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Friday, February 22, 2019

New Platinum Conference

Day One

NPC March 2014 Day OneThere was plenty of enthusiasm and excitement in the air as hundreds of new IBO Leaders arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Monday, March 10 for the Spring session of the New Platinum Conference 2014. The elegant lobby of the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel was filled with Platinums exchanging greetings, posing for photos, and registering for this event in recognition of their achievement. Following registration, each IBO was greeted warmly by the IBOAI® staff and presented with the Association's signature luggage tag, informative overview brochure, and a distinctive journal for note-taking. That evening, the new IBO Leaders enjoyed a festive Nutrilite® reception featuring live music and a fabulous dinner.

Day Two

The second morning began with the Business Meeting, touting the theme, "Together We Grow". Jeff Johnson, Amway™ Canada Sales Manager, kicked the meeting off with an exuberant congratulatory message that immediately boosted the audience's enthusiasm level.

Jim Ayres, Managing Director for Amway North America (ANA) spoke about his early years at the Company, particularly about the day he met Rich DeVos. He recalled Rich's interest in Jim's job and the appreciation he conveyed to him. Rich's exact words were, "Great job. Thank you!" He said, "It made a difference. I'll never forget those words."

Jim briefly elaborated on the theme, "Together We Grow" and ANA's strategies for growth: Product Portfolio & Promotions, Relevant Income, and Leadership Effectiveness, all of which were about to be presented to the IBOs.

Before exiting the stage, Jim stated that Amway's global sales were 11.8 billion in 2013. To express his and the Company's gratitude to the IBOs, Jim repeated Rich's words, "Great Job. Thank you!" He also added, "Keep it going!"

Lisa Hunter, ANA Marketing Director, shared the Product Portfolio & Promotions, including the sponsorship of the new Amway Coaches Poll and the new Artistry® Ideal Radiance skincare collection. Lisa also highlighted BodyKey by Nutrilite® and the Challenge Kit by sharing a Diamond Club video of Theresa Danzik, IBOAI MAC Vice Chair, speaking of building their Business with BodyKey.

Angie Polsgrove, National Accounts Director, and Mike VanderVliet, Manager of Performance Drivers, spoke about Relevant Income, citing the Fast Track Incentive Program as key for healthy growth.

Bob AndrewsAlison Hague, Director of Amway Learning Center, spoke on Leadership Effectiveness. In short, she encouraged the New Platinums to make a commitment and focus on what they do best: lead, coach, mentor, and train. Alison also presented the new Leadership Development educational opportunities: Silver Certification, Gold Forums, and Platinum Initiatives.

Closing the meeting with an upbeat talk on "Maximizing Assets" was Bob Andrews, IBOAI Vice Chair and well-respected IBO Leader in the field. With his charismatic style and wealth of experience, Bob captivated the audience, as he reminded them no one has the history that Amway has and that as IBOs they have the IBOAI as the advocacy organization that's behind them. He encouraged New Platinums to visit iboai.com to learn more. As Bob spoke of having assets and maximizing them, he primarily focused on these five assets:

  1. You're an IBO with unlimited income potential.
  2. You have a network. Train and motivate them.
  3. Utilize the Fast Track Incentive Program. It is duplicatable income.
  4. Show the Plan! Maximize your advertising.
  5. Your attitude. Single most powerful asset. Where the mind goes, the future follows. Look where you want to go!

Bob's inspiring message and powerful delivery brought the entire audience to their feet! You could feel the energy and excitement in the room. Imagine what's going to happen in the field with these new leaders!

Jody VictorThe remainder of Day Two was filled with Education Sessions. In a popular session entitled Amway & You: The Competitive Advantage, Jody Victor, IBOAI Governance & Oversight Chair, presented Platinums with valuable information and interesting facts - specifically to help them speak confidently about Amway and how it compares to its competitors. Jody emphasized the best defense is a good offense when it comes to answering questions about Amway. Jody covered several topics, including the IBOAI as the advocacy organization and voice of all IBOs, relevant facts and history of the Business, product information, and Amway compensation advantages.

In the evening, the New Platinums were treated to an Epic 80's Bash by the folks at XS® Energy.

Day Three

Most of Day Three was dedicated to touring the Amway World Headquarters and attending a Best Practices educational session at the Company. In the evening, the New Platinums were recognized with an elegant recognition dinner and well-deserved celebration of their achievement.