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Saturday, August 24, 2019

As exciting as it is to embark on a new adventure as an Independent Business Owner, there is a lot to learn during the first few years. Your Independent Business Owners Association International (IBOAI® †) is here to assist and support every IBO, regardless of where each IBO is in the journey. Every day, IBOAI® † Board members demonstrate the best IBO practices as they lead their own successful organizations – and by their steadfast service as representatives of all IBOs in North America. Every IBO, from first year to Diamond and above, is encouraged to look to the IBOAI®† for educational resources and purposeful communications. Keeping informed helps you understand the founding principles of the Business, follow the best practices and become a successful IBO leader and role model.

Count on the IBOAI®† for inspiration through connection

  • Phone conferences held periodically between the IBOAI® † Board and Diamond Leadership ensure the Board understands what’s needed in the field – and that the IBO Leaders are kept aware of the Board’s recent accomplishments and ongoing projects.
  • Quarterly Board meetings with Amway Corporate Staff involve presentations, discussions, recommendations and important decision-making.
  • Participation at Amway IBO Recognition events – New Platinum Conferences, Achievers and Diamond Club – makes it easy for IBOsto get acquainted with the IBOAI®†.

Learn and grow via accessible online resources at IBOAI.com.

According to Jody Victor, IBOAI® † Governance & Oversight, understanding the history of the Association founded in 1959 and now known as the IBOAI®† is essential. “The original Board members supported five key principles in developing the Amway Opportunity – and these principles remain as true today as they were then. This business is the perfect embodiment of the free enterprise concept.”

The IBO Best Practices are posted online monthly to instruct, inform and educate IBOs on significant policies, as well as provide guidelines regarding retail selling, online selling, music/video copyrights and more. IBOAI®† Chairman Howie Danzik considers these brief overviews of best practices a “must read” for IBOs. “We all need to remind ourselves of best practices in this business so we can continue to grow the best business in the world.”

Keep up to date and in the know through IBOAI®† communications

The Voice eNewsletter via email lets IBOs know what’s new, what’s happening and what’s ahead with a letter from the IBOAI® † chairman, the latest Board meeting summary, event articles, photos and more.

Up-to-the-minute IBOAI®† news and photos are found on social media:

facebook.com/IBOAI and facebook.com/IBOAIspanish

twitter.com/IBOAI and twitter.com/IBOAIspanish




The IBOAI®† Board convenes at Diamond Club 2017.

† IBOAI® is a registered trademark of Independent Business Owners Association International.