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Friday, August 14, 2020

News at a glance from the IBOAI® - your advocacy organization.
All year long, the IBOAI Board of Directors works alongside Amway North America on your behalf to make this Business the best.
This Newsletter is one way we will strive to keep in touch and inform you.
If you have any questions, please be sure to contact the IBOAI Board or staff.


Howie Danzik, IBOAI Chairman of the BoardAs the IBOAI Chairman, I want to report that our October Board meetings were tremendous, powered by our partnership with the Corporation and fueled by a shared excitement for the future of this Business. Throughout the week of meetings and discussions, there was obvious unity and gratitude for what we’ve accomplished together – the Board, the Corporation and the Field.

After a productive week (and year!), it was gratifying to recognize outstanding achievements and contributions individually and collectively – as well as honor years of dedicated service on the Board and MAC. Outgoing Board members were acknowledged and thanked for their dedication. Several longstanding Board and MAC members were presented with IBOAI Meritorious Service Awards. And, following our annual tradition, three special awards were presented by the IBOAI to these deserving individuals:

  • Fred Hansen Spirit Award – Jeff Johnson, National Sales Manager of Amway Canada
  • Joe Victor Leadership Award – Shivaram Kumar, IBOAI Board member
  • Jere Dutt Lifetime Achievement Award – Gary VanderVen, Amway Business Conduct and Rules Director

Our partnership with the Corporation is stronger than ever, the Business is growing, and the future looks bright. In 2019, we celebrate 60 years of this remarkable Business! We look forward to A60 in Las Vegas, the largest-ever global gathering of IBO Leaders and Amway executives.

Because of the Founders’ vision and the values and principles in which this Business was established, we have an enduring foundation to build upon for generations to come. Through the power of our partnership – the IBOAI, the Corporation, and the Field – we have every reason to feel optimistic and confident in our future success.

All the Best,

Howie Danzik

Howie Danzik,
Chairman of the IBOAI®

October 2018 Board Meeting Notes by Committee

Awards & Recognition

  • “Structure and Profitability” presentation tool created
  • Discussions on incorporating Leadership Growth Forum into Achievers in a more time efficient manner
  • Discussed Amway 60th (A60) and North American Growth Council (NAGC) schedules
  • Discussed the results of the “Diamond Club locations” survey that the company sent out a few months ago
  • Discussed Diamond Dreams locations options while Peter Island is being rebuilt
  • ANA is coming up with a new, engaging Events app

Business Operations

  • Working on videos showing products IBOs use and sell throughout a day
  • Amway generating and sharing positive web content
  • Discussed website design and rollout
  • Discussed issues with backorders and TNAs and solutions for IBOs and customers
  • Discussed Business Center App launching with website rollout
  • Discussion on improvements for Ditto™ for IBOs and customers after new website launch

Legal & Ethics

  • Higher Award Tracking process and verification
  • Conciliations and legal updates
  • Update on unauthorized online selling and exporting
  • Direct Selling Association (DSA) update
  • Business Support Materials (BSM) review update
  • Digital Communication Strategy (DCS) discussions
  • Quality Assurance Standards (QAS) discussions

Marketing Advisory Committee

  • Promote Amway’s social responsibility – AmwayintheNews.com will be updated
  • Artistry Studio™ – Paris collection launching February 6, 2019
  • Restage Artistry Makeup Brush Set
  • Artistry Signature Select Personalized Masks coming April 2019
  • Amway.com/gifts for gift ideas for all 12 months of the year for IBOs and customers
  • Upgrading Drop & Shop Program for customers – adding more products
Awards and Recognition Committee
Awards and Recognition Committee
Business Operations Committee
Business Operations Committee
Legal and Ethics Committee
Legal and Ethics Committee
Marketing Advisory Committee
Marketing Advisory Committee


News to Know about Auto Renewal and Your IBOAI® Membership

Your Amway Auto Renewal and Your IBOAI Membership may need your immediate attention. Some IBOs on auto-renewal were inadvertently renewed by Amway™ without including the IBOAI Dues.

Signing up for Auto Renew at Amway.com is an easy way to ensure your IBO Business is automatically renewed at the start of each calendar year. Keep in mind when you sign up, you must select the option for IBOAI membership to ensure your membership continues – and, when you’re notified your Business is about to automatically renew, be sure to double check the IBOAI membership option is selected.

Take the time now to check to make certain you’ve been renewed with your IBOAI Membership. You can call Amway’s Customer Service, at 800-253-6500, to make certain this was processed correctly.

You don’t want to miss out on the benefits of IBOAI membership! Learn more about the IBOAI at iboai.com.

IBOAI® Honors Years of Service, Spirit, and Leadership in the Business

The October 2018 Board Meetings came to a close on a celebratory note, following a productive week of informative presentations and in-depth discussions between the IBOAI Board committee members, Amway Corporate staff, and special guests.

Fred Hansen Spirit AwardHowie Danzik, IBOAI Chairman, expressed appreciation for the IBOAI Board – and thanked the Corporate and IBOAI staff members for their service. Vice Chairman Bob Andrews offered a prayer of gratitude.

