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Saturday, April 20, 2024

The Voice eNewsletter Winter 2023-24

The Voice eNewsletter Winter 2023-24
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16 January 2024

Chairman's Letter


Greetings to all my IBO friends across North America. We are deep into autumn and heading into the winter months, with leaves still falling in the south and snowflakes already hitting the ground in the north. The new Amway fiscal year has already begun and the first month or two are showing strong signs of growth over last year and North American IBO productivity continues to climb. VCS continues to be strong and new product launches in Artistry, Nutrilite Organic Herbals, and XS Sport Nutrition are going to add a big buzz to our customer sales.

I had the honor of serving the North American IBOs as Chairman for the past two years This has been one of my greatest challenges as well as one of my greatest thrills during my entire Amway career spanning over 36 years. I could not do it without the guidance of Bob Andrews (Mentoring Chairman Emeritus), Jody Victor and Bill Hawkins (Governance and Oversight), Howie Danzik (Vice Chairman), Vinny Pappalardo (Past Chairman), and Kathy Victor (CEO). I might add that our Executive Director, Sandy Chapman, is invaluable to all of us and her commitment and dedication to the Field goes under-appreciated. Your IBOAI Board is extremely busy and engaged in the Business of making the Amway Opportunity better for IBOs for generations to come. We are YOUR VOICE, and we never forget that we serve all of you.

I have great news to report. We have completed our elections for the 2024 IBOAI Board. We also have five IBO leaders whose three-year terms are ending this year. They are Howie Danzik, Shivaram Kumar, Maribel Galan, Sugeet Ajmani, and myself. Howie, Kumar and I were re-elected and will be returning to start another three-year term beginning January 2024. We are so appreciative of Maribel’s and Sugeet’s dedication and service to the Board and the IBO Field that they represent. I am very proud to announce that Candice Winston and Steve Victor have been elected to serve on your Board starting in January. Special shout-out to Candice as this will be her first time serving. Steve Victor and Candice Winston will be serving on the Business Operations Committee. Given the strong and diverse makeup of Board members next year, I have no doubt that you are in good hands.

I am pleased to announce that Vinny Pappalardo will be serving as your Chairman next year and Howie Danzik will be your Vice Chairman. Vinny has served as Chairman in the past and his leadership will serve him well again. Because Vinny and Howie are so respected by the Field, they will no doubt be very successful in their roles. I will stay on in the Past Chairman role to give counsel and advice to the incoming officers, as long as G&O believes I can help in the transition.

At the October Board meetings, we traditionally take time to reflect on the history of the Board going back to 1959. The success of the Amway Business for over six decades now is largely attributed to great IBO leaders who exhibit exceptional character and leadership abilities. Over the years we have created special awards named after the Founders that represent remarkable character traits that make outstanding Board members.

Andrew SchmidtKelli TempletonThis year we presented the Jere Dutt Lifetime Achievement Award to none other than Jody Victor. Jody Victor has been a qualified Diamond and above since 1976 and this Amway Business and the IBOAI Board would not be what it is without this special hero of ours. The Jody Victor Guardian Award was presented to two staunch defenders of this Business and free enterprise over the decades. Their names are Bill Hawkins and Bob Andrews. We stand on their shoulders, and I am personally forever indebted to them for what they have sown into me. The Fred Hansen Spirit Award was presented to our friend and Chief Marketing Officer for Amway North America, Kelli Templeton. Kelli is the most passionate person I have ever worked with at Amway for bringing innovative, exciting, and high-quality products to the IBOs for them to sell to customers. Her energy and enthusiasm for the IBO is contagious and she is well-deserving of her award. The IBOAI is proud to present The Managing Director of Amway North America Andrew Schmidt with the Joe Victor Leadership Award. Since Andrew has assumed the role of Managing Director, he has continuously exhibited extraordinary leadership in his ability to lead ANA through massive enhancements and transformation over the last couple years. Even more impactful is his ability to connect and collaborate with IBOAI and Field leadership to help improve this Business as a team. He is well-deserving of this prestigious award. I was so honored to also be awarded the Joe Victor Leadership Award by my peers. I am humbled to be recognized by my heroes and the people I respect most in life. I am a better IBO, husband, father and man because of these legends and in many ways, I still aspire to be like them. I hope you all learn to have the appreciation and gratitude for these role models who went before us like I do.

