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Monday, May 29, 2023

IBOAI News Articles

January 2022

Joe MarkiewiczCongratulations on another year of milestones despite navigating through a pandemic and a season of modifications and enhancements to the Business model. I can tell you that every Rule change, Incentive, Entry Model rollout, Preferred Customer Program and Opportunity Messaging guides have had IBOAI “eyes” on it.

This speaks to our healthy business relationship with Amway and the solution-minded attitude we all have in tackling tough issues. What guides every Board member is a commitment to make this Business better for generations to come. I have endeavored to serve with excellence the IBOs in North America while on the IBOAI Board for over 15 years.  My first experiences were on the Business Operations, Awards and Recognition and the Legal and Ethics Committees. Following those valuable learning years, I had the privilege of serving as the Vice Chairman of the IBOAI and being Vinny Pappalardo’s right hand as an Officer.

I am so impressed how Vinny, as Chairman, navigated very difficult times in the last two years. His leadership together with the leadership from all of the Officers and Governance and Oversight members of the IBOAI have prepared me and the entire IBOAI Board of Directors for a successful 2022.

Finally, as I look at the original Founder’s Charter of the American Way Association (now the IBOAI), that hangs in the main AWA Boardroom, I know that these Pioneers had a predominant purpose.  That purpose is to create an opportunity for all people regardless of their education, age and ethnicity; one that is aspirational for every person that calls himself or herself an Independent Business Owner.  I promise you that no matter the desired outcome you want from your Business, your IBOAI Board will fight to keep this Business attractive, unique and sustainable for generations to come.


Joe Markiewicz