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Monday, March 27, 2023

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News at a glance from the IBOAI® - your advocacy organization.
All year long, the IBOAI Board of Directors works alongside Amway North America on your behalf to make this Business the best.
This Newsletter is one way we will strive to keep in touch and inform you.
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Vinny Pappalardo, IBOAI Chairman of the BoardHello Everyone!

Springtime signifies the season of new beginnings. As Covid has become less of a threat, we are able to take pause and thankfully look beyond this past year and embrace this season of renewal and our future.

We are very encouraged with the transformation Amway is making towards shaping an even greater Business model. Our IBOAI staff, Board members, and IBO North American Leaders have been working diligently with Amway Executives and staff to progress and secure the future of Amway and its IBOs for generations to come.

Some of the highlights of our most recent accomplishments are as follows:

  1. The creation of Opportunity Messaging
  2. PV/BV Uplift on All VCS Orders
  3. Reclassification
  4. Enhanced Fast Track Program
  5. Additional Growth Incentives for Platinums
  6. Products that are cleaner and more environmentally friendly
  7. Product traceability
  8. Products that are cutting edge, priced well, and can be door openers for our clients
  9. The Virtual Toolbox

We are excited about all of these additions and will continue to modify, add to, and enhance our Business.

Since 1959, the IBOAI and its members primary focus has been to represent the interests of all IBOs. I am proud to serve as your Chairman.

Enjoy a beautiful Spring and Summer and all of our new beginnings!

God Bless,

Vinny Pappalardo

Vinny Pappalardo,
Chairman of the IBOAI

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March 2021 IBOAI® Board Meeting

The majority of discussion during the March Board meetings was on Business enhancements.

Awards & Recognition Committee

  • Partnered with the Corporation for qualification exceptions, event cancellation payments and other compensation during Covid
  • Reviewed the success of the Fast Track program
  • Designing Diamond Select prior to Diamond Club
  • Partnered with Amway to include the IBOAI and Field leaders on stage at Corporate events
  • Actively worked with Amway on future Achievers, Diamond Club and NAGC locations
  • Looking for more alternatives for Peter Island while it is being rebuilt

Business Operations Committee

  • Update on MyShop personal websites
  • Discussed AmPerks™ incentives & rewards, especially for Ditto
  • Reviewed Resource Center and Amway assets
  • Working on IBO/Customer simplicity of registration
  • Update on Share bar locations and features
  • Update on Product pages
  • Reclassification benefits: IBOC ongoing/AmPerks
  • Reviewed Nutrilite Recommender
  • Input on New Welcome Kit and literature

Legal & Ethics Committee

  • Discussed the Legacy/Heritage program for Diamonds and above
  • Reviewed full PV pricing protocol
  • Additional discussion on Opportunity Messaging
  • Reviewed Volume Equivalency

Marketing Advisory Committee

  • Looking at addition of gluten free, GMO free, cleaner products with traceability
  • Cutting-edge science and technology skincare and makeup products with the addition of Studio and new Artistry™ products
  • Update on Gummy Supplements
  • Looking at affordable door opener products
  • Coming soon: new Pursue™ Wipes and updated Pursue™ Liquid

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Diamonds Connect Virtually to Accelerate Business, Celebrate Success

In the midst of a pandemic, when normal ways of doing business were challenged, IBO Leaders demonstrated there are no challenges too big to overcome in achieving success in this Business. Through innovation, creativity, and commitment, North American Diamonds led with conviction and courage. Their accomplishments were celebrated in a virtual Business Meeting in February 2021. Of special note, there were 11 new, first-time Diamonds and two Founders Crowns celebrated this year.

Diamonds’ success was impressive and inspiring – in fact, it would have been such in a normal year – as Andrew Schmidt, Managing Director of Amway North America, pointed out at the beginning of the meeting. He reported, “The pandemic may have changed the way you did business, but it didn’t slow you down. In 2020, you achieved the highest sales since 1999 in North America.”

Doug DeVos and Steve Van Andel conveyed their pride and gratitude to the Diamonds for their pioneering spirit and incredible accomplishments. Milind Pant, Amway Chief Executive Officer, offered congratulations, citing the leadership demonstrated during 2020 was heartfelt, energetic and optimistic, “ ... just as Rich and Jay would do. The last time North America grew at 10% was 21 years ago!”

Milind Pant mentioned two important trends this Business is able to fulfill: People are in search of support, security, a sense of community (the Business opportunity) – and younger people consider long-term health and wellness a priority (Nutrilite™ and XS™). All someone needs to become an IBO is “passion, a positive attitude and a mobile phone.”

Rajneesh Chopra, ANA Vice President of Sales, said, “The spectacular accomplishments achieved during 2020 will always hold a special significance.” Several Diamonds appeared on screen citing specific reasons why their Businesses stayed strong and grew during a challenging year: “Positive attitude.” “Amazing team.” “Cultivating through a terrain of difficulties.” “Embracing technology.” “This Business can be done anywhere, anytime.” “We are a Business of hope.” Representing the IBOAI, Jody & Kathy Victor and Vinny & Dayna Pappalardo spoke briefly in celebration of what has been accomplished through partnership with the Corporation – and the exciting new products and programs coming in 2021.

