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Sunday, April 05, 2020

New Platinum Conference

New Platinums Conference - August 2018Arrival on Sunday, August 26, at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan was the start of an exciting week for new Platinums. After working so hard to achieve their first major milestone in the Business, new Platinums are always bursting with energy and eager to learn more about building a successful, sustainable Business. Following registration, the attendees were invited to tour the IBOAI office in the hotel’s adjoining office building.

Throughout the afternoon, the new Platinums were guided through the IBOAI headquarters, while the IBOAI staff explained the origin, purpose, and structure of the Association. Staff also reminded the IBOs that as Platinums they were now eligible to vote in the upcoming IBOAI Board election. The sophisticated, professional appearance of the board rooms and office space prompted a variety of positive IBO comments.

Jon and Michelle Abbott of Denver, Colorado expressed their appreciation for the IBOAI. Jon said, “Just seeing and hearing about what takes place here – and learning more about the Board’s functions is important to us.” Michelle agreed, “We are so blessed the IBOAI exists. We always talk about their value. It’s so good to finally see where the action takes place!”

New Platinums Conference - August 2018Pankaj and Nitasha Thakwani of Newark, New Jersey were touched by the warmth of welcome to the new Platinums. Pankaj commented, “It’s apparent the generous amount of time and work being done at the IBOAI offices is about strengthening the Business and helping people grow their own Businesses.” Nitasha added, “We may enjoy the end results of the work that goes on here, but until today, we hadn’t really seen or understood how much time and effort is devoted to getting there.”

The most spacious meeting room, referred to as the American Way Association (AWA) Boardroom, is named after the original Association. Amway co-founders Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel made it clear that the IBO was their first priority when they, along with Founding Field Leaders, formed the AWA in 1959, which many years later became known as the IBOAI. This room is frequently utilized by the entire Board, and regularly by the Legal & Ethics Committee. The table alone seats 22 people!

The additional boardrooms, named after the Association’s Founding Families – Hansen, Victor, and Dutt – are also where current Board members, in partnership with Amway staff, initiate excellent ideas and come up with smart solutions for the Business. During the tour, IBOs learned the IBOAI Business Operations Committee gathers in the Hansen meeting room, the Marketing Advisory Committee (MAC) gathers in the Victor Boardroom, and the Awards & Recognition Committee in the Dutt meeting room. They also learned the three stars on the official IBOAI logo represent the three Founding Families.

New Platinums Conference - August 2018After touring the offices, new Platinums Alex and Edilyn Freitas of Fayatteville, North Carolina expressed their awe of the considerable work accomplished within the office walls. Edilyn remarked, “I admire how the Board has select committees to focus on specific areas such as Awards & Recognition – and then they choose the Board members who are especially strong and knowledgeable in those areas to serve. I am also impressed they want us to know who they are and what they do for us and the Business. I just love the fact they open up their offices to us! What an awesome experience.” Alex agrees, “It’s obvious the IBOAI’s end goal is success for all IBOs. Because of their work, we can connect with others and provide them with a great opportunity.”

Venkata and Kiran Chamarty of Canada expressed, “The IBOAI builds confidence in growing our Business. They give us credibility in the eyes of others. They provide us with valuable resources.” Kiran remarked, “It is a great organization and we are privileged to have a Board that works so hard for all IBOs.” Venkata added, “We appreciate a Board that is always thinking of how IBOs can benefit, putting people before profits.” Kiana and James Watts of Salem, Oregon expressed a similar viewpoint. “The IBOAI is so important. They are the voice of all IBOs. They represent and protect us.”

As new Platinums exited the IBOAI offices, they were given a goody bag packed with supplies for their busy week ahead – XS™ Energy Drink and Perfect Empowered Drinking Water® as well as Chapstick®, a tin of mints, a blank journal, and pen, all sporting the IBOAI logo. IBOs were also given the IBOAI Year in Review brochure. In addition, they left with some great memories and amazing photos to share with family, friends, and fellow IBOs.