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Friday, February 22, 2019

New Platinum Conference

New Platinums arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Monday, June 29, excited to spend a few days with fellow New Platinums, Amway™ Corporate staff, and the IBOAI®! After the emerging leaders completed registration at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, they were greeted by the IBOAI staff and presented with the popular IBOAI signature spiral journal and pen. Platinums also registered for a chance to win a Bluetooth speaker boasting the IBOAI logo. The three lucky winners were: Ariel Dosal, Jeff Fritz, and Laurie Neri. The Amway Merchandise Kiosk offering T-shirts, hats, and more for sale was also a big hit. The first day concluded with a wonderful welcome reception and dinner, filled with smiles, hugs, laughter – and lots of photo-taking!

Day Two of New Platinum Conference (NPC) began with the traditional much-anticipated Business Meeting. Even before Amway Canada Sales Manager, Jeff Johnson, took the stage, the excitement level was high. Once Jeff kicked off the meeting in his energetic, motivating style, the audience enthusiasm soared. It was evident the Platinums were fired up to hear of the many ways Amway supports IBOs and their success.

Next, Jim Ayres, Managing Director of Amway North America (ANA), took the stage and shared the message he heard years ago from Rich DeVos and continues to convey to all IBOs: "Thank you. Great job. Keep it up!"

Jorge Alvarez and Mileidys Monzon, who went Platinum in just nine months and are now Sapphires, spoke of their journey, indicating the three most important days for IBOs are:

  1. The day you are sponsored. 
  2. The day you decide to take the Business seriously.
  3. The day you decide to grow it big.

They encouraged the audience to dream big as they exited the stage to thunderous applause and cheers.

Addressing the New Platinums as leaders, Rajneesh Chopra, Vice President of U.S. Sales, shared "success factors" with the IBOs. He encouraged them to send emails to their Uplines explaining what would motivate them to go Emerald, to go Diamond -- this would help them support their success.

Closing the meeting on a high note, the audience warmly welcomed Bob Andrews on stage to talk about the "Foundation of Success".  As a Crown, an IBO for 45 years, and current IBOAI Chairman, Bob knows the Business inside and out. He shared the key to success is understanding people and what they want, explaining, "People are all the same no matter where they are from. They love their family, they love their country and they want great futures."  He also recommended IBOs secure their foundation with:

  1. Optimism - the way we think.
  2. Determination - the way we focus.
  3. Resilience - the way we respond.

He assured the New Platinums, "If you build a foundation of success with optimism, determination and resilience, you will become a Diamond!" And with this positive, inspiring message, the IBO Leaders were on their feet, applauding, cheering and whistling enthusiastically.

To keep the momentum going strong, the IBOs were treated to a preview video of Achievers 2016 in Las Vegas before they exited the Business Meeting.

The remainder of the day, Platinums attended education sessions on goal setting and the Rules of Conduct. In the evening, an XS® Energy Epic 80’s Bash is planned.


Bob Andrews

New Platinums Conference 2015    New Platinums Conference 2015

New Platinums Conference 2015