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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

New Platinum Conference

Business Meeting Encouraged Platinums to Be Leaders, Become Diamonds

New Platinums were up bright and early on Monday, November 3, starting their busy second day at the conference with an exhilarating Business Meeting. The session featured several key Amway Executives and special guest IBOAI® Vice Chair Bob Andrews as keynote speaker. 

Jeff Johnson, Amway Canada Sales Manager, kicked the meeting off with an energizing welcome message and introduction to Rajneesh Chopra, Vice President of U.S. Sales. Rajneesh was quick to congratulate the new IBO Leaders in their success and clearly conveyed now was the time to set their sights on the next goal -- attending Achievers in 2015. As added incentive, he let the Platinums know it would take place in Orlando, the home of Disneyworld, the ideal location for a family trip. In Rajneesh's business update, he proudly delivered the news that sales and sponsoring were up in September and sales were up in October in North America.

Next, Jim Ayres, Managing Director of Amway North America (ANA), took the stage and captured the audience's message with a strong, straightforward message: Amway Corporation is here to give you the training, products, and service you need. Jim expressed gratitude for all the Platinums do, complimented them on their great work, and urged them to keep it up.

Providing useful information and welcome inspiration, Lisa Hunter, Director of North American Marketing, presented on outstanding new products, promotions and tools to help IBOs grow their Businesses. Key points included:

  • Amway Coaches Poll - 2 billion impressions, 100 million engagements! Check it out at Amway.com/about-amway/coaches-poll
  • Artistry® testimonial site lends credibility to product quality and performance. Learn more at Artistrytestimonials.com
  • New XS® Energy Drink is refreshing Mango Pineapple Guava flavor.
  • New "Make It Yours! Campaign can help you attract customers, boost sales and increase sponsoring! On average, IBOs who use campaignsearn 50% more retail margin, sponsor 3 times more people, and are 4 times more likely to qualify for Fast Track Program incentives! Check out the Start Strong & Grow resource sheet in the Amway.com Resource Center and discover how campaigns can help your business.
  • The new Switch Share Duplicate App is a flexible simulator that demonstrates the growth potential for your business, featuring products you and your customers use every day. Find out more at the Amway Apps and Tools webpage.

Scott Scheidmantel, ANA Director of Performance Drivers, spoke briefly on "Growing Faster" and how IBOs can take their businesses to the next level by fully understanding the compensation plan, growth incentives, and Fast Track program.

ANA Training Director Suzie Fiore shared the wide array of training and education available for IBOs through Amway. Video testimonials shared that the training offers tactical steps IBO Leaders can implement with their groups for growth now and in the future. 

Angie Polsgrove, Amway U.S. National Accounts Director, introduced the many Sales Advisors who wholeheartedly committed to supporting IBO success, including those in the audience.

IBOAI Vice Chairman Bob Andrews closed the NPC Business Meeting with a motivational message, simply put yet incredibly powerful. Delivered in the dynamic presentation style Bob has become known for, he made every New Platinum in the audience feel as if they could be a Diamond. As Bob exclaimed, "Language and ethnicity doesn't matter. You can be a Diamond! You have an Association, the IBOAI, that supports and salutes you because ... YOU can be a Diamond! 

The essence of Bob's message is that building a firm foundation is vital for business success and sustainability. "This foundation should be firmly rooted in the principles of optimism, determination and resilience. The way we think, the way we focus, and the way we respond." By embracing these principles consistently, Bob stated emphatically to the Platinums, "YOU can be a Diamond!" And with that, Bob, smiling and waving to all, exited the stage to thunderous applause and a well-deserved standing ovation. 

Amway & You Education Session Provides Platinums with Value-Added Information 

Word in the Field is that New Platinums just can't miss the educational session entitled Amway & You: The Competitive Advantage during NPC. Why? It's packed with valuable information and it's taught by someone who knows the Business and the Corporation well. 

Jody Victor, IBOAI Governance & Oversight Chair, presented Platinums with beneficial information and interesting facts - specifically to help them speak confidently about Amway and how it compares to its competitors. 

Jody stressed a good defense is the best offense when it comes to answering questions about Amway. By the extent of nodding heads and note-taking during the session, the Platinums considered the details discussed of extreme importance. Jody reviewed several topics, including the IBOAI as the advocacy organization and voice of all IBOs, relevant facts and history of the Business, product information, and Amway compensation advantages.