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Wednesday, February 20, 2019


IBOAI Highlight in Achieve Magazine
Howie Danzik, IBOAI® Chairman

For the IBOAI®† board and Amway, the best opportunity is maintained through a steadfast commitment to partnering – connecting and understanding differing perspectives while working toward a common goal: long-term success for all.


Collectively, the IBOAI® board members, the North American IBOs, and Amway staff all fuel business success by valuing and encouraging open dialogue, shared respect, and a sense of community. Value-added partnerships within the IBOAI®, throughout Amway and in the field, leads to innovative growth year after year. It’s what moves the business forward, makes dreams become reality, and helps to sustain the business for generations to come.

Partnering has always been part of the IBOAI® mindset. “The IBOAI® was set up in 1959, prior to the launch of Amway, so IBOs would always have a voice in the policies and procedures of this great opportunity,” explains Jody Victor, of the IBOAI® Governance & Oversight Committee.

IBOAI® Vice Chairman Bob Andrews adds, “Every board member is a qualified Diamond and has built a successful business. We hold a genuine mutual respect for each other, so there is a freedom to explore different viewpoints and examine new ways of doing things. But at the end of the day, we (the Board) speak with one voice: the voice that represents all IBOs.”

Bill Hawkins, of IBOAI® Governance & Oversight, explains, “A shared commitment to the founding principles and ideals of this business by the IBOAI® board members and the Amway staff makes the partnership powerful and sustainable. Board members and Amway executives alike make our partnership a priority. This makes the business great!”

The value of partnership in this business is consistently demonstrated during Board discussions and through the decisions made as a result of working closely with each other, communicating with Diamond IBO leaders in the field, and meeting with Amway executives. IBO-focused solutions such as the new, better online IBO training sessions, enhanced growth incentives, and shipping and delivery improvements, have all come about as a result of our strong partnerships.“The IBOAI® always has a presence at Achievers and Diamond Club to acquaint IBOs with the IBOAI® as an organization – and how it benefits IBOs and the Business,” adds Howie Danzik, IBOAI® Chairman.

“From our board members speaking in tandem with Amway staff on new programs and products to our IBOAI® representatives chatting with IBOs during the Expo, we really enjoy interacting with all of the IBO leaders. The more people we meet and talk with, the better we understand what IBOs need to grow their businesses. I have received many comments from IBOs regarding the unity they observe between Amway and the field. I believe our partnership, now stronger than ever, has contributed to the ANA business growth.”

†IBOAI® is a registered trademark of Independent Business Owners Association International.