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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

News at a glance from the IBOAI - your advocacy organization.
All year long, the IBOAI Board of Directors works alongside Amway North America on your behalf to make this Business the best. This Newsletter is one way we will strive to keep in touch and inform you. We will e-mail you a new update each quarter.
If you have any questions, please be sure to contact the IBOAI Board or staff.


Howie Danzik

It has been a fantastic year for the Field, the Corporation, and the IBOAI®. I am honored to represent all IBOs in North America as a member of your IBOAI Board. Your Board is privileged to partner with Amway™ Corporate staff in keeping the Business Opportunity accessible and sustainable. The IBOAI is grateful for the opportunity to effect positive change through open communication and shared commitment to our wonderful Business.

I believe the Board and Corporation have taken a confident leap forward in the last year; there is a valued partnership between us. I would like to thank the Field leadership, the IBOAI Board, and Amway for their continued commitment.

Productive discussions transpired during our October committee sessions, generating excellent ideas, smart suggestions, and some solid plans for the coming years. We were pleased to have so many Amway executives participate in our discussions. The October Board meeting notes and closing session article in this newsletter provide a glimpse of what we’re working on, what we’ve accomplished, and what we’re planning for the future.

Thank you for supporting the IBOAI. Your hard work and commitment to this Business and its success is heartening. It inspires the IBOAI Board to continue our work and it validates our efforts on your behalf.

We’re excited to welcome five members to the Board in January. They were elected to three-year terms in the election last Fall.

Let’s continue to work together to grow this amazing Business. I believe it is the best Business Opportunity in North America today. Let’s keep it the best for generations to come. Here’s to another awesome year!

Howie Danzik

Howie Danzik
Chairman of the IBOAI



Awards & Recognition

  • Promote & Recognize Full Volume Platinums
  • Emphasize & Educate Importance of a Healthy Business Structure
  • Suggestions for Diamond Dreams Program
  • A60 Celebration

Business Operations

  • North America Website Replacement
  • Renewal Campaign
  • Launch Dates for New Products to Conform with DITTO™ Orders
  • Training Tools to Help with Sales to Customers

Legal & Ethics

  • Update on Preventing Unauthorized Online Selling
  • Rule Discussions
  • Higher Award Tracking
  • Educate Field on IBOBA Insurance

Marketing Advisory Committee (MAC)

  • Edible Products with Ingredients Important to Customers
  • More Promotions for Customers
  • More Easy-to-Sell Products for Customers
Awards & Recognition Committee
Awards & Recognition Committee
Business Operations Committee
Business Operations Committee
Legal & Ethics Committee
Legal & Ethics Committee
Marketing Advisory Committee
Marketing Advisory Committee


2018 IBOAI® Election Results

The IBOAI is proud to announce the 2018 IBOAI Board Election results and welcome newly elected Board members. The following IBO Leaders will join the Board officially in January 2018 to begin their three-year term:

Howie Danzik
Karen Hansen-DeBlaay
Shivaram Kumar
Pedro Lizardi
Joe Markiewicz

For those who voted in this election, thank you for making your voice heard! 2018 promises to be another incredible year!

Your 2018 IBOAI® Board of Directors

Howie Danzik, Chairman
Bob Andrews, Vice Chairman

Governance & Oversight

Jody Victor, Chairman
Bill Hawkins

Board Members

Raul Gonzalez
Karen Hansen-DeBlaay
Shivaram Kumar
Pedro Lizardi
Juanita Maldanado
Joe Markiewicz
Ivan Morales
Vinny Pappalardo
Raj Shah
Danny Snipes
Kathy Victor
Leslie Wolgamott
Doyle Yager

Marketing Advisory Committee

Theresa Danzik, Chairman
Sandy Hawkins, Vice Chairman
Terry Andrews
Dayna Pappalardo
Renate Snipes

IBOAI® Board Pays Tribute to Role Models at October Closing Session

The IBOAI Board Meetings came to a close on October 12, 2017, in celebratory style. While lunch was enjoyed by the IBOAI Board, MAC, G2 and G3 guests, Amway™ Executives, and IBOAI staff, conversation flowed. The air of camaraderie and mutual respect in the room inspired heartfelt tributes and emotional acceptance speeches.

