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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Achieve Magazine IBOAI highlight - Fall 2016As the voice of all IBOs, including new Platinums, the IBOAI®† consistently lends support and inspiration to the emerging leaders during New Platinum Conferences (NPC) – and beyond!
After new Platinums complete their conference registration, the IBOAI®† staff welcomes them to Grand Rapids, Michigan – home of the IBOAI®† offices and Amway World Headquarters. Bob Andrews, long-standing IBOAI®† Board Member and current IBOAI®† Chairman, spoke about the “Foundation of Success” during the NPC business meeting. He encouraged Platinums to build a strong foundation filled with optimism, determination, and resiliency.

Bob’s presentation at NPC is one of many ways the IBOAI®† leadership partners with Amway to offer meaningful recognition events, programs, and educational workshops for IBO leaders. In the planning of events, as well as during events like NPC, Achievers, and Diamond Club, recognized IBO leaders like Bob and Terry Andrews, Jody and Kathy Victor, Howie and Teresa Danzik, Bill and Sandy Hawkins, and several others add the value of experience and expertise.

IBOAI®† leadership knows it takes hard work to build a business – and they understand how beneficial support can be for IBOs on their journey. It’s why they believe in the IBOAI®† and the value of membership. Jody Victor reminds us, “At just $1 a month, the rewards of membership far exceed the cost.”

Bob adds, “IBO members are represented by 25 Diamonds on the IBOAI®† who are constantly working with Amway on their behalf. They work tirelessly to help ensure the Amway opportunity remains the best opportunity out there.”

“Through partnership between the IBOAI®† and Amway, we’ve made great strides in moving this business forward,” said Jody. “For example, the business enhancements implemented in recent years are remarkable: long-term growth incentives, Accreditation Plus, succession planning, paperless registration, and revisions to the Rules of Conduct.” Through it all, Rick Abraham provides legal counsel to the IBOAI®†.

As a dedicated member of the IBOAI®† executive committee, Bill Hawkins has witnessed the Alternative Dispute Resolution process in action and endorses its performance on behalf of all IBOs and this business. Bill explains, “The IBOAI®† offers this resolution process to help ensure IBOs are treated fairly and the Rules of Conduct are being followed.”

The IBOAI®† consistently adheres to the philosophy: open communication is key to business success. Regularly scheduled conference calls between IBOAI®† leadership and leaders in the field provide updates and welcome feedback. To keep the field informed, the IBOAI®† shares important information and events through The Voice eNewsletter, IBOAI.com, ibofacts.com, Facebook®††, Twitter®†††, YouTube®‡, and Instagram®‡‡.  IBOs have online access to accounting tips and advice by Joe DePetris, CPA, at IBOAI.com. For questions, the dedicated staff of the IBOAI®† is available by phone or email.

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, the IBOAI®† chairman reminds us, “IBOAI®† membership provides you the opportunity to be part of an Association created by the business pioneers with Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel – all to help protect the future of your family business.”

To learn more, visit IBOAI.com

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