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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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News at a glance from the IBOAI® - your advocacy organization.
All year long, the IBOAI Board of Directors works alongside Amway North America on your behalf to make this Business the best.
This Newsletter is one way we will strive to keep in touch and inform you.
If you have any questions, please be sure to contact the IBOAI Board or staff.


Vinny Pappalardo, IBOAI Chairman of the BoardHello!

As the Chairman of the IBOAI® and on behalf of Kathy Victor, our CEO, the IBOAI Board and staff, we would like to congratulate every IBO for their diligence and persistence in helping to make 2020 a landmark year. Amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have emerged victorious and are moving forward to make 2021 an even greater year.

None of this would have been possible without our partnership with Amway™ and its incredible executive staff. Jim Ayres, Managing Director – Amway North America, has played an integral role in working with the IBOAI Board to help ensure IBO success. We want to wish Jim the very best as he transitions into retirement and enjoys a delightful and rewarding future.

We are excited to welcome Andrew Schmidt (formerly Amway VP of Strategy and Corporate Development), as the new Managing Director – Amway North America. The IBOAI looks forward to working with Andrew Schmidt and John Parker, Chief Sales Officer & Regional President of Amway.

Our future looks bright as we work together to create more ways to help you enhance and increase your customer sales with better products, better pricing and more incentives. I am confident 2021 will be a record-breaking year.

I wish you all a joyous and Happy Holiday as we look forward to the upcoming year.

God Bless You All!

Warm regards,

Vinny Pappalardo

Vincent Pappalardo,
Chairman of the IBOAI

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2020 October IBOAI® Board Meeting Notes by Committee

The IBOAI Board meetings were held via video conferencing with the Board, IBOAI staff and Amway employees.

Awards & Recognition

  • NPC virtual event was a success. Qualified IBOs who may have missed this event must get in touch with their LGS rep and make sure they fulfill the requirements prior to December 16, 2020, in order for them to be able to attend the in-person events scheduled in 2021.
  • Event Cancellation Payments: Amway™ accepted our recommendation to make exception cash payment to all Achievers qualifiers. Diamond Club 2021 has been canceled. An email was sent on November 4, 2020 outlining exception cash payment for Diamond Club attendees. A prudent decision, since getting out of contracts can be expensive.
  • Amway looking into shifting Achieve magazine to a once-a-year publication, while utilizing digital platforms for recognition throughout the year.
  • Amway and IBOAI in discussions to implement a program to recognize VCS top producers as quickly as possible. That includes, but is not limited to, posting those leaders on Amway’s digital experience.
  • NAGC 2021 is still in play based on how the COVID situation evolves. Locations for 2022 and beyond are pending since Amway staff cannot perform site inspections.
  • Amway will continue to work with IBOAI to determine criteria around VIP opportunities at events on a case-by-case basis.
  • Amway will consult with higher pins regarding the number of Achieve magazines they will need that they are featured in instead of sending them a set number of boxes by default.
  • Diamond Dreams: Peter Island availability remains unknown.

Business Operations

Business Center 2.0 launch

  • LOS enhancements.
  • Action Results.
  • Customer list and order history enhancements.

Customer Registration

  • Goal to continue to simplify.
  • Ability to register with four different options.
    • New Customer Registration.
    • Customer Registration at Checkout.
    • IBO initiates.
    • Through MyShop experience.
  • Moving to mobile phone as primary ID.


  • Official rollout in mid-November 2020.
  • Share Bar integration.
  • Create connected domain name for initial URL.


  • Launching to everyone late November.
  • Major Holiday sale and incentives planned.


  • Moving away from RFID and moving strictly to QR codes for simplified shopping experience. Goal is to have this in every product, starting with all the “My Favorites” products.

Digital Content Experience

  • All product-related content moving to product pages when shopping. Ability to share thru SMS and email directly from that location. All Business support will be behind the New Amway™ Business Center App. Virtual Toolbox will still exist.

n* by Nutrilite™October 2020 Virtual Board Meeting

  • 2 new kits coming.
  • 6 new n* by Nutrilite™ products launching in Jan.
  • 2 more new gummies coming in March 2021.

Nutrilite™ Recommender

  • Launched with great results.
  • Increase awareness and use within the Field.