Jim Ayres, Managing Director of Amway™ North America, conveyed his appreciation to all who serve and work with the IBOAI Board and MAC. In a few words, Jim acknowledged the enormous progress made through a “true partnership focused on growth for the Business in North America.” He explained, “We’ve been through a lot of changes, such as establishing digital communication standards. We have conversations about social media. We talk. Let’s keep it going!”

Five outgoing Board members were recognized for their unique contributions and selfless commitment to the IBOAI: Danny Snipes, Ivan Morales, Doyle Yager, Raul Gonzalez, and Raj Shah. Outgoing MAC member, Renate Snipes, was also commended for her great work on the Marketing Advisory Committee (MAC).

Jere Dutt Achievement AwardThe Fred Hansen Spirit Award, presented by Bill Hawkins was awarded to someone “who has the spirit and truly understands this Business and the Field – Jeff Johnson, National Sales Manager of Amway Canada. Jeff has an electric quality about him that’s really special. We hate to see him go but wish him well in retirement.” In a poignant acceptance speech, Jeff exclaimed, “I love this Business!” He recalled the advice Rich DeVos gave him 31 years ago when he first started, “Young man, remember this, no matter what’s going on, have a heart for the distributors, and you will enjoy a successful career at Amway.”

Bob Andrews and Jody Victor had the honor of presenting the Jere Dutt Achievement Award to longstanding Amway Business Rules Director, Gary VanderVen. Bob explained the recipients of this award demonstrate many of the same strengths and principles of Jere Dutt. “Like Jere, they fight for IBOs non-stop, even when it’s hard. They’re great partners and ethical people.” Honored and humbled by the award, Gary said in his 21 years at Amway, there were some easy times and some tense times, but no matter what, we know we can work it out together.”

Joe Victor Leadership AwardThe Joe Victor Leadership Award, presented by Jody Victor and named for his father was given to “a leader who develops other leaders.” According to Jody, “The recipient exemplifies the values and principles of the pioneers in the Business: strong family, universal acceptance, and integrity. Someone who reaches out to all people. Someone like Shivaram Kumar.” Stunned and speechless, Kumar commented, “It’s an unbelievable honor. Being on the Board is a great experience, but I don’t feel I have done enough yet. I am excited for the future!”

The IBOAI Meritorious Service Awards were presented to several MAC and Board members for their tireless commitment and generous service to the IBOAI and all IBOs. MAC Chair, Theresa Danzik, was honored for 10 years of service and Terry Andrews for 15 years. As she presented the awards, Kathy Victor, praised the women for their hard work, great ideas, and endless energy. Both recipients received sparkling crystal bowls.

Jody Victor let three IBOAI Board members know their beneficial contributions, positive attitudes, and years of dedicated service were greatly appreciated. Shivaram Kumar and Howie Danzik were presented with lapel pins for 10 years of service. Bill Hawkins received a service pin with a ruby to commemorate 15 years of service.



10 Years: Howie Danzik, Shivaram Kumar 10 Years: Theresa Danzik
15 Years: Bill Hawkins 15 Years: Terry Andrews

New Platinums Tour IBOAI® Offices at August Conference

Arrival on Sunday, August 26, at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan was the start of an exciting week for new Platinums. After working so hard to achieve their first major milestone in the Business, new Platinums are always bursting with energy and eager to learn more about building a successful, sustainable Business. Following registration, the attendees were invited to tour the IBOAI office in the hotel’s adjoining office building.

New Platinums ConferenceThroughout the afternoon, the new Platinums were guided through the IBOAI headquarters, while the IBOAI staff explained the origin, purpose, and structure of the Association. Staff also reminded the IBOs that as Platinums they were now eligible to vote in the upcoming IBOAI Board election. The sophisticated, professional appearance of the board rooms and office space prompted a variety of positive IBO comments.

Jon and Michelle Abbott of Denver, Colorado expressed their appreciation for the IBOAI. Jon said, “Just seeing and hearing about what takes place here – and learning more about the Board’s functions is important to us.” Michelle agreed, “We are so blessed the IBOAI exists. We always talk about their value. It’s so good to finally see where the action takes place!”

Pankaj and Nitasha Thakwani of Newark, New Jersey were touched by the warmth of welcome to the new Platinums. Pankaj commented, “It’s apparent the generous amount of time and work being done at the IBOAI offices is about strengthening the Business and helping people grow their own Businesses.” Nitasha added, “We may enjoy the end results of the work that goes on here, but until today, we hadn’t really seen or understood how much time and effort is devoted to getting there.”

New Platinums ConferenceThe most spacious meeting room, referred to as the American Way Association (AWA) Boardroom, is named after the original Association. Amway co-founders Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel made it clear that the IBO was their first priority when they, along with Founding Field Leaders, formed the AWA in 1959, which many years later became known as the IBOAI. This room is frequently utilized by the entire Board, and regularly by the Legal & Ethics Committee. The table alone seats 22 people!