Rajneesh also shared great news for Amway North America. Requalification rates were up in 2020! And, as a fantastic start to 2021, tracking is up at every level. The goal is to register more customers and increase customer sales. According to Rajneesh, it is happening!

Kelli Templeton, ANA Chief Marketing Officer, had plenty of exciting news to share on what has been and is being developed to help IBOs deliver a best-in-class experience for customers. My Shop digital storefronts, AmPerks™ program, and the on-site Share feature are a hit with IBOs and customers. Kelli announced there are many new things coming out in 2021, and three game changers in driving customer sales are n by Nutrilite™ Turmeric gummies for healthy aging, Artistry skin nutrition™ for transformative skin health, and XS™ Sparkling Plus waters.

In closing, John Parker, Chief Sales Officer and Regional President West, said, “We need to double down on our partnership and commitment to each other. Let’s work together to craft and design our future. Together, we can make this Business even stronger, even better for you and future generations. I am excited and optimistic about the future. You can count on us. We are here for you.”

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Upcoming Product Launches*

JUNE 2021

June 6—Amway Home™ Automatic Dish Tablets Reformulation—U.S., Canada
June 23—Artistry Studio™ Skincare – Phase 2 Launch—U.S., Canada

JULY 2021

July 21—G&H Protect+™ Advanced Hand Sanitizer with Pro-Vitamin B5 – DR only


August 1—Pursue™ Disinfectant Cleaner—U.S. only
August 11—

  • Nutrilite™ Kids Multi Gummy—U.S. only
  • Nutrilite™ Complete Immunity Fast Melt Powder—U.S. only
  • n* by Nutrilite™ Wellness Warrior Gummy, Hit Reset Shot,
  • Sweet Dreams Gummies—Canada only
  • Pursue™ Disinfecting Wipes—U.S. only

*As of April 12, 2021. Dates subject to change.

XS™ Sparkles and Artistry™ Shines this Season! Be sure to check out these new products!

XS™ Sparkling+ Electrolytes Sparkling Water
(# 300548 - Twelve 355 mL/12 oz. Cans)
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XS™ Sparkling Juiced Energy - Mango Pineapple Guava
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XS™ Sparkling+ Magnesium Sparkling Water – Pomegranate Acai
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XS™ Sparkling + Magnesium Sparkling Water – Lemon Lime
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XS™ Sparkling+ Electrolytes Sparkling Water – Blackberry
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XS™ Sparkling+ Electrolytes Sparkling Water – Tangerine Mango
# 300549 - Twelve 355 mL/12 oz. Cans
Quench your thirst with a hint of the tangy, yet sweet, tangerine and mango flavors. This unique blend of sparkling water and essential electrolytes, magnesium and potassium boosts hydration levels.

Artistry Signature Select™ Hydrating Body Bundle
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Artistry Signature Select™ Brightening Body Bundle
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Upcoming IBOAI® Board Meetings

June 14-17, 2021
October 4-7, 2021

Exciting news from Amway: Achievers 2021 will be held in Orlando, Florida

For those who qualify for Achievers this year, get ready to celebrate with IBOs this October in Orlando, Florida!

Although this is not a family trip in which Amway pays for children, IBOs are more than welcome to buy in and bring immediate family members from their household. Orlando offers something for everyone – incredible amusement parks, wonderful restaurants, fabulous shopping, cultural events, and much more. It’s the ultimate destination for adults and kids alike!

Achievers 2021 will look much different from past events but will offer opportunities to connect with other IBOs, learn the latest business-building techniques, experience special recognition celebrations and create unforgettable memories whether virtually or in person.

Please note: Amway will be taking many precautions to ensure that Achievers is a safe and healthy event. Achiever attendees should contact their upline or LGS Advisor if they have any questions or need additional information.

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Doug Weir“This is now my third term serving on the IBOAI Board and it is truly a privilege. I’ve seen firsthand how experienced IBO leaders of the IBOAI provide perspective and guidance to Amway staff to benefit North American IBOs every day. As an IBO who hopes my children and grandchildren will build this Business someday, it is reassuring to know that IBOs have a voice. To my fellow Board members, thank you for serving us all and for fighting to preserve the spirit of this great Business.”

— Doug Weir, Legal & Ethics Committee


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ADDING VALUE–Resources to help you do business faster, easier, better!

IBO Best Practices from IBOAI

Be sure to check out the IBO Best Practices Messages posted monthly at IBOAI.com. The topics are important, interesting, and varied. Learn more about promoting the benefits of becoming an IBO. Delve into social media, music/video copyrights, and unauthorized online selling. Check out this useful resource today!

The Amway Promise Sets Us Apart in the Direct Selling Industry

The Amway 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and customer service program sets Amway apart from other direct selling companies. IBOs and customers are offered comprehensive care through the Amway Promise™:

  • Low cost, Low-risk Opportunity
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Warranty Programs
  • Customer Services
  • The Right to Know

Learn more about the Amway Promise™!

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