Here is an exciting update: The IBOAI has relaunched IBOFACTS.COM as a resource for IBOs and their customers and prospects. FAQs, IBOAI information, and a library of videos featuring wonderful philanthropic projects led by IBO leaders in North America are just some of the features. Watch for future additions and enhancements. The IBOAI also had a very strong presence at Achievers 2023 in Las Vegas, and it is always very productive to interact with IBO leaders at North American events.

That’s it for now. I want to remind everyone that we have the best Business in the world! I am very proud of our community, our relationship with the Amway staff, our history, and our vision for this Business. We help people live better lives and your IBOAI Board is dedicated to helping all of you succeed in your Amway Business no matter what your personal goals are.

Here's to your success!

Chairman of the IBOAI


Awards & Recognition CommitteeAwards & Recognition
  • Discussion regarding Achievers promo kits
  • Discussion regarding Amway branded amenities and IBO preferences
  • Discussion regarding Achievers amenity selection process
  • Path to Bronze Recognition Discussion
  • Digital Recognition Update
Business Operations

Business Operations CommitteeNew eSpring - 2/21/24 Launch

  • 170 Contaminants filtered out
  • 5-year warranty
  • App Launch - will auto upgrade to Amway Healthy Home app. Will connect your Atmosphere units & eSpring unit in same app


  • New Pre & Post Workout - 11/22/23 Launch
  • Improved formulas, flavors and competitiveness
  • Gluten, Dairy, Soy free
  • Sweetened with Stevia


  • Herbals - Nov 8 Launch
  • Nutrilite Organics:
    • Ginger Mint Tea (supports digestion)
    • Chamomile Tea (supports relaxation)
    • Turmeric capsules
    • All organic, Non-GMO verified, and will be NSF verified after launch

Reset 30

  • Self-assessment and then reassess after 30 days
  • GTM resources available in December


  • Makeup - 10/25/23 launch
    • Future Glow Serum Foundation (replacing YX foundation)
    • Serum Foundation Pressed Powder
    • 2 eye quads (launching Nov 8) - 2 matte, 1 shimmer, 1 frost color in each quad
  • Artistry Labs launch - com/artistry-labs
    • 4 videos on product pages under resources (unboxing, how to use system, cleaning, tips & tricks)
  • Sleeping Mask - March 2024 launch
    • Brightens, exfoliates, evens out skin tone, hydrates, fermented CICA, white chia seed will have foil samples
  • UV50 - April 2024 launch
    • Tinted mineral sunscreen
    • Ideal Radiance UV50 being discontinued
    • Mineral sunscreen blend (zinc Oxide & titanium dioxide)
    • Broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF50
    • Protects against blue light & infrared light
  • Artistry Virtual Beauty App 2.0
    • Web-based
    • Receive attribution
  • Promotions
    • Nov 8, 2023 Launch
    • Buy $150 of skincare and get a complimentary toiletry bag
  • G&H - Phase II Launch Dec 2023
    • Bar Soap
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Body Lotion w/SPF50

Legal & Ethics CommitteeLegal & Ethics

  • DSA Update from Joe DePetris
  • Update on Exporting and Unauthorized Sales
  • Discussion of the BSM process
  • Discussion of QAS Content Standards
  • Discussed music usage and Amway’s Signature music tracks
  • Received a Mediation update


The new IBOFACTS.COM launched at Achievers– and nominations of IBOs for their incredible philanthropic work are open!