The additional boardrooms, named after the Association’s Founding Families – Hansen, Victor, and Dutt – are also where current Board members, in partnership with Amway staff, initiate excellent ideas and come up with smart solutions for the Business. During the tour, IBOs learned the IBOAI Business Operations Committee gathers in the Hansen meeting room, the Marketing Advisory Committee (MAC) gathers in the Victor Boardroom, and the Awards & Recognition Committee in the Dutt meeting room. They also learned the three stars on the official IBOAI logo represent the three Founding Families.

New Platinums ConferenceAfter touring the offices, new Platinums Alex and Edilyn Freitas of Fayetteville, North Carolina expressed their awe of the considerable work accomplished within the office walls. Edilyn remarked, “I admire how the Board has select committees to focus on specific areas such as Awards & Recognition – and then they choose the Board members who are especially strong and knowledgeable in those areas to serve. I am also impressed they want us to know who they are and what they do for us and the Business. I just love the fact they open up their offices to us! What an awesome experience.” Alex agrees, “It’s obvious the IBOAI’s end goal is success for all IBOs. Because of their work, we can connect with others and provide them with a great opportunity.”

Venkata and Kiran Chamarty of Canada expressed, “The IBOAI builds confidence in growing our Business. They give us credibility in the eyes of others. They provide us with valuable resources.” Kiran remarked, “It is a great organization and we are privileged to have a Board that works so hard for all IBOs.” Venkata added, “We appreciate a Board that is always thinking of how IBOs can benefit, putting people before profits.” Kiana and James Watts of Salem, Oregon expressed a similar viewpoint. “The IBOAI is so important. They are the voice of all IBOs. They represent and protect us.”

As new Platinums exited the IBOAI offices, they were given a goody bag packed with supplies for their busy week ahead – XS™ Energy Drink and Perfect Empowered Drinking Water® as well as Chapstick®, a tin of mints, a blank journal, and pen, all sporting the IBOAI logo. IBOs were also given the IBOAI Year in Review brochure. In addition, they left with some great memories and amazing photos to share with family, friends, and fellow IBOs.

Juanita MaldonadoWELL SAID!

“It has been a great honor serving on the Board and learning from my heroes and mentors. Serving on the Board has allowed me to understand the hard work and value the ethics that go into making our Business Opportunity better. Thank you to all the Leaders who have served on the Board; you are a great example and an inspiration.”


– Juanita Maldonado, IBOAI Business Operations Committee



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Election results are in! Introducing Your 2019 IBOAI® Board:

Howie Danzik, Chairman
Vinny Pappalardo, Vice Chairman

Governance & Oversight Committee
Jody Victor, Chairman
Bill Hawkins, Vice Chairman

Board Members
Alberto Aguilera
Bob Andrews
Brad Duncan
David Dussault
Karen Hansen DeBlaay
Shivaram Kumar
Pedro Lizardi
Juanita Maldonado
Joe Markiewicz
Kathy Victor
Doug Weir
Leslie Wolgamott
Steve Yager

Marketing Advisory Committee
Theresa Danzik, Chairman
Sandy Hawkins, Vice Chairman
Terry Andrews
Marybeth Markiewicz
Dayna Pappalardo

2019 IBOAI Board Meetings

All meetings held at the IBOAI offices, Grand Rapids, Michigan:
March 11-14, 2019
June 10-13, 2019
October 14-17, 2019

December 5-9, 2018: Achievers 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee! IBOs who qualify for this exciting reward trip will stay at the extraordinary Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center featuring 17 unique eateries, three pools, an award-winning spa, 24-hour fitness center, and live entertainment nightly. Achievers will also choose from a variety of outdoor adventure and sightseeing activities during the week. Featuring special VIP events, business-building education and training, and grand recognition celebrations, this will surely be a memorable trip.

Two sessions of Achievers in 2019! Amway™ Achievers will be held in two identical sessions and they’ll both be in November, instead of December. Session 1 will be held November 11–15, 2019. Session 2 will follow on November 17–21, 2019.

A60 in 2019! Amway’s 60th anniversary celebration (A60) is happening in May of 2019. This exclusive event will be the largest-ever global gathering of Amway’s top leaders in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the one and only Diamond Anniversary Celebration for those qualifying Diamond and above. Founders Council will meet May 16-22, Executive Diamond Club will meet May 17-22, Diamonds will meet May 18-22. For first-time Diamonds, there will be a special pre-event celebration at Amway World Headquarters from May 16-18, prior to heading to A60 in Las Vegas. Learn more.

ADDING VALUE–Resources to help you do business faster, easier, better!

Music /Video Copyright Guides for IBOs

The IBOAI® offers online Copyright Guides to help you understand the complex legal matters surrounding the use of copyrighted music or videos. Before using any online videos or favorite music at your meetings and events, be sure to review the copyright guidelines. Download these PDFs today!

IBO Best Practices from IBOAI®

Did you know IBO Best Practices Messages are posted monthly at IBOAI.com? The topics are important, interesting, and varied. Learn more about promoting the benefit of becoming an IBO. Delve into social media, music/video copyrights, and unauthorized online selling. Check out this useful resource today!

IBO Bookkeeping Guide from IBOAI®

IBO Bookkeeping 101 offers basic, easy-to-follow advice on how to properly maintain your records while building your Business. Review these valuable tips now so you’re well prepared when it comes time to file your tax return.


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