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Friday, September 17, 2021

IBOAI eNewsletter Fall/Winter 2019

News at a glance from the IBOAI® - your advocacy organization.
All year long, the IBOAI Board of Directors works alongside Amway North America on your behalf to make this Business the best.
This Newsletter is one way we will strive to keep in touch and inform you.
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Howie DanzikIt’s been an amazing year for the IBOAI® and Amway™ – and all of you. We celebrated 60 years of success for the Corporation and the IBOAI – and together, committed to many more years of making life better for others. Every day in this Business, I am surrounded by hard-working people with positive attitudes – in the Field, at the Corporation, and on the IBOAI Board. All are shining examples of determination, integrity, and commitment.  

Thank you to Platinums and above for voting in our recent election. I am proud to announce your newly elected IBOAI Board members:

  • Juanita Maldonado
  • Vinny Pappalardo
  • Steve Victor
  • Ken Woods
  • Dan Yuen

Their three-year term begins January 2020. The complete list of the 2020 IBOAI Board members by Committee is included below.

Following tradition, this year’s October Board meetings closed on a celebratory note. We paid tribute to our outgoing Board members and welcomed newly elected members. The annual IBOAI awards named after the Founders as well as two wonderful new honors were presented. Karen Hansen-DeBlaay, a current IBOAI Board member and daughter of Fred & Bernice Hansen, was recognized with the Fred Hansen Spirit Award. The Joe Victor Leadership Award was given to Sandy Hawkins who serves on the Marketing Advisory Committee, and the Jere Dutt Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Bill Campbell, responsible for the addition of BV to PV.

Bob Andrews was named the first IBOAI Mentoring Chairman Emeritus and Jody Victor was honored for his unwavering dedication to the IBOAI with the newly established Guardian Award – Defending Free Enterprise, Protecting Freedom. The Executive Committee was proud to recognize Jody this year and excited to have an official award to recognize those who freely give their time and talent to the IBOAI and this Business.

My term as your IBOAI Chairman comes to a close at year end. It has been enlightening, challenging, and rewarding – and I am so grateful to have had the experience. I have truly grown as an IBO Leader and as a person. I owe it all to the awesome support of my family, the IBOAI Board, our friends at Amway, and the Field. Thank you!

All the Best,

Howie Danzik

Howie Danzik
Chairman of the IBOAI

The Voice Fall/Winter 2019

2020 IBOAI® Board and Committee Assignments

Board Officers

  • Vinny Pappalardo, Chairman
  • Joe Markiewicz, Vice Chairman

Legal & Ethics Committee

  • Vinny Pappalardo, Chairman
  • Joe Markiewicz, Vice Chairman
  • Howie Danzik
  • Steve Victor
  • Ken Woods
  • Jody Victor, Governance
  • Bob Andrews, Governance
  • Bill Hawkins, Governance

Business Operations Committee

  • David Dussault, Chairman
  • Juanita Maldonado, Vice Chairman
  • Alberto Aguilera
  • Karen DeBlaay
  • Dan Yuen
  • Kathy Victor, Governance

Awards & Recognition Committee

  • Shivaram Kumar, Chairman
  • Brad Duncan, Vice Chairman
  • Pedro Lizardi
  • Doug Weir
  • Steve Yager
  • Bill Hawkins, Governance
  • Bob Andrews, Governance
  • Jody Victor, Governance

Marketing Advisory Committee

  • Dayna Pappalardo, Chairman
  • Marybeth Markiewicz, Vice Chairman
  • Terry Andrews
  • Theresa Danzik
  • Sandy Hawkins
  • Kathy Victor, Governance

Executive Committee

  • Vinny Pappalardo, Chairman
  • Joe Markiewicz, Vice Chairman
  • Howie Danzik
  • Brad Duncan
  • David Dussault
  • Shivaram Kumar
  • Steve Yager
  • Bob Andrews, Mentoring Chairman Emeritus
  • Bill Hawkins, Governance & Oversight
  • Jody Victor, Governance & Oversight
  • Kathy Victor, CEO

2019 October Board Meeting Notes by Committee

Business Operations Committee

  • Reviewed new Amway website issues
  • Refine email communications from Amway
  • XS™ Energy Drink packaging

Marketing Advisory Committee

  • Nutrilite™ Traceability
  • New n* by Nutrilite™ product line
  • CBD Spray & Cream