IBOAI Chairman Howie Danzik opened the meeting with an expression of gratitude to the people who work tirelessly to keep things running smoothly at the IBOAI: Kathy Victor, Executive Director and Sandy Chapman, Operations Manager. Kathy and Sandy presented Ana Nichols, Special Events Coordinator, with a parting gift in gratitude for her 10 years of dedicated service. Ana is leaving the IBOAI to pursue a new career opportunity. Teary-eyed, she expressed thanks to all, referring to her time at the IBOAI as an “amazing learning experience.”

To honor exiting Board members, Vice Chairman Bob Andrews conveyed appreciation and admiration for the generous time, ideas, and suggestions given over the last three years by Alberto Aguilera, Glen Baker, and David Dussault. All three received plaques to commemorate their service.

MAC Chairman Theresa Danzik and Vice Chairman Sandy Hawkins applauded Joya Baker’s service to the MAC. Sandy said, “I don’t think I know anyone who is as passionate as Joya is about the Business.” Theresa added, “As a wife, mother, and businesswoman, she is a great example to all of us. We will miss you so much.” Joya received a plaque for her service.

Fred Hansen AwardThe Fred Hansen Spirit Award, presented by Bill Hawkins, IBOAI Governance & Oversight, was awarded to someone outside of the IBOAI who “truly understands partnership and has the right spirit. They know how the Corporation and IBOAI work together in the best interest of the IBOs.” This year, the award was given to Jackie Nickel, Chief Marketing Officer for the Americas Region. Accepting her plaque, Jackie commented how much it meant to be selected for the award – and how much she enjoyed working with the IBOAI.

Jere Dutt Lifetime Achievement AwardBob Andrews and Jody Victor had the honor of presenting the Jere Dutt Lifetime Achievement Award together to longstanding Amway Business Conduct & Rules Manager and now retiree, Karen O’Neill. Bob explained the recipients of this award demonstrate many of the same strengths and principles of Jere Dutt. “Like Jere, they take the hard jobs in stride. They have the right words at the right time for the right reasons.” Jody added, “Jere had tenacity and integrity – and Karen definitely shares these qualities.” Holding her plaque, emotional yet smiling, Karen expressed what an honor it was to receive the award, especially given that she had met Jere Dutt years ago. “I’ve been blessed to work for Amway and with all of you. I am dedicating this award to my former team at Amway.”

Joe Victor Leadership AwardThe Joe Victor Leadership Award, presented by Jody Victor and named for his father was awarded to “an absolutely wonderful example of leadership, Vinny Pappalardo.” My father valued the Business Opportunity and considered it a gift. He was ready and confident to defend our dreams with principles and not personal interests. We need people in the Business like my father – like Vinny. People who demonstrate every day that no force can or will stand in our way if we are united.”

Vinny’s astonishment followed by powerful applause and a standing ovation made this moment especially poignant for Vinny, his family, and the entire room. As Vinny tells it, “23 years ago I was lost. There was an angel who came into my life – my sponsor. It’s a privilege and honor to be here – and to accept this award from those I consider my heroes. Thank you. Thank God. I know love will conquer all.”

IBOAI® Offers Open House for New Platinums at November Conference

Registration day of the New Platinum Conference at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan offered new IBO Leaders a special treat: An opportunity to visit the IBOAI offices on site. The IBOAI hosted an Open House for all NPC attendees – and the IBOs were eager to tour the offices and talk with the staff. Plenty of photos, questions, and conversation ensued. Every New Platinum left the IBOAI offices prepared for the busy, high-energy conference. They received a complimentary gift bag from the IBOAI filled with Perfect Empowered Drinking Water®, XS® Energy Drink, mints, and a signature IBOAI logo notebook and pen.


Artistry® Flora Chic™ Eau de Parfum (119630) is a modern mélange of signature florals with a note of sparkling citrus. Created by the fine fragrance house of Givaudan in Paris, this exclusive eau de parfum is an easily wearable floral with a high concentration of perfume oils that give a luxurious fragrance impression. It’s an ode to modern femininity, destined to become a classic – and the perfect gift for a special woman. 1.7 oz./50 mL.

