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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

IBOAI News Articles

IBOAI FoundersDon’t miss this great opportunity for IBOs and children of IBOs! The 2021 Amway Founders Memorial Scholarship Program is now open for applications. Three $15,000 scholarships for college students are subsidized equally by the IBO Founding Families, the IBOAI®, and Amway™ Corporation. These scholarships support education as well as honor the pioneering leadership of early Amway Independent Business Owners – Fred and Bernice Hansen, Joe and Helyne Victor, and Jere and Eileen Dutt.

This generous scholarship program was specifically designed for students who exemplify Amway’s Founder Fundamentals. To enter, an applicant must prepare and submit an original essay that shares a personal story of leadership related to one of Amway’s Founders Fundamentals: Freedom, Family, Hope, and Reward.

Any IBO or child of an IBO enrolled in the following may apply:

  • Community college
  • Four-year degree program
  • Master’s degree program

Deadline is May 15, 2021. For details, visit Founders Memorial Scholarship.