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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

IBOAI Highlights - Achieve Magazine - Winter 2016
Kathy Victor, Doug DeVos, and Jody Victor present Rich DeVos his personalized trophy and framed certificate to honor his 25 years of dedicated service to the IBOAI®† Board.

Heroism shines bright through the selfless service and unwavering commitment of IBO leaders dedicated to the IBOAI®†, the association created to be the voice of all North American IBOs. This year, the IBOAI®† Board introduced the IBOAI®† Meritorious Service Award Program to officially recognize board members, past and present, for their tireless commitment and generous service to the IBOAI®†. With the passion and integrity characteristic of heroes, these women and men work hard to ensure this is the best opportunity in the world now and for future generations.

For the first time ever, service awards were issued to individuals serving the IBOAI®† Board or Marketing Advisory Committee (MAC) for 10 years or more. Those honored during the March ceremony were recognized based on five-year periods of service. Honorees included: Brad Duncan, Bill Hawkins, Joe Markiewicz, and Kathy Victor for 10 years; Bob Andrews and Joe Victor Sr. for 15 years; Dexter Yager for 20 years; Rich DeVos for 25 years; Jody Victor for 30 years on the IBOAI®† Board; and Terry Andrews and Sandy Hawkins for 10 years of hard work on the MAC.

During the IBOAI®† Meritorious Service Award ceremony, each recipient was presented with a stunning personalized trophy, distinctive framed certificate, and attractive lapel pin. The elegant lapel pins signified the years of service dedicated to the IBOAI®† Board. The MAC members were each presented with a beautiful crystal bowl.

Achieve Magazine - IBOAI HighlightAmway Co-Founder Rich DeVos attended the ceremony to accept his Meritorious Service Award and to extend his best wishes. Most of the award recipients have known Rich personally for many years, so this was truly a highlight of the celebration.

Jody Victor, the exclusive recipient of the 30-year pin, was the only honoree included at each milestone. Chairman Bob Andrews remarked, “Jody’s leadership and selfless contributions over the years have made the IBOAI®† a strong and vital advocacy organization. Our partnership with the field and Amway is strong because of Jody’s hard work and the efforts of everyone who has served on the IBOAI®† Board and MAC.”

IBOAI®† Executive Director Kathy Victor added,  “We are thankful for the IBOAI®† leaders working on the behalf of IBOs today, but we are also deeply grateful to those who founded this IBO Association in 1959: Jay Van Andel, Rich DeVos, Walter Bass, Fred Hansen, Joe Victor Sr., and Jere Dutt. Their vision and wisdom defines them as true heroes!”

†IBOAI® is a registered trademark of Independent Business Owners Association International.