Legal & Ethics

  • Review of recent DSA meeting: Joe DePetris.
  • Update of online selling and exporting: Dan Bailey.
  • Legal updates.
  • Review of recent conciliations.
  • Discussed BSM standards.
  • Reviewed reclassification.

Marketing Advisory Committee

  • Launch of Artistry Studio™ Zen Daze Ahead Facial Oil + 300 mg CBD on November 18, 2020.
  • The New CBD mini jar samples launched October 21, 2020.
  • Launch of Sparkling Waters has been delayed until sometime after the New Year 2021 due to COVIDrelated packaging delays on bottles. Dates TBA. Note: Hydrate will have three flavors. Recover will have two flavors.
  • Coming soon: Aluminum-free deodorant.
  • Artistry Signature Select™ Body Cleansers and Creams infused with Nutrilite™-sourced botanicals launched.
  • Exciting news! Artistry Studio™ Shanghai Collection reached 180% of first month forecast. Best first day of sales. The Shanghai preview bundles reported 74% of sales. 4200 bundles sold!

The Voice eNewsletter


The 2021 IBOAI Election Results

The IBOAI is proud to announce the 2021 IBOAI Board Election results and welcome newly elected Board members. The following IBO Leaders will join the Board officially in January 2021 to begin their three-year term:

  • Sugeet Ajmani
  • Howie Danzik
  • Maribel Galan
  • Shivaram Kumar
  • Joe Markiewicz

For those who voted in this election, thank you for making your voice heard! 2021 promises to be another incredible year.

Introducing Your 2021 IBOAI® BoardIBOAI Election

  • Vinny Pappalardo, Chairman
  • Joe Markiewicz, Vice Chairman
Governance & Oversight Committee
  • Jody Victor, Chairman
  • Bill Hawkins, Vice Chairman
  • Kathy Victor
Chairman Emeritus
  • Bob Andrews
Board Members
  • Alberto Aguilera
  • Sugeet Ajmani
  • Howie Danzik
  • Brad Duncan
  • David Dussault
  • Maribel Galan
  • Shivaram Kumar
  • Juanita Maldonado
  • Steve Victor
  • Doug Weir
  • Ken Woods
  • Steve Yager
  • Dan Yuen
Marketing Advisory Committee
  • Dayna Pappalardo, Chairman
  • Marybeth Markiewicz, Vice Chairman
  • Terry Andrews
  • Theresa Danzik
  • Sandy Hawkins

IBOAI® Board Presents Awards Virtually at October Closing Session

With great pleasure and enthusiasm, the IBOAI Board followed tradition and presented awards at the closing session of October Board meetings. The awards, presenters and recipients are listed below.

Outgoing Board Member Awards
  • Karen DeBlaay
  • Pedro Lizardi

Presented by Vinny Pappalardo, IBOAI Chairman, in gratitude for their service.

IBOAI® Founding Family Awards
  • Fred Hansen Spirit Award – Molly Jeffcott, Legal Advisor for the IBOAI
    Presenter: Vinny Pappalardo

  • Joe Victor Leadership Award – Theresa Danzik, Marketing Advisory Committee
    Presenter: Jody Victor

  • Joe Victor Leadership Award – Jim Ayres, Managing Director – Amway North America
    Presenter: Jody & Kathy Victor

  • Jere Dutt Lifetime Achievement Award – Steve Woods, former IBOAI Board member
    Presenter: Bill Hawkins

Tug Boat Award for Outstanding Leadership Efforts – Bill Hawkins
Presenters: Kathy and Jody Victor

Meritorious Awards
  • Pedro Lizardi – 10 years
  • Joe Markiewicz – 15 years
  • Bob Andrews – 20 years
  • Jody Victor – 35 years
  • Presented by Vinny Pappalardo






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There are so many new products from Amway™ this year, we only had space to mention a few from the health and beauty categories. Be sure to browse the product section of Amway.com to discover what’s new and what’s coming soon.

* by Nutrilite™ Gummies Dietary Supplements Available in 30-serving containers. Also available in sample packs.

Slay the Day – Focus #124556
Rays for Days ­– Sunny Vitamin D #124504
Go Shield – Immunity #124555
Less Stress, More Yes – Relax #124505
Sweet Dreams – Sleep #124506

Artistry Signature Select™ Firming Body Lotion #123861V
Helps visibly smooth and tighten skin to help give your legs, belly and arms a firmer appearance with continued use. It also contains Nutrilite™-sourced pomegranate extract to help soothe and protect skin from damage caused by pollutants and keep it looking younger and firmer. 200g.

