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Sunday, March 24, 2019

News at a glance from the IBOAI - your advocacy organization.
All year long, the IBOAI Board of Directors works alongside Amway North America on your behalf to make this Business the best. This Newsletter is one way we will strive to keep in touch and inform you. We will e-mail you a new update each quarter.
If you have any questions, please be sure to contact the IBOAI Board or staff.


Bob Andrews

2016 has been a fantastic year! We have all done our part the IBOAI®, the Field, the Corporation - to move this wonderful Business forward in a positive, purposeful manner.

Here are just a few of the many accomplishments of the past year:

  • Developed Succession Planning Task Force to continue succession planning with IBO Leaders in North America
  • Partnered with the Corporation to create and launch excellent online training courses for new IBOs to succeed
  • Strengthened IBOAI online presence and support through iboai.com and social media
  • Assisted Amway with planning and launch of the XS™ Sports Nutrition line, Truvivity by Nutrilite™, and Artistry Supreme LX™

On behalf of the IBOAI Board, I applaud your efforts and appreciate your support.

It's a bittersweet time for the IBOAI Board as we bid goodbye to departing Board members and welcome newly elected members. It is also my turn to hand the Chairman gavel over to Howie Danzik - and I do so with pride and confidence. You are in good hands with Howie. His passion and work ethic are inspiring, his ideas and vision tremendous. It has been a privilege to have him as my Vice Chairman this past term, and for this next term, an honor for me to serve as his Vice Chairman.

We're here for you! Please reach out and share your ideas and suggestions.

To our continued success,

Bob Andrews

Bob Andrews



Closing Session of October Board Meetings Infused with Pride and Appreciation

IBOAI Chairman Bob Andrews opened the Closing Session stating, "This is a special day. Following tradition, we welcome new folks to the next year's Board and officially say goodbye to departing Board members at the close of our October meetings. It is also when we award a select few for their passionate, committed service to this wonderful Business."

Along with Vice Chairman Howie Danzik, Bob presented crystal awards to Brad Duncan (Awards & Recognition), Shivaram Kumar (Awards & Recognition) and Doug Weir (Legal & Ethics) in appreciation for each member's three-year term of dedicated service on the Board.

The end of this calendar year also marks Bob Andrews' term as IBOAI Chairman - and Bill Hawkins remarked, "It is my honor to present the outgoing Chairman's award to Bob Andrews. Bob is a great friend to me and to all of us in this room and in this Business. His knowledge and charisma have earned him the title of designated speaker for the IBOAI. We had a distinctive crystal gavel created for his award as a fitting tribute to his strong leadership, integrity and vision - and the respect we all hold for Bob and his many contributions."

This past year, the IBOAI Board Officers developed a new Meritorious Service Award program to honor 10 to 30 years of service (in increments of five years) to those serving on the Board. Bill Hawkins explained, "With the close of this most recent term, Brad Duncan has served five terms on the Board and by doing so, earned the 15-year Meritorious Service Award."

Awarded annually to an IBO Leader with a "One for All, All for One" spirit and a vision of what this Business could become, the Jere Dutt Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to a longstanding, well-respected, and hardworking IBO with the same passion as Founder Jere Dutt. This year's Jere Dutt Award was awarded to the late Ron Puryear of WorldWide. Bill Hawkins commented, "We were all lucky to have Ron for all those years. He was a great leader and he brought many great leaders into the Business."

The Fred Hansen Spirit Award, as described by Bob Andrews, "is about positive outlook and a can-do attitude. It's about who at the Corporation finds a way to get the job done! This year, this award was presented to Jim Ayres, Managing Director of Amway North America." Jim emphasized, "I am accepting this on behalf of my entire leadership team. It's not just me making the effort. They are all focused on working with IBOs to make this Business great. Thank you."

Jody Victor, presented the Joe Victor Leadership Award, spoke of the Founders and his father's leadership. "The recipient of this award is deserving of this honor. He sets a great example. He cares and gives it everything he can - Howie Danzik." Howie expressed his gratitude for the award and his appreciation of everyone. "This is one of the biggest honors I've ever received," he remarked.

Jody Victor and Bob Andrews closed the session with the announcement: Howie Danzik has been voted in as the next IBOAI Chairman and Bob Andrews as Vice Chairman.

