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Monday, June 17, 2019

For all IBOs, it’s a pleasure to learn the origin and background of the Independent Business Owners Association International (IBOAI®†). This year, IBO Leaders were treated to an informative session at Diamond Club on the history of the IBOAI®† by Legacy Diamond and IBOAI®† Governance & Oversight Chairman, Jody Victor.

Engaging as always, Jody began the session reminding Diamonds of the beginning of the American Way Association (AWA) – re-named the Amway Distributor Association in 1966 – and later, updated to IBOAI®†. The Association was formed specifically to organize Distributors, provide a mechanism for bargaining, encourage research and development, and offer education and training. Jody said, “True then and still true today, the No. 1 goal of the Association is to fairly represent all IBOs.” In 1985 Rich DeVos addressed the Board of Directors of your Association and summed it up with these words, “Never lose the spirit of this Business Opportunity.”

In 1994, an important and enduring partnership was established between Amway and the Board, sharing with the Board for discussion, evaluation, and recommendation all proposed new policies and/or proposed policy changes that may materially affect the Amway North American Distributor organizations. In 2007, it was updated to change wording of distributor to Independent Business Owner. A powerful partnership between Amway and the IBOAI®† Board is evidenced in the collaborative work on the IBO Rules of Conduct, Compensation Plan, recognition events, and the upcoming Amway 60th (A60) celebration planning.

With great pride, Jody also spoke of the structure of the IBOAI®† – the committees, including the Marketing Advisory Committee, support staff, and ongoing partnership with the Corporation. “I am in awe of how these people work tirelessly on behalf of all IBOs,” remarked Jody.

Closing the meeting with a Q&A proved to be lively and fun. There were some great questions and wonderful memories, stories, and expressions of gratitude shared by IBO Leaders, many of them former IBOAI®† Board members.


(above) The IBOAI®† Board convenes at Diamond Club 2017.


†IBOAI® is a registered trademark of Independent Business Owners Association International.