Artistry Studio™ Glow Boss Cleanser + Exfoliator #124812
Scrubs as it cleanses, sweeping away impurities and buildup. Controls oil and reduces shine. Returns healthy glow to skin. 125mL.

Artistry Studio™ Zen Daze Ahead Facial Oil + 300 mg CBD #124815
This lightweight oil leaves your skin ultra-nourished, hydrated, calm and glowing. Works best at night. 30mL.

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IBOAI® Board Meetings

  • January 5–7 – History Day and Newly Elected Board Member Oath of Office
  • March 29–April 1
  • June 14–17
  • October 4–7

2021 Executive Diamond Club and Diamond Club Canceled

Important Message from Amway™ Corporation: Out of an abundance of caution to ensure the absolute safety and well-being of all IBOs and Amway employees, Executive Diamond Select and Diamond Club have been cancelled for 2021.

The Voice eNewsletter


Dayna Pappalardo“As Chairman of the IBOAI® Marketing and Advisory committee (MAC), it has been my privilege and honor to serve as a representative of all IBOs North America. The extraordinary leadership and integrity of the men and women of the IBOAI have taught me to look far beyond my own Business and recognize that our goal is to strive for the enhancement and longevity of all IBOs. I am proud to serve on the IBOAI and will continue to work hard to help maximize the growth and success of each of our Businesses. The collaboration of Amway™, along with the astute leadership and commitment of your IBOAI representatives, assures IBOs that we are working diligently to get you the best products, prices and greatest educational tools for you to grow your Amway businesses for generations to come.”

Dayna Pappalardo, MAC Chairman


The Voice eNewsletter

ADDING VALUE–Resources to help you do business faster, easier, better!

Creating a Customer Receipt at Amway.com

For a healthy, well-balanced business, retail sales are essential in maintaining a profitable, sustainable business. As we prepare for modifications to our business model this fall, reporting all retail sales, including those from inventory, is important. If your customers purchase through your PRW (to be called My Shop in the future) or through Amway.com with their Amway ID, their orders are validated customer sales and reported to the Corporation. But, for sales made directly from your inventory, a customer receipt must be created online at Amway.com to be reported to the Corporation. It’s quick and easy!

MarkiewiczIn summary, these are the steps to create a receipt at Amway.com:

  1. Log in to Amway.com and go to the Business Center.
  2. Scroll down to Customer Management section: Create a Receipt.
  3. Click on the box for Customer.
  4. Enter the customer’s Amway ID (information will automatically fill in) or, fill in the customer contact information yourself.
  5. Enter the product(s) purchased from your inventory.
  6. Note: Communication Method in lower left of screen. This box is checked by default to send a one-time receipt via text to the customer. (If you do not want to do this, uncheck the box.)
  7. Click Next to make adjustments to shipping or taxes.
  8. Note: If you select Guest rather than Customer because the customer does not have an Amway ID, a mobile phone number is required to send a receipt via text to the guest customer.

IBO Best Practices from IBOAI®

Did you know IBO Best Practices Messages are posted monthly at IBOAI.com? The topics are important, interesting, and varied. Delve into social media guidelines, intellectual and music/video copyrights, selling to customers, presenting The Plan to prospects and more. Check out this useful resource today!

IBO Speaker Guidelines

The IBOAI offers Speaker Guidelines on its website! IBOAI Speaker Guidelines. It is important to remember that when you are speaking on stage, you are not just representing yourself or your part of the LOS, but you represent all of Amway™. Focus on Business. Follow the Golden Rule. Be Clear. Be Accurate.

IBO Bookkeeping Instructions

IBO Bookkeeping 101 offers easy-to-follow instructions on how to properly maintain your records while building your Business. The guide's author, Joe DePetris, is a CPA and professional advisor to the IBOAI Board. He has worked diligently with thousands of IBOs, from those just getting started to those at the Diamond level and above. His efforts have saved IBOs time and money by providing them the tools and knowledge to maintain proper records of their business activity, which satisfy the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service. In this guide, Joe shares with you the same insights he offers to his clients.

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