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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

IBOAI News Articles

The October 2018 Board Meetings came to a close on a celebratory note, following a productive week of informative presentations and in-depth discussions between the IBOAI Board committee members, Corporate staff, and special guests.

Howie Danzik, IBOAI Chairman, expressed appreciation for the IBOAI Board – and thanked the Corporate and IBOAI staff members for their dedicated service. Vice Chairman Bob Andrews offered a beautiful prayer of gratitude.

Jim Ayres, Managing Director of Amway North America, conveyed his appreciation to all who serve and work with the IBOAI Board and MAC. In a few words, Jim acknowledged the enormous progress made through a “true partnership focused on growth for the Business in North America.” He explained, “We’ve been through a lot of changes such as establishing digital communication standards. We have conversations about social media. We talk. Let’s keep it going!”

Five outgoing Board members were recognized for their unique contributions and selfless commitment to the IBOAI: Danny Snipes, Ivan Morales, Doyle Yager, Raul Gonzalez, and Raj Shah. Outgoing MAC member Renate Snipes was also commended for her great work on the Marketing Advisory Committee (“MAC”).

The Fred Hansen Spirit Award, presented by Bill Hawkins, was awarded to someone “who has the spirit and truly understands this Business and the Field – Jeff Johnson, National Sales Manager of Amway Canada. Jeff has an electric quality about him that’s really special. We hate to see him go but wish him well in retirement.” In a poignant acceptance speech, Jeff exclaimed, “I love this Business!” He recalled the advice Rich DeVos gave him 31 years ago when he first started, “Young man, remember this, no matter what’s going on, have a heart for the distributors, and you will enjoy a successful career at Amway.”

Bob Andrews and Jody Victor had the honor of presenting the Jere Dutt Lifetime Achievement Award to longstanding Amway Business Conduct & Rules Director, Gary VanderVen. Bob explained the recipients of this award demonstrate many of the same strengths and principles of Jere Dutt. “Like Jere, they fight for IBOs non-stop, even when it’s hard. They’re great partners and ethical people.” Honored and humbled by the award, Gary said in his 21 years at Amway, there were some easy times and some tense times, but no matter what, we know we can work it out together.”

The Joe Victor Leadership Award, presented by Jody Victor and named after his father, was given to “a leader who develops other leaders.” According to Jody, “The recipient exemplifies the values and principles of the pioneers in the Business: strong family, universal acceptance, and integrity. Someone who reaches out to all people. Someone like Shivaram Kumar.” Stunned and speechless, Kumar commented, “It’s an unbelievable honor. Being on the Board is a great experience but I don’t feel I have done enough yet. I am excited for the future!”

The IBOAI Meritorious Service Awards were presented to several MAC and Board members for their tireless commitment and generous service to the IBOAI and all IBOs. MAC Chair Theresa Danzik was honored for 10 years of service and Terry Andrews for 15 years. As she presented the awards, Kathy Victor praised the women for their hard work, great ideas, and endless energy.

Jody Victor let three IBOAI Board members know their beneficial contributions, positive attitudes, and years of dedicated service were greatly appreciated. Shivaram Kumar and Howie Danzik were presented with lapel pins and awards for 10 years of service. Bill Hawkins received a service pin and an award to commemorate 15 years of service.