Awards & Recognition Committee

  • Considered various NAGC location possibilities post Italy
  • Decided Amway will recognize two hero awards per Achievers’ session and play video portion of absent recipients
  • Looked at alternate warm locations for Diamond Dreams; Amway will require those with banked trips to use them
  • Reviewed several exciting possibilities for Achievers post Orlando

Legal & Ethics Committee

  • DSA update
  • Unauthorized online selling & exporting report
  • Update on BSM review process
  • Rules discussion, specifically Rule 3 on electronic signature for registration
  • Rule 11, ADR process discussion
Business Operations Committee
Business Operations Committee
Marketing Advisory Committee (MAC)
Awards & Recognition Committee
Awards & Recognition Committee
Legal & Ethics Committee
Legal & Ethics Committee

The Voice Fall/Winter 2019


IBOAI® Board’s Closing Session Recognizes Leadership, Service, and Dedication

On October 17, 2019, the IBOAI Board and key Amway executives gathered together for the closing session of a productive week of informative presentations and valuable discussions. Bob Andrews opened the session with a prayer of gratitude and hope, mentioning the positive spirit and forward-thinking of the group.

Chairman Howie Danzik announced the 2020 IBOAI Board election results. New members, beginning their terms in January, include: Vinny Pappalardo and Juanita Maldonado who are returning to serve another term and first-time members: Steve Victor (3rd generation), Dan Yuen, and Ken Woods (2nd generation).

Vinny Pappalardo joined Howie in recognizing outgoing Board members – Bob Andrews, Leslie Rice and Kathy Victor – with special awards for their service. Bob and Kathy will continue to serve the IBOAI in different roles.

Jody Victor and Bill Hawkins were excited and proud to present deserving recipients with the annual Founders’ awards for Spirit, Leadership, and Lifetime Achievement. This year was no different. In tribute to Fred Hansen’s great love and enthusiasm for the Business and the people involved in it, an award is presented to an individual who exemplifies Fred’s spirit. This year, Karen DeBlaay, current Board member and daughter of Fred and Bernice Hansen, was honored. Graciously accepting the award, Karen commented on what a wonderful relationship the Hansen, Victor, and Dutt families have had through the years.

This year’s recipient of the Joe Victor Leadership Award was so stunned, she was speechless at first. Sandy Hawkins has contributed her many talents and insights to the MAC for nearly 15 years, and, as Kathy Victor said, “Sandy is so appreciated for her detailed meeting notes. She doesn’t miss a thing. She’s an amazing team player and leader.” Sandy expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with great people on the Board and from the Corporation.

Bob Andrews receives diamond pin.Bob Andrews and Jody Victor both spoke of Jere Dutt’s many achievements. He was Amway’s first Diamond and first Double Diamond. This year, Bill Campbell was honored with the Jere Dutt Achievement Award. His son, Dave, and wife accepted the award on Bill’s behalf. Dave shared a brief history of how his father, an engineer and avid golfer, became an IBO. Charlie Marsh introduced Bill to Amway and Bill built his Business to Triple Diamond, and later went to work for the Corporation. He is known for being responsible for the addition of BV to PV. “Amway has been good for Bill and Bill has been good for Amway,” remarked Dave. “My father said to tell you for a $10 investment, it has worked out very well.”

Jody made special mention of the Amway employees who work closely with the Board. Bill requested a round of applause for the hard-working and organized IBOAI staff. “We couldn’t do all of this without them. They make us look good!”

Jody Victor receives the Guardian AwardMeritorious Service Awards were presented to Sandy Hawkins for 15 years, and Kathy Victor for 20 years. Plus, the first-ever IBOAI Mentoring Chairman Emeritus, Bob Andrews, was recognized with a diamond pin. Jody shared, “Bob is a shining example of honesty, loyalty and integrity. Bob has served on the Board nearly 20 years in many roles, including Chairman and Vice Chairman. He will be a huge asset to the Board, the Association, and the Corporation as the IBOAI Mentoring Chairman Emeritus."

Just when everyone thought the award presentations had come to a close, Bob Andrews introduced another award. “This is a very special award to recognize the great dedication of Jody Victor. After much deliberation, the Executive Committee decided upon The Guardian Award – Defending Free Enterprise, Protecting Freedom.” Bill Hawkins added, “I don’t think there’s anyone here that hasn’t been touched by something Jody did or said. We all owe you a deep debt of gratitude, Jody. 35 years on the Board is an incredible achievement!”