Two new Limited Edition products are now available to complement Artistry Flora Chic Eau de Parfum Spray. Artistry Flora Chic Shimmering Bath & Shower Gel (119631) and Artistry Flora Chic Shimmering Body Lotion (119632) let you layer the sparkling scent of French Clementine, blended with the delicate scent of Bulgarian Rose and the relaxing calm of Ylang Ylang from Madagascar. Shimmering Bath & Shower Gel gently leaves skin hydrated, soft and smooth. Shimmering Body Lotion softly nourishes and hydrates skin, while a delicate infusion of pearlescent gold shimmers leaves a subtle glow. Each 6.76 fl. oz.

For gift-giving, be sure to shop and save through Amway™ Partner Stores. There are hundreds to choose from – and some are new! Check out Bed, Bath & Beyond®, Bloomingdale’s®, Lego®, Old Navy®, Target®, ToysRUs®, and Zales®. Travel plans? Save on expenses through Amway Partner Stores: Travelocity®, Wyndam® Hotel Group, Expedia®, and Choice™ Hotels.


IBOAI® Board Meetings scheduled for 2018:

February 9
March 26-29
June 25-29
October 15-19

Paradise awaits top IBO Leaders! Executive Diamond Club and Diamond Club will take place on the Big Island of Hawaii, February 2-9, 2018. Those who earn an invitation will participate in fabulous, once-in-a-lifetime activities, new product offerings, and networking opportunities. If you qualify for Executive Diamond Club, extra-special treatment awaits you. You’ll arrive a few days before Diamond Club commences for some exclusive activities and VIP pampering, plus more time to connect, collaborate, strategize, and relax with fellow Executive Diamond leaders and Amway Executives.

Diamond Club

Are you ready? New Platinums’ action-packed conferences are scheduled for spring, summer and fall of 2018 at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan. IBOs will receive an exclusive tour of Amway’s World Headquarters and enjoy engaging activities that recognize this milestone achievement. Everyone celebrates together, learns together, and sets their sights on future success.

Reach a goal beyond Platinum, and earn an invitation to Achievers 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee! IBOs who qualify for this exciting reward trip will stay at the extraordinary Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center featuring 17 unique eateries, three pools, an award-winning spa, 24-hour fitness center, and great live entertainment nightly. Achievers will also choose from a variety of outdoor adventure and sightseeing activities during the week. Featuring special VIP events, business-building education and training, and grand recognition celebrations, this will surely be a memorable trip!


David Dussault"Being on the IBOAI Board has been an incredible learning experience. It was an honor and privilege for me to serve on the Board – and to witness firsthand how much effort and time that gets put into representing and supporting IBOs in North America.

I am so impressed by how unbiased all of the Board members are about their own teams. The Board is completely unified and committed to working with Amway Corporation in order to make things better for all North American IBOs. By partnering with the Corporation, the Board is truly making a difference.

I’d like to express gratitude to OGO and the Executive Committee for setting such an incredible example of selfless servanthood for the IBOAI Board and all IBO Leaders. It would be an incredible honor to serve on the IBOAI Board again in the future."

- David Dussault
2015-2017 Business Operations Committee

ADDING VALUE - Resources to help you do business faster, easier, better!

Growth Incentives Tracking Report in Amway™ Business Center

The Growth Incentives (GI) Tracking Report offers an up-to-date account of how close you stand to meeting GI performance and qualification requirements. Easily accessible on the Business Center dashboard at Amway.com, you can track your performance on all GI awards, including:

  • Two-Time Cash Awards
  • Q12 Incentives
  • Emerald and Diamond Leadership Growth Incentives
  • Non-cash Award incentive trips

Use these reports to ensure you are on-track to meet your baseline requirements and to identify which GI cash awards you may be eligible to earn. To view your report, login to Amway.com > Business Center > GI Program Tracking Summary Report.

Music /Video Copyright Guides for IBOs

The IBOAI offers online Copyright Guides to help you understand the complex legal matters surrounding the use of copyrighted music or videos. Before using any online videos or favorite music at your meetings and events, be sure to review the copyright guidelines. Download these PDFs today!


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