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Monday, March 27, 2023

IBOAI News Articles


Message from IBOAI Chairman, Vinny Pappalardo

Congratulations and Welcome to our Amway Family. For over 61 years, our goal has been to help people and help them live better lives. We know, and fervently believe, getting your business started properly is fundamental to building and achieving a successful Amway team. As you work toward accomplishing this goal, you will be continuously supported by the Amway Corporation, your upline, your Approved Provider, as well as your IBO Trade Association, the Independent Business Owners Association International, Inc. (the “IBOAI”). The IBOAI represents each and every Independent Business Owner across North America. As our personal greeting to you, we have attached a video for you to watch from Joe Markiewicz, Vice Chairman of the IBOAI. We know you will enjoy hearing from Joe. Once again, we would like to send you our warmest welcome and look forward to meeting you soon.

Message from IBOAI Vice Chairman, Joe Markiewicz

Congratulations on launching your new business! These are very exciting times for you. As an Amway Independent Business Owner, you have excellent training and support from your sponsor, your Approved Provider (if you are affiliated with one) and the Amway Corporation. The first steps that you take as you embark on your new business will likely have a significant influence on your next few months in the Business. Be sure to watch the short video attached as we discuss the suggested first 3 steps to launching your business. You will be glad you did and we wish you the best on your new journey in business for yourself.


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