Surprised and honored by The Guardian Award, Jody said, “I am so thankful for this and all my friends in this Business, including those who work at Amway. God has put us together to do our best – and sometimes that means giving 110%.”

Bill Hawkins pointed out, “This award doesn’t end here. In the future, we will recognize someone on the Board who has met these qualifications.”

  • Served 15 years on the IBOAI Board
  • Achieved Double Diamond or above
  • Acted as Chairman of the IBOAI more than one term
  • Acted as Committee Chairman/Vice Chairman multiple terms
  • Served on Executive Committee more than one term
  • Demonstrated history-altering leadership

NPC Arrival Day: New Platinums Tour IBOAI® Offices

For the new Platinums attending their first Amway-sponsored event, arrival at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan on October 20, 2019 was a dream come true. After working hard to achieve their first major milestone in the Business, new Platinums are eager to learn more about building a successful, sustainable business and achieving Emerald. Following registration, the IBOs were invited to tour the offices of the IBOAI, located in the hotel’s adjoining office building.

IBOAI staff greeted new Platinums warmly and walked them through their headquarters, explaining the origin, purpose, and structure of the Association. A special guest from the IBOAI Board – Crown IBO, Bob Andrews – was delighted to talk about the Association, answer questions, and pose for photos with Platinums. Mike and Becky Reid from Aurora, Colorado were thrilled to meet Bob, a longstanding IBO Leader and Board member. Mike said, “I feel honored to come face to face with a legend in this Business. His words of wisdom are phenomenal and his humility is admirable.”

The IBOAI’s most spacious meeting room, referred to as the American Way Association (AWA) boardroom, is named after the original Association. Amway Co-founders Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel made it clear that the IBO was their first priority when they, along with Founding Field Leaders, formed the AWA in 1959, which many years later became known as the IBOAI. This room is frequently utilized by the entire Board, and regularly by the Legal & Ethics Committee.

The additional boardrooms, named after the Association’s Field founders – Hansen, Victor, and Dutt – are also where current Board members, along with Corporate staff, give birth to great ideas and smart solutions for the Business. IBOAI staff informed visitors, the IBOAI Business Operations Committee gathers in the Hansen room, the Marketing Advisory Committee (MAC) gathers in the Victor room, and the Awards & Recognition Committee in the Dutt room. Andrew Jenkins of Richmond, Virginia enjoyed learning about the legacy of the Founding Families and history of the Association. “I’m impressed the IBOAI committee conference rooms are named after the Founders – it’s a great tribute.”

As they learned about what each IBOAI Board committee discusses and decides on behalf of all IBOs, Vince and Amber Licari of Charlotte, North Carolina, said they didn’t realize the scope of IBOAI Board discussions with Amway employees. Amber remarked, “I didn’t realize Amway marketers present new products to the Marketing Advisory Committee – and IBO Leaders taste, touch, and smell products – and then provide feedback to Amway. I had no idea they give Amway input on how we sell products.” Vince added, “It’s fascinating that the Corporation may think they know how we sell, but sometimes they don’t realize how we actually sell. Makes us feel Amway really cares about IBOs’ success.”

Michelle and Adam Sanborn of Nashville, Tennessee, agree, “The long history and extensive work that has happened and continues to take place for the benefit of IBOs is humbling. The fact that we even have a Board representing us is second to none.”

Gerard and Lee Lafontant of Port St. Lucie, Florida were also impressed by the work of the IBOAI and proud to be part of the only direct-selling Business with an Association representing its IBOs. Gerard remarked, “I can’t wait to get back home and spread the word about the IBOAI.”

As New Platinums exited the IBOAI offices, the staff offered them a goody bag packed with supplies for their busy week ahead at NPC.

IBOAI® Celebrates 60th Anniversary with Achievers in Dallas

The IBOAI Board and key Amway executives (past and present) as well as Founding Family members gathered to celebrate the IBOAI and Amway’s 60th Anniversary in the spring of 2019. It wasn’t possible to have all North American IBOs in person, yet they were there in the hearts and minds of those who did attend. This year’s Achievers Expo was the perfect opportunity for the IBOAI to celebrate this milestone with all IBO leaders. A spectacular photo backdrop of the floral wall of fresh flowers featured at the spring Anniversary party was a huge hit at the IBOAI Expo booth. It was so realistic you could almost smell the flowers! And the IBO photos taken in front of it were outstanding. To add to the appeal, IBOAI Board members were present to chat with visitors and pose for photos with IBOs. Fun props kept things lighthearted – and entertaining! IBOs were also invited to enter a drawing for a chance to win their own IBOAI 60th Anniversary T-shirt. Many were awarded T-shirts. All Achievers attendees received a complimentary journal, Chapstick® and mints bearing the IBOAI signature logo.  

