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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Volume 7, Issue 1

Legacy Diamonds

Think of the Independent Business Owners who built the early foundations of the business. The ones who have weathered changes and persevered. The experienced entrepreneurs who model success for new generations. Among them, there are a select few - the marathoners, if you will - who believed in the longevity of the business and have been highly successful. There are individuals who have qualified as a Diamond not once, not twice, but 30 or more times!

These individuals - our Legacy Diamonds - proudly took center stage during the Recognition Celebration at Amway Achievers 2013 for a few sparkling moments in the spotlight and well deserved congratulations. Among them? IBOAI Board members Bob and Terry Andrews, Bill and Sandy Hawkins, and Jody and Kathy Victor.

Empowered by freedom
Through this business, these IBO Leaders agree they've earned the freedom to work when and how they want, without having to answer to a boss. Bob elaborates, "It's this freedom that opens doors, gives meaning to our existence, and allows ambition to thrive."

Supported by family
The Amway™ business is a family affair for these Legacy Diamond pin recipients - and for many IBOs who are building a legacy for their children and generations to come. "We're thrilled to have our own family involved in the business and feel privileged to have a group of IBOs who seem like family too," said the Hawkins.

Offering hope
According to the couples, the Amway business filled them with hope from the start. Looking back, Bill says, "This opportunity put hope back in our lives that our dreams actually could come true!" Jody adds, "This business has also helped us provide hope to many others over the years."

Abundantly rewarded
The rewards from building this business are both tangible and intangible. Kathy remarks, "Some of the intangibles, like friendships as strong as the bonds of family, are priceless."

Building a legacy
"This award is a testament to our long, rich heritage and building something long term," explains Bill. The Victors add, "The fact that a third generation of our family is building the business says it all. We're so proud of our Legacy Diamond pin and all it stands for."