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Friday, February 22, 2019

IBOAI News Articles

IBOAI Chair Bob Andrews opened the Closing Session with a reminder to all, "This is a special day. Following tradition, we welcome new folks to the next year's Board and officially say good-bye to departing Board members at the close of our October meetings.  It is also when we award a select few for their passionate, committed service to this wonderful Business." 

Along with Vice Chairman Howie Danzik, Bob presented crystal awards to Brad Duncan (Awards & Recognition), Shivaram Kumar (Awards & Recognition) and Doug Weir (Legal & Ethics) in appreciation for each members'  three-year term of dedicated service on the Board.

The end of this calendar year also marks Bob Andrews term as IBOAI Chairman - and Bill Hawkins remarked, "It is my honor to present the outgoing chair award to Bob Andrews.  "Bob is a great friend to me and to all of us in this room and in this business.  His knowledge and charisma have earned him the title of designated speaker for the IBOAI.  We had a distinctive crystal gavel created for him as fitting tribute to his strong leadership, integrity and vision - and the respect we all hold for Bob and his many contributions."

This past year, the IBOAI Board Officers developed a new Meritorious Service Award program to honor 10 to 30 years of service (in increments of five years) to the Board.  Bill Hawkins explained, "With the close of this most recent term, Brad Duncan has served five terms on the Board and by doing so, earned the 15-year Meritorious Service Award." Brad received a pin and wall plaque in appreciation of his service.

Awarded annually to an IBO Leader with a "One for All, All for One" spirit and a vision of what this Business could become, the Jere Dutt Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to a longstanding, well-respected, and hard-working IBO with the same passion as Founder Jere Dutt.  This year's Jere Dutt Award goes to the late Ron Puryear of WorldWide.  Bill Hawkins commented, "We were all lucky to have Ron for all those years.  He was a great leader and he brought many great leaders into the business."

The Fred Hansen Spirit Award, as described by Bob Andrews, "is about positive outlook and a can-do attitude.  It's about who at the Corporation finds a way to get the job done!  This year, we present this award to Jim Ayres, Managing Director of Amway North America." Accepting the award, Jim emphasized, "I am accepting this on behalf of my entire leadership team. It's not just me making the effort.  They are all focused on working with IBOs to make this Business great. Thank you."

Jody Victor, presenting the Joe Victor Leadership Award, spoke of the Founders and Joe Victor's leadership. "The recipient of this award is deserving of this honor.  He sets a great example.  He cares and gives it everything he can - Howie Danzik."  Although emotional, Howie expressed his gratitude for the award and his appreciation of everyone.  "This is one of the biggest honors I've ever received," he remarked.

Jody Victor and Bob Andrews closed the session with the announcement:
Howie Danzik has been voted in as the next IBOAI Chairman and Bob Andrews as Vice Chairman. 

Results of the IBOAI election were announced this week. The following five IBOs will serve a three-year term on the IBOAI Board beginning January 2017:

Bob Andrews
Juanita Maldonado
Vinny Pappalardo
Kathy Victor
Leslie Wolgamott