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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

New Platinum Conference

Bob Andrews at NPC October 2016New Platinums arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Monday, October 24, thrilled to spend a few days with emerging IBO Leaders, Amway™ Corporate staff, and the IBOAI®.

Following registration, Platinums were warmly greeted by IBOAI staff and presented with a distinctive IBOAI logo notebook and pen. IBOs also received literature on the IBOAI, including the stunning Year in Review brochure.

Conference arrival day concluded with a wonderful welcome reception and dinner in the evening - plenty of smiles, hugs, laughter - and abundant photo-taking. Facebook®, twitter®, and Instagram® were buzzing with New Platinum photos and updates.

Day Two of NPC began with the Business Meeting.  As Amway Canada Sales Manager, Jeff Johnson, kicked off the meeting, you could feel the energy and excitement level of the Platinums rising rapidly.  This group is boisterous and motivated!

Jim Ayres, Managing Director of Amway North America (ANA) and Rajneesh Chopra, Vice President of U.S. Sales both spoke during the Business Meeting.

Appearing on video, Jim Ayres shared his story of meeting Rich DeVos for the first time as a new Amway employee.  As a new hire, he realized what an opportunity it was to work for a company that believes in people and their success, no matter what their background or ethnicity.  He often heard Rich DeVos say to his employees and to IBOs, "Great job.  Thank you. Keep it going!" Jim expressed this same message to New Platinums.

To applause and cheers, Raj Chopra took the stage following the video of Jim Ayres.  He referenced the different stages of the Business and shared key success factors in growing beyond the Platinum level.

Special IBO guest speaker, Sapphire Angelica Solario earned an invitation to NPC last year and returned this year to share her success tips and advice. In a special on-stage interview, National Accounts Representative, Michael Corcoran, posed questions to Angelica on becoming a Platinum IBO. In her responses, Angelica focused on what motivated and supported her in the journey to Platinum, citing the educational training sessions as instrumental in her personal learning and her ability to educate her group. She emphasized taking advantage of the vast amount of information and training available on the Amway website. Angelica also shared the importance of having goals and a strong belief in succeeding. Her primary message to the New Platinums is to make the most of every day - now and in the future.

Next, the audience warmly welcomed Bob Andrews on stage to talk about the "Foundation of Success".  As a Crown, an IBO for 46 years, and current IBOAI Chairman, Bob knows and loves this Business!

Before he delved into building a foundation for success, he asked the New Platinums to find their reason, their motivation, their drive to build a great future. He stressed the importance of knowing what it is that fuels you to move forward - to be a success.

Bob recommended IBOs secure their foundation for success by being optimistic - it gives you the power to turn a bad situation into a good one. Determination gives you the focus to achieve your goals. Resiliency is what you need to weather the storms that will come into your life.

Before Bob exited the stage, he presented a challenge to the emerging IBO Leaders, "What are you going to do EVERY day to build your foundation for success? Remember, your power to succeed is in what you do every day." In response, the new Platinums were on their feet - applauding and cheering.

The remainder of the day, Platinums attended education sessions on goal setting and the Rules of Conduct. In the evening, Platinums enjoyed dinner and entertainment at the XS® Energy Steampunk Circus held at the Grand Rapids Art Museum.