AchieversThe Achievers Invitational at Resorts World in Las Vegas was the perfect opportunity to showcase the incredible new IBOFACTS.COM. This recently redesigned and relaunched website was met with great interest and enthusiasm from IBOs who visited the IBOAI Expo Booth.

This awesome website showcases the outstanding work IBOs do every day in North America and around the world. Their selfless contributions of time, talent and kindness make this world a better place for all. Rich DeVos and Jay VanAndel were role models for their generosity, foresight, and compassion – and there are many, many IBOs who have followed in their footsteps. Making a positive difference in the world is in the Amway/IBO DNA – and this newly designed website is rich with videos and articles that give credence to this.

AchieversDuring the Expo, IBOs were captivated by a continual stream of philanthropy videos showcased at IBOFACTS.COM and highlighted at the IBOAI Booth. They were also excited to learn they had the opportunity to nominate IBOs for the philanthropic work they do.

Numerous valuable submissions were entered – and selections from each Achievers session will be chosen for videos and others will be spotlighted in written stories. But it won’t stop there! The IBOAI is counting on IBOs in North America to come forward and nominate IBOs who have gone above and beyond to better the lives of others within their own community, state, or other parts of the world.

Presented by your IBOAI, IBOFACTS.COM is an outstanding reputation resource for all IBOs. Your IBOAI Board proudly describes an IBO as someone with a head for business and a heart for caring. He or she exemplifies integrity, believes in teamwork – and has a positive attitude, generous spirit, and strong work ethic. Their success is defined by helping people improve their lives so they, too, can help others improve their lives – creating a better, brighter world for all. Look around you – does this define you? Your upline? Your IBO neighbor? Without a doubt, you know someone who deserves this recognition and whose philanthropic endeavors will expand through increased awareness and knowledge.

You can easily nominate an IBO – just click here.

Visit IBOFACTS.COM often and share it with others. Learn more about the IBOAI, the Founders Memorial Scholarship Program, and the incredible philanthropy of your fellow IBOs and their everyday heroism. This site is for all IBOs to learn from each other, grow together, and continually be inspired.

Achievers 2023
Achievers 2023
Achievers 2023

Solution-based Bundles You and Your Customers Will Appreciate

Inner + Outer Core Beauty Solution

Give your skin the care it needs from inside and out with this simplified Inner + Outer Core Beauty Solution. Help hydrate, reduce the appearance of visible signs of aging and provide antioxidant protection with vitamin C and other key natural ingredients found in Artistry Skin Nutrition™ products. Plus Nutrilite™ Double X™ Multivitamin to ensure you’re getting supportive nutrients - like vitamins A and C, biotin and niacin - that can help support skin health from the inside.†

†This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Products in this Bundle:
Artistry Skin Nutrition™ Hydrating Day Lotion SPF 30
Artistry Skin Nutrition™ Vitamin C + HA3 Daily Serum
Nutrilite™ Double X™ Multivitamin - 31 Day Supply with Case

Inner + Outer Core Beauty Solution
Item#: 321550
IBO Cost: $144.90
Retail Price: $161.00
PV/BV: 43.12 /144.9

Energy Solution

Morning and afternoon energy support! Overcome that occasional tired, sluggish feeling and support your energy levels with the Energy solution. Begin your day with a healthy breakfast and Organics Green Superfood Powder, Ultra Focus + Energy Pack and Vitamin D to kickstart your morning with the energy- supporting vitamins & nutrients to function at your very best. Beat the afternoon slump with a delicious XS Energy Drink, with just the right amount of caffeine, B-Vitamins, and amino acids.

Products in this Bundle:
Nutrilite™ Vitamin D
Nutrilite™ Ultra Focus Energy Pack
Nutrilite™ Organics Green Superfood Powder XS™ Energy Drink 12 oz. – Variety Case

Energy Solution
Item#: 321549
IBO Cost: $135.90
Retail Price: $151.00
PV/BV: 40.45 /135.9


Listen, Learn and Level up your Growth Game

The new All About Growth podcast miniseries is here to help all IBOs get growing - on the go! Connect the Amway™ IBO Compensation Plan to products, strategies and customer experiences. In this podcast series, you’ll hear from Amway experts and fellow IBOs as they share key information and real-world experiences. Listen in and use the episodes to inspire growth for greater profitability!