The Voice Fall/Winter 2019


Favorites at Amway.com!

Look for the Favorites logo at Amway.com while you’re shopping. You can also search for favorites by keying the word into the search box. There are many favorites to choose from but here’s a few popular products to give you an idea of what’s favored by IBOs and customers:

XS™ Energy Cafe – Mocha: #286159/Twelve 8 oz. cans
On the go? XS Energy Cafe Mocha is more than your regular cup o’ Joe. It’s a great tasting, velvety rich coffee experience.

Artistry Signature Color™ Light Up Lip Gloss/8 shades
Light up your lips to mirror your mood. Light Up Lip Gloss—made with a specially blended jojoba and avocado oil formula—gives a vinyl gel finish with instant, brilliant, captivating shine.

Amway Home™ L.O.C.™ Multi-Purpose Wipes: #110485/96 wipes (Four 24-count packs)
At home or on the go, you’ll want these Amway Home™ L.O.C.™ Multi-Purpose Wipes by your side. They take care of embarrassing spills and stains quickly. As safe as water for all washable items and surfaces.


The Voice Fall/Winter 2019


2020 IBOAI Board Meeting History Day

January 14-15, Grand Rapids, Michigan

2020 IBOAI Board Meetings

  • February 23, Hawaii
  • March 30-April 2, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • June 22-25, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • October 26-29, Grand Rapids, Michigan

2020 New Platinum Conferences – Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • August 6-9
  • October 15-18

To celebrate new leaders as they reach their first milestone, Amway welcomes new Platinums to the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids. On the day of their arrival, Platinums are cordially invited to tour the IBOAI Offices in the hotel’s adjoining office building. This visit to the IBOAI offices, as well as special guest speakers, important business updates, and a tour of the Amway World Headquarters are highlights of this conference.

2020 Executive Diamond/Diamond Club – Grand Wailea, Hawaii

  • Executive Diamond Club: February 16-18
  • Diamond Club: February 18-23

The Grand Wailea Resort in Hawaii offers an exceptional experience for Diamonds and above. Nestled on forty acres of lush tropical gardens, with sweeping views, nothing compares to the luxury beachfront accommodations and resort featuring deluxe pools, gourmet restaurants, beautiful beach, relaxing spa, and much more.

2020 Achievers to be held in Orlando, Florida!

  • Session 1: November 14-18
  • Session 2: November 18-22

The Voice Fall/Winter 2019

Shivaram KumarWELL SAID!

"Amway North American IBOs are the only direct sellers represented by a Board such as the IBOAI, in the entire industry. I feel extremely privileged to serve as Chair of the Awards & Recognition Committee and also as a member of the Executive Committee. This experience has given me a whole new perspective on a thriving working relationship with the company, our responsibilities to one another in the Field, and the fact that the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts.  The richness of our history, the combined wisdom of Board Leadership – these are priceless. Board meeting weeks are always energizing and enlightening, especially in the company of some of the brightest brains in the industry.”

Shivaram Kumar, Chairman, Awards & Recognition Committee


The Voice Fall/Winter 2019

ADDING VALUE–Resources to help you do business faster, easier, better!

New Amway Website Assistance

The new Amway website is here! Now you can do business from wherever you are. Questions on registration, business reports, DITTO, or customer management? Find the answers here.

IBO Bookkeeping 101 PDF

The IBOAI offers a downloadable booklet of top-notch advice on how to properly maintain your records while building your business. Helpful and easy-to-follow, this reference tool is downloadable at IBOAI.com. Click here.

Music / Video Copyright Guides for IBOs

The IBOAI offers online Copyright Guides to help you understand the complex legal matters surrounding the use of copyrighted music or videos. Before using any online videos or favorite music at your meetings and events, be sure to review the copyright guidelines and contact an attorney with questions. Download these PDFs today!

The Voice Fall/Winter 2019


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