeeping 101 provides expert advice from Joe DePetris, a C.P.A. and professional advisor to the IBOAI Board. It offers simple tips on how to properly maintain your records while building your business. Also check out helpful Tax Tips.

IBO Best Practices from IBOAI®

Did you know IBO Best Practices Messages are posted monthly at IBOAI.com? The topics are important, interesting, and varied. Delve into social media guidelines, intellectual and music/video copyrights, selling to customers, presenting The Plan to prospects and more. Check out this useful resource today!

IBO Speaker Guidelines

The IBOAI offers Speaker Guidelines on its website! IBOAI Speaker Guidelines. It is important to remember that when you are speaking on stage, you are not just representing yourself or your part of the LOS, but you represent all of Amway™. Focus on Business. Follow the Golden Rule. Be Clear. Be Accurate.

The Voice eNewsletter

2021 IBOAI Board
2021 IBOAI Board



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