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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

IBOAI®† Congratulates Jody Victor for U.S. Dream Academy President's Award!

Volume 8, Issue 3

Crown Jody Victor and his wife, Kathy, have been involved in the U.S. Dream Academy for many years, empowering at-risk children through innovative after-school and mentoring programs that incorporate technology.

Jody was a founding member of the U.S. Dream Academy and continues to volunteer his time on the Board. Each year at its gala, the U.S. Dream Academy celebrates three individuals who demonstrate exemplary leadership, perseverance, and generosity. This year, Jody was honored with the U.S. Dream Academy President's Award. "Receiving the President's Award means a great deal to me, especially surrounded that night by family and friends. But for Kathy and me, the greatest reward was watching the DreamKidschoir sing that night - knowing we play a part in helping those bright-eyed, energetic children (and many others) have a better future."

Over the years, the Victors have given generously to help others live more productive and joyful lives. Their service to others comes in many forms: through their business, through their IBOAI® involvement, through participation in national organizations, and within their community. Often anonymous donors, the Victors don't give for the recognition. Kathy says, "God has given so much to us. It's our duty and our pleasure to give back."

In 2013, the Victors received the Amway Hero Award for Generosity. "Kathy and I like to create things instead of just donating," explains Jody. "It's always our intention to make a lasting difference." Those efforts began in 1981, when the Victors funded a baseball field for youth in their community. A former baseball player himself (all-star second baseman) with a lifelong passion for the game, Jody and his family have continued to support Crown Field for 30 years, including its XStreme Baseball Academy - a program for kids to hone their skills while learning valuable life lessons.

The Victors have supported many other causes, including the American Heart Association®†† and an annual "Jody Victor Family Scholarship" at The Ohio State University. Jody even received the Polish Heart Award for his work overseas - creating free enterprise business opportunities for people and helping build public recreation facilities in Poland.

"One thing I've learned and I hope I have taught my children: Giving back isn't just about donating money. It's about volunteering your time, using your skills, and sharing your talents," says Jody. "Each of us can give in some way. Everyone has the opportunity to make a difference."

"Each of us can give in some way. Everyone has the opportunity to make a difference."

Jody Victor

†IBOAI® is a registered trademark of Independent Business Owners Association International. ††American Heart Association® is a registered trademark of American Heart Association, Inc.

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