The results of the IBOAI election were announced the same week as October Board meetings. The following IBOs will serve a three-year term on the Board beginning January 2017:

  • Bob Andrews
  • Juanita Maldonado
  • Vinny Pappalardo
  • Kathy Victor
  • Leslie Wolgamott

Outgoing Board Awards  Bob Andrews - Chairman Gavel

Ron Puryear - Jere Dutt Award  Brad Duncan - Meritorious Service Award

Jim Ayres - Fred Hansen Award  Howie Danzik - Joe Victor Award

October 2016 IBOAI Board Meeting Notes

Awards & Recognition Committee

  • Added Recognition for Founders Ruby at events like Achievers
  • Planning Emerald Growth Forum for upcoming years through 2019
  • Future NAGC Locations
  • Diamond Club 2017
  • Looking at Future Growth Incentive

Business Operations Committee

  • Business Reference Guide added back into Welcome Kit 2/17
  • Asked to prioritize "Credibility Videos" for IBO use
  • Working on new shipping rate options in US & Canada
  • Enhance the current renewal campaign
  • Updates to Amway website in 2017 - Mobile first

Legal & Ethics Committee

  • DSA Update from Joe DePetris
  • Auto Renewal Discussion
  • Conciliation Report
  • Legal Update
  • Unauthorized Online Selling Report
  • BSM Review Process
  • Proposed Rule Changes Comments

Marketing Advisory Committee

  • Discussed updates for the BodyKey line for 2017
  • New Partner Stores - TJ Maxx & Amway Gear
  • Reviewed Gift Guides for Holiday Gift Giving
  • Update on the Ribbon Program
  • Worked on Artistry & Nutrilite Updates

October 2016 IBOAI Board Meeting Recap

New Platinums get inspired, become motivated, and grow as Leaders at Conference

Bob AndrewsNew Platinums arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Monday, August 22, excited to spend a few days with other emerging IBO Leaders, Amway™ Corporate staff, and the IBOAI®.

After the Platinums completed registration, they were greeted by IBOAI staff and presented with an attractive IBOAI logo notebook and pen. IBOs also received literature on the IBOAI, including the Year in Review brochure. Conference arrival day concluded with a wonderful welcome reception and dinner in the evening.

Day two began with the much-anticipated Business Meeting. As Amway Canada Sales Manager, Jeff Johnson, kicked off the meeting, the excitement level soared. Jim Ayres, Managing Director of Amway North America (ANA) and Rajneesh Chopra, Vice President of U.S. Sales both spoke to the IBO Leaders. Rajneesh referenced the stages of the Business and key success factors in growing beyond the Platinum level. Jim Ayres shared his story of meeting Rich DeVos for the first time as a new Amway employee.

Special IBO guest speakers, Luz and Elias Catamarca, attended NPC in 2015 and currently are tracking for Emerald. The Catamarca's focused on their experience as IBOs and their strong motivation to achieve their goals, especially for their children. During NPC they learned that setting personal and team goals was the key to success - and took that to heart.

Closing the meeting on a high note, Bob Andrews talked about the "Foundation of Success." As a Crown, an IBO for 46 years, and current IBOAI Chairman, Bob knows and loves this Business.

Bob recommended IBOs secure their foundation for success by being optimistic - it gives you the power to turn a bad situation into a good one. Determination gives you the focus to achieve your goals. Resiliency is what you need to weather the storms that can and will come in life.

Before Bob exited the stage, he presented a challenge to the emerging IBO Leaders, "What are you going to do EVERY day to build your foundation for success? Remember, your power to succeed is in what you do every day." In response, the new Platinums were on their feet - applauding, cheering, and whistling.


Doyle YagerIt is a pleasure and most importantly an honor to be serving all IBOs on the IBOAI Board in my second term.

There is a great tradition in serving IBOs, working with your peers and several heroes, both past & present, with Amway Corporation and the great people that are committed to excellence and serve us as IBOs.

I am so proud that my parents have been affiliated with the Amway Business for 52 years now; my grandparents reached the Platinum level and so did I - almost 35 years ago. I have a significant sense of responsibility to continue that legacy and serve the Business as so many others have.

My dad served on the IBOAI Board for 25 years, and my mom served on the MAC committee once it was established. I grew up immersed in this wondrous Business with a huge respect for the very unique Amway Business Opportunity, Amway Corporation, Rich and Jay, the LOS and the many heroes that now cover the globe. More than ever, I recognize and respect the unique value and responsibility of our Association in representing all IBOs' rights while partnering with Amway Corporation in every aspect of making this Business Opportunity the best it can be and better every year.

I believe the partnership between the IBOAI and the Corporation is the best it's ever been and we all have a bright future ahead!

- Doyle Yager


2017 Growth Incentive Program enhancement - Two-Time Cash Award DOUBLED for Platinum qualifiers!
To help fuel growth for your Business in 2017, this year's Growth Incentive Program (GI) rewards have been enhanced.