Episodes are released every few weeks and include:

  • Episode 1 - How to Earn Money with Amway
  • Episode 2 - Boosting Core Plan Bonuses
  • Episode 3 - Building to Bronze
  • Episode 4 - All about qualification
  • Episodes 5 & 6 - Coming soon!

Tune in today!


Jody VictorIBOAI Honors Leadership and Years of Service at the 2023 October Board Meeting

When it comes to commitment, those who serve on the IBOAI Board wholeheartedly give of their time and energy. Their experience and passion for the Business defines them as Leaders; their willingness to serve is admired and appreciated by many. That’s why it has become tradition for the IBOAI to officially recognize deserving individuals annually at the close of October Board Meetings.

On October 12, 2023, Joe Markiewicz, IBOAI Chairman, opened the Board’s closing meeting with a nod to the five Board members whose terms are coming to a close at the end of the calendar year. Shivaram Kumar, Howie Danzik, and Joe Markiewicz were elected to serve another term on the Board. Maribel Galan and Sugeet Ajmani will be exiting. Joe commented on Maribel’s much-appreciated creativity, passion and perspective. He praised Sugeet’s love of the Business and high energy.Joe Markiewicz

Bill Hawkins, Governance & Oversight, presented the Jere Dutt Lifetime Achievement Award with the words, “This gentleman has done incredible things for the Field and the Board – many, many people and lives have been touched by him.” The recipient? Jody Victor! Jody exclaimed, “This is a big deal for me. I enjoy working with the IBOAI staff, the Amway employees, the Board and all IBOs.” Bill added, “The past recipients of this award are the who’s who in this Business and Jody deserves it.”

The Joe Victor Leadership Award was given to the IBOAI Chairman, Joe Markiewicz. Joe remarked, “This is a tremendous honor. This award is about the quality of leadership – and not just when times are good, but when times are tough. Thank you very much!”

Bob AndrewsThe Jody Victor Guardian Award honors those who act as guardians of free enterprise and stand strong for the Business as a whole. As Joe Markiewicz said, this award goes to those who keep hope alive and inspire. This year, there were two recipients: Bob Andrews and Bill Hawkins. Both expressed how honored and humbled they were to receive this award, especially because it’s named after Jody Victor.

Vinny Pappalardo, former IBOAI Chairman and current Vice Chairman of Legal & Ethics, presented the Gavel Award to Joe Markiewicz, citing Joe’s “willingness to serve the greater good so thousands of people’s lives can change for the better.”

Meritorious Service Award Pins were given to many Board members for their years of service on the IBOAI Board:

Bill HawkinsJuanita Maldonado
Dayna Pappalardo
Vinny Pappalardo

Howie Danzik
Shivaram Kumar

Bill Hawkins


It has been a busy late summer and fall when it comes to spreading positive news about Amway. We are, as always, honored to share a few highlights of our efforts supporting and lifting up all of the terrific work of IBOs, employees, and our non-profit partners across the country.

In late October, steps from the White House in Washington, D.C., Amway revealed the findings of our latest Global Entrepreneurship Report at a roundtable discussion with key national media and influencers.

Amway North America Managing Director Andrew Schmidt and Hawaii-based IBO Mandy Yamamoto joined U.S. Representatives John Moolenaar (R-MI) and Darren Soto (D-FL), as well as small business owners and advocates and academic researchers for a robust discussion of Amway’s findings around the evolution of entrepreneurship post-pandemic.

The discussion was moderated by Bob Cusack, Editor in Chief of The Hill newspaper and touched on how all sectors can work together to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It also gave us the opportunity to impress upon D.C. leaders the incredible work being done every day by IBOs.

