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Thursday, October 21, 2021

IBOAI News Articles

On October 17, 2019, the IBOAI Board and key Amway executives gathered together for the closing session of a productive week of informative presentations and valuable discussions. Bob Andrews opened the session with a prayer of gratitude and hope, mentioning the positive spirit and forward-thinking of the group.

Current Chairman Howie Danzik announced the 2020 IBOAI Board election results. Elected members' terms will begin in January.  Vinny Pappalardo and Juanita Maldonado are returning to serve another term. They will be joined by Dan Yuen, who is also a returning Board member, and first-time members Steve Victor (3rd generation) and Ken Woods (2nd generation).

Outgoing Board and MAC members Bob Andrews, Juanita Maldonado, Dayna Pappalardo, Vinny Pappalardo, Leslie Rice and Kathy Victor, were also recognized with special awards for their service. Bob and Kathy will continue to serve on the Board in different roles.

Jody Victor and Bill Hawkins are always excited and proud to present deserving recipients with the annual founders’ awards for Spirit, Leadership, and Achievement. This year was no different. In tribute to Fred Hansen’s great love and enthusiasm for the Business and the people involved in it, an award is presented to an individual who exemplifies Fred’s spirit. This year, Karen DeBlaay, current Board member and daughter of Fred and Bernice Hansen, was honored. Graciously accepting the award, Karen commented on what a wonderful relationship the Hansen, Victor, and Dutt families have had through the years.

This year’s recipient of the Joe Victor Leadership Award, was so surprised, she was speechless. Sandy Hawkins has contributed her many talents and insights to the MAC for 15 years, and, as Kathy Victor said, “Sandy is so appreciated for her detailed meeting notes. She doesn’t miss a thing. She’s an amazing team player and leader.” Sandy expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with great people on the Board and from the Corporation.

Bob Andrews and Jody Victor both spoke of Jere Dutt’s many achievements. He was Amway’s first Diamond and first Double Diamond. This year, Bill Campbell was honored with the Jere Dutt Achievement Award. Bill’s son and daughter-in-law, Dave, and Jean, accepted the award on Bill’s behalf. Dave shared a brief history of how his father, an engineer and avid golfer, became an IBO. Charlie Marsh introduced Bill to Amway and Bill built his Business to Triple Diamond.  He later went to work for the Corporation. “Amway has been good for Bill and Bill has been good for Amway,” remarked Dave.  Dave stated, “My father said to tell you for a $10 investment, it has worked out very well.”

Jody made special mention of the Amway employees who work closely with the Board. Bill requested a round of applause for the hard-working and organized IBOAI staff. “We couldn’t do all of this without them. They make us look good!”

Meritorious Service Awards were presented to Sandy Hawkins for 15 years, and Kathy Victor for 20 years. The first-ever IBOAI Mentoring Chairman Emeritus, Bob Andrews, was also recognized. Jody shared, “Bob is a shining example of honesty, loyalty and integrity.” Bob has served on the Board nearly 20 years in many roles, including Chairman and Vice Chairman.

Just when everyone thought the award presentations had come to a close, Bob Andrews introduced another award. “This is a very special award to recognize the great dedication of Jody Victor. After much deliberation, the Executive Committee decided upon The Guardian Award – Defending Free Enterprise; Protecting Freedom.” Bill Hawkins added, “I don’t think there’s anyone here that hasn’t been touched by something Jody did or said. We all owe you a deep debt of gratitude, Jody.  Thirty-five years on the Board is an incredible achievement!”

Surprised and honored by The Guardian Award, Jody said, “I am so thankful for this and all my friends in this Business, including those who work at Amway. God has put us together to do our best – and sometimes that means giving 110%.”

Bill Hawkins pointed out, “This award doesn’t end here. In the future, we will recognize someone on the Board who has met specific qualifications.”