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Saturday, April 20, 2024

IBOAI News Articles


Joe MarkiewiczThe new fiscal year has started with a renewed anticipation of growth, new qualifiers, and a new generation of IBOs launching their Amway™ Businesses. There is good reason to have high expectations! The Amway Business is as strong as ever and our partnership with Amway Corporation and staff continues to be vibrant and productive.

Your IBOAI® Board members are IBOs like yourselves. We care about the same things as you. We are your voice! Our objective as we collaborate with Amway is to continue to improve the Business for all IBOs regardless of Pin level or tenure in the Business.

IBO profitability continues to improve. Amway North America IBOs have consistently been over 80% VCS for over a year. Kelli Templeton’s Marketing Team continues to bring new and innovative products to the portfolio for IBOs to sell to their customers. We applaud Amway North America Managing Director Andrew Schmidt’s leadership and transparency to tackle tough issues in collaboration with the IBOAI. There are still lingering supply chain issues, inflationary pressures, shipping challenges, and some registration delays. However, because of our healthy partnership, I can assure you that everyone at the table has a solution mindset. We all want the same thing, which is to work diligently for our IBOs and their customers to have the best experience possible.

Great news regarding the 2023 Board elections: It was the highest Platinum participation in the history of the Board! This is so encouraging, and it shows the level of interest and engagement the Field Leadership has with your IBOAI Board!

You would be as proud as I am of how dedicated and committed your Board members are. You saw a few of them as they co-produced with Amway staff the 2022 Achievers virtual Business meeting that was broadcast to all Achiever qualifiers in November. Our in-person Achievers celebration in New Orleans this fall was first class. It was wonderful to see all the qualifiers at this spectacular event.

Our condolences to Gina Dutt and family. Jody Dutt passed this fall into eternity. He was second generation of the Founding Family of Jere and Eileen Dutt. We honor the Dutts and recognize them for their contributions to the Amway™ Business. Donations in Jody’s name can be made to the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

I thank Jody Victor and Bill Hawkins for what they do as IBOAI Governance and Oversight. Also grateful to Bob Andrews, Mentoring Chairman Emeritus, Howie Danzik, Vice Chairman, and Kathy Victor, the CEO of the IBOAI. All of them are amazing examples to me and to the entire IBOAI Board.

To my friends and fellow Business Owners, the future has never been brighter! I am convinced that the spirit of this Business and free enterprise is alive and well in North America. Feel free to reach out to your IBOAI® at IBOAI.com or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Joe Markiewicz

Joe Markiewicz, Chairman of the IBOAI