You can read the report, news coverage, and related Fortune Magazine sponsored article at weareamway.com > Insights & Research.

That event came on the heels of Amway partnering with USA Today – an outlet with circulation among the largest of any newspaper in the United States – on a feature piece spotlighting Amway’s history as a leader in product traceability.

As the article, titled Trust factor: How an American company pioneered product transparency, points out: “... in a vast corporate landscape where companies are racing to embrace these values, Amway stands apart. While many brands trace only a single aspect of product creation, such as key ingredient origins, Amway leaders have made the decision to publicly trace every stage of their products’ life cycle...” Check out the piece chronicling how Amway raises the bar each and every day in building trust with consumers.

All this and more will continue to be recapped and published, along with other useful resources, to WeAreAmway.com.

We are excited to keep the momentum going and ensure more people are seeing the amazing work that makes Amway so special.

Election Results for 2024 are in!

Platinums and above, thank you for voting in the 2024 IBOAI Board election. Your voice was heard! We are proud to announce the newly elected Board members for 2024:

Newly Elected Board Members
Howie Danzik
Shivaram Kumar
Joe Markiewicz
Steve Victor
Candice Winston

2024 IBOAI Board
Executive Committee

Vinny Pappalardo, Chairman
Howie Danzik, Vice Chairman
Joe Markiewicz, Past Chairman
David Dussault
Shivaram Kumar
Juanita Maldonado
Doyle Yager

Governance & Oversight
Jody Victor
Bill Hawkins
Howie Danzik

Mentoring Chairman Emeritus
Bob Andrews

Kathy Victor

Board Members
Ty Crandell
Tracey Eaton
Mayank Gala
Pete Herschelman
Paul Kopecky
Jim Puryear
Steve Victor
Candice Winston

IBOAI Advisors
Marybeth Markiewicz
Dayna Pappalardo


IBOAI® Board Meetings:

February 28, 2024: Diamond Club – Grand Wailea, Hawaii
March 25 – 28, 2024: Grand Rapids, MI
June 10 – 13, 2024: Grand Rapids, MI
October 14 – 17, 2024: Grand Rapids, MI

Diamond Club: Grand Wailea, Maui, Hawaii

Diamond Select: February 21-23, 2024
Diamond Club: February 23-28, 2024
IBOAI Board Meeting at Grand Wailea: February 28, 2024

Bob AndrewsWELL SAID!

A basic of leadership is willingness to learn and improve. As Mentoring Chairman Emeritus, I am consistently impressed by the diligence of each Board Member to do just that. Representing and supporting you is their singular focus. Your IBOAI Board remains honored to serve.

Bob Andrews,
IBOAI Mentoring Chairman Emeritus


Helpful Tax Information for IBOs

Be sure to review the IBO-specific information offered online by Joe DePetris, CPA. Joe has worked with thousands of IBOs, from new business owners to Diamond level and above. Check out the Bookkeeping 101 Guide online.

Amway Education at www.learning.amway.com

Designed to directly support your business, Amway Education shares best practices to help you reach your goals. Learn more about products, selling, making money, the website, and mobile tools, building and leading a team. Several of the videos feature IBO Leaders. A valuable resource for IBOs every step of the way.

Curious about Amway and IBOs?

Check out IBOFacts.com and WeAreAmway.com to learn more.


Your IBOAI® Board is just a click away!

Find information and resources online to support your business success.

iboai.com        IBOFACTS.com

facebook.com/IBOAI   and   facebook.com/IBOAISpanish

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Need assistance? Let the IBOAI Hearing & Disputes Committee help!


News at a glance from the IBOAI® - your advocacy organization. All year long, the IBOAI Board of Directors works alongside Amway North America on your behalf to make this Business the best. This Newsletter is one way we will strive to keep in touch and inform you. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact the IBOAI Board or staff.