IBOs who earn either a first-time or second year Platinum qualification before the end of business on March 31, 2017, will have their Two-Time Cash Award payment DOUBLED!
First Time Platinum Qualifiers = $3,000 $6,000 cash award
Second Time Platinum Re-Qualifiers = $1,500 $3,000 cash award

Qualifying Platinum is just the beginning of the journey to additional GI rewards, worth up to $25,000, and an invitation to Achievers once you become Q12 Founders Platinum.

Now Available! Artistry Supreme LX™ Products and 3 Day Experience Kit
We hope you have experienced Artistry Supreme LX™ Limited Edition Collection set and visited the Digital Tool Kit in the Resource Center. The individual Artistry Supreme LX™ Regenerating Cream (11-8184) and Regenerating Eye Cream (11-8185) are now available for you to order.

The new Artistry Supreme LX™ products help the skin look rejuvenated and act up to 15 years younger. Wrinkles begin to fade in just 3 days. To reinforce this amazing benefit and allow customers to experience this luxury skincare, the 3 Day Experience Kit (27-3626) is perfect.

Utilize the Digital Toolkit, found in the Resource Center, to learn everything about the collection:

  • Training and product videos
  • Meeting support tools like event wings and the Volume Building Guide PDF
  • Links to product pages and the product brochure
  • Updated Skincare Differentiation Chart
  • Artistry Supreme LX™ September 2016 Vogue Ad and Talking Points PDF

New IBO Education Series to help IBOs start their business strong.
The new series of education courses help new IBOs who are just starting their Business, featuring essential information for quick results.

These short, engaging, online videos are a FREE Amway resource to help IBOs learn:

  • Key tips and advice to start their business strong
  • The important information for running their own business
  • How to use Amway resources to build a productive business

Accessible 24/7, these videos can be viewed on a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

This Get Started and Build Your Business series launched in October. Additional training will launch throughout the year.

Each series features videos in four categories:

  • Making Money - Explains how to build a productive, sustainable Business that maximizes bonuses, incentives, and awards.
  • Selling - Product tips to help you sell with confidence.
  • Product - Learn how to talk about products like an expert.
  • Business Essentials - Build sponsoring skills, understand the rules more fully, and take your first steps toward Business leadership.

These new courses present a range of topics, such as Pin Qualification, Customer Follow-Up, Leveraging Social Media to Grow Your Business, XS™ Sports Nutrition, and Making Connections.


Get ready to celebrate your hard work and achievement! Achievers Invitational 2016 is coming soon. We hope to see you at the elegant Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada, December 5-9, 2016.

IBOAI History Day and Oath of Office for newly elected Board members takes place on January 11, 2017 at the IBOAI offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This day-long event on the history of the Association and its Founders is educational and informative for new Board members and enjoyable for all.

Paradise bound! The 2017 Diamond Club will be held at the spectacular Grand Wailea in Maui, Hawaii. Executive Diamonds arrive on February 24, Diamonds join them on February 26 to March 3, 2017.

First IBOAI Board meeting of 2017: At the close of Diamond Club, IBOAI Board, including the five newly elected members, will officially meet to begin discussions and plans for 2017.

ADDING VALUE - Resources to help you do business faster, easier, better!

IBOAI.com - Your IBO-focused source for Business support 24/7. Visit today, visit often for:

  • IBOAI information on Association and Board
  • IBOAI history
  • Current news and events
  • IBO insurance benefits
  • IBO accounting tips and tax news
  • The Voice eNewsletter - current and past issues
  • Music/Video Copyrights Guide, Do's and Don'ts
  • IBO Best Practices
  • Speaker Guidelines
  • . . . and much more!

Updated Amway™ App. It's easier than ever to navigate from page to page with the newly updated Amway App, which now includes a navigation bar on most screens. Plus, you'll find information on sweepstakes, tools, promotions, news stories, and more. Download the newest version of the app (5.5) today to start using these great features:

  • Amway in the News and Amway Coaches' Poll - pages that were previously only available on Amway.com - have been added to the app.
  • Details about the Learn It. Love it. Share It. Sweepstakes are included.

Download the Amway App update on your Apple® or Android® device today.

Music/Video Copyright Guides for IBOs
The IBOAI offers online Copyright Guides to help you understand the complex legal matters surrounding the use of copyrighted music or videos. Before using any online videos or favorite music at your meetings and events, be sure to review the copyright guidelines. Download these PDFs today!

2016 IBOAI Board

2016 MAC Board


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