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Friday, February 28, 2020

Howie Danzik, IBOAI Board Chairman
Howie Danzik, IBOAI® Chairman

When Independent Business Owners (IBOs) register with Amway, they not only become business owners, but also gain the expertise of the Independent Business Owners Association International (IBOAI®†). As IBOs, they can become members of the IBOAI®, an organization founded and operated solely to support the business interests of all IBOs. 

The IBOAI®  is led by a 15-member Board of Directors, elected by North American IBO leadership. This Board works diligently in partnership with Amway to represent all IBOs. The Board’s mission is to encourage IBOs in the development of their businesses. In all IBOAI®  programs, presentations, discussions and decision-making, the collective and individual success of IBOs is paramount.

There are many ways in which the IBOAI® aids IBOs, and most fall under one of two categories: Advocacy and Resources.


Steadfast Advocacy

Nearly 60 years ago, the IBOAI®  was formed to promote the best interests of IBOs and act as an advocate in IBO issues – and today, the IBOAI® continues to support and assist IBOs in many ways, including the following:

  • Input on IBO programs and events, and Amway™ product ideas.
  • Working with Amway on business operations, IBO awards, recognition and training.
  • Partnership with Legal Counsel to ensure accuracy and fairness in representation of all IBOs.
  • Confidential Dispute Resolution Process outlined in Rule 11 of the Rules of Conduct to provide IBOs with a process to resolve disputes efficiently in a non-confrontational setting, through education, mediation and conciliation.
  • Contribution of creative ideas and opportunities to continually enhance the IBO experience.
  • Communication with IBOs through social media and a quarterly IBOAI®  Newsletter.
  • IBOAI®  Representation at Amway sponsored events.


Beneficial Resources

IBOAI.com, an easy-to-navigate website, offers IBOs useful information, tips, forms and guidelines to assist IBOs in operating their Amway™ businesses smoothly and successfully:

  • IBO Best Practices cover important topics.
  • Business Tax Tips provide invaluable advice.
  • Speaker Guidelines help make planning and preparation for speaking at business meetings, presentations and events simpler for IBOs.
  • Music/Video Copyright Guidelines give the essential do’s and don’ts, and much more.

For more information on IBOAI® advocacy and resources for IBOs, visit iboai.com.

† IBOAI® is a registered trademark of Independent